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Do foods high on the glycemic index cause health problems and weight gain? Do low-glycemic foods cause the opposite? Get the facts here!

Now here is how you bulk! Gilson gained 20 pounds of muscle in one year of BLS and then cut the fat in 3 months Great job!

In this live Q&A I answer questions about my upcoming supplements, how to recover from workout injuries, the “choice” between being really strong and being really lean, and more!

If you like big, bold, mouthwatering burgers, then you’re going to love these recipes. Fire up the grill and let’s get cooking!

The “If It Fits Your Macros” diet is getting a lot of attention these days. What is it, exactly, and does it work?

Check out Wyatt’s awesome Bigger Leaner Stronger transformation! He went from a “fluffy” 201 to a lean and mean 167!

How energy expenditure changes when you’re cutting and what you need to do to keep the scale moving down and the health implications of cutting and bulking for long periods of time.

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