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MFL Podcast 56: Live Q&A: My upcoming supplements, recovering from injuries, strength vs aesthetics, and more!

MFL Podcast 56: Live Q&A: My upcoming supplements, recovering from injuries, strength vs aesthetics, and more!

In this live Q&A I answer questions about my upcoming supplements, how to recover from workout injuries, the “choice” between being really strong and being really lean, and more!

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00:16 – When cutting do you cycle or take a break from supplements eg. Forge and Phoenix? If so, when and for how long?

02:15 – Tell us more about GENESIS, your new green supplement. Can’t wait for it!

8:21 – Deload VS. Week off?

10:38 – When will Stacked be released?

14:16 – Can you take your shirt off? I wanna see how lean you are.

14:37 – Hey brother, been on your book for about a year. Best results ever… BUT, with shoulders, side raises, I feel I work my traps more than my shoulders, Tips?

18:27 – Read your book and you recommend taking 1.2g of protein/lb during cutting. I find it hard to stick to that? Any recommendation?

21:58 – Hey, Mike! I’m curious, which professional athlete do you admire most and why?

23:00 – Will fat gain during a bulk be more evenly redistributed? Or will stubborn areas gain fat first?

26:57 – Do you feel that muscle growth is compromised by a down regulated metabolism, meaning a post cut situation?

29:40 – What do you think about consuming caffeine/creatine at the same time post-workout? I workout in the morning and like to throw some creatine in my protein shake and have a cup of coffee when I get to the office.

30:57 – What’s your process for testing 1RM on the primary lifts – how often, as part of regular workouts or separately, basic methods, etc?

32:54 – Thoughts on incorporating Yoga in parallel with BLS bulking program? If so, what do you suggest?

38:06 – Any tips on growing a blog (I know you grew yours rapidly) and what are your favorite writing tools and tips?

39:38 – Are you going to get back to doing regular podcasts every week? Love those.

40:45 – Hey! I am starting the Bigger Leaner Stronger program VERY soon. My workout partner is my wife, and she has different goals than me while in the gym. She is trying to lose weight while I am trying to gain muscle. How can we still be workout buddies with different goals?

43:10 – Excited for the new Star Wars movie? Based on your Instagram I bet your son is!

47:13 – What would you say is the best way to deal with weight variation? Considering the variations that can occur because of your scale, and all of the other factors that can vary weight, how can we make sure we’re making progress?

48:58 – 25 year old female here. I struggle with finding a happy balance between my strength goals and physique goals. How do you find the balance?

53:33 – Are there any machines you would recommend to increase bench press? I am hesitant to go super heavy on that move because I don’t use a spotter.

55:47 – Are you going to start engaging your son in any type of exercise/sports? Very interested in establishing that early with my future kids!

57:55 – On improving a specific body part, what do you think on working this muscle 2 or 3 times a week together with other muscles? Like at the end of chest day add Squats and at the end of leg day add incline chest.

1:00:25 – I am tall and skinny but trying to work out. I want to be in the Navy more than anything but I want to get much stronger. What do you think of the “gallon of milk a day” routine? I heard this helps with getting bigger.

1:02:14 – My shoulder hurts quite a bit from stretching so much when I try to get into the squat position you recommend.

1:05:32 – I haven’t been to the gym for about a month now, I was sick with the flu. I’m planning to head back to the gym but don’t know how to go about it. Should I go back to my old routine or just take things slow.

1:07:09 – I’m following your book and training program which are both really great! The problem I’m having is that I’m always tired, like out of energy. Sleeping isn’t going great either, waking up every hour or so. I thought it would change after I move from cutting to bulking, but it didn’t. Is there anything I might be doing wrong?

1:09:20 – Whole wheat bagels: Good or bad bulking food? High in carbs and some protein, but are they junk food?

1:12:47 – I’ve got an angry rotator cuff and it causes challenges for progression with heavy weight, any recommendations other than laying off?

1:16:15 – I’m having pain in my forearms when doing heavy barbell curls, to the point that I can’t do the exesrcie anymore and they hurt for the rest of the week. Ever experienced something like that and any tips on what to do?

1:17:46 – I wont be able to work out at the gym for 2 weeks or more. Advice/stuff I can/should do at home to compensate until I can get back in the gym?

1:20:03 – Hey Mike, I’m 16 and starting your Bigger Leaner Stronger program. Is there any risks associated with my age or aspects of the workout I should be doing differently than suggested. You hear a lot about “minors” working out and the dangers of it. Is there danger indeed?

1:21:40 – Do the old dudes blow dry their balls around you more since you wrote that Gym Etiquette article?

1:22:59 – How many reps and sets do you recommend for kegel exercises?

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  • Thank you for adding to the Win phone store!!

  • Andres

    Hey Mike;

    Great podcast as always. Is there anyway you can do a quick article on which machines are actually worth the time. I can’t go to the gym because of distance of drive and price. I have some machines at my apartment complex plus and dumbbells; 50 lbs being the heaviest.

  • GingerHead Man

    Thanks for another great episode Mike. Looking forward to Stacked and the new supplements!
    MFL Community, what are some other podcasts you guys/gals listen to? I would much prefer them to be downloadable to my phone, like Mike sets his up, for future playback and to save data. I am in no way looking for a substitute for MFL/Legion information, just something to complement it, and to fill the time during my commute. Thanks for any input.

  • Will

    Hey there Mike,

    I’ve been meaning to setup a site in the same vein as you but with a different focus other than fitness. I have a few questions. Did you use wordpress to setup the site or hire a designer to do all the design for you? Are there any legal things you should look into when writing a post such as the images you use for your blog posts, do you have to use your own images or can you borrow from other sites or google images and do you give them recognition and how do you do so? And, lastly, most of the topics I would go over on my site aren’t really my original idea but an opinion or interpretation of it, as long as I cite the source, I should be fine right, not every post is some new discovery right…?

    • Thanks Wil!

      I don’t listen to podcasts much but Tim Ferriss’ can be fun depending on who he is interviewing.

  • Will

    Can you post a quick video on instagram or youtube on how to get setup properly for incline dumbbell bench press? I just try to thrust myself in one motion through momentum to push the dumbbells up, but the force and weight of the dumbbells keeps my shoulders and arms down even though I know I can( and have) lifted that weight before…

  • Mike, again with the jeans man… I’m going crack this conundrum for you sir!
    Great listen as usual.

  • had to watch at 14:16 just to see! 🙂 haha

  • Erik

    Mike, I realize this podcast was made some time ago and your views on certain matters might have changed, but I do have a question regarding you showing how to do a lateral raise.

    According to another great fitness “guru” out there, Jeff Cavaliere from ATHLEAN-X, you should NEVER rotate your shoulder forward to “pour a pitcher” when doing lateral raises. In fact, you should never rotate your shoulders forward, period.

    Have you (since recording this podcast) come to the same conclusion as Jeff, or do you have a different view on this matter? Of course, I could be missing some vital piece of information which would make this entire question obsolete, but I felt that I should check just in case.

    • No worries! I saw what you’re talking about from Jeff, and I agree with him. Just lean forward a bit and keep your thumbs up.

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