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In this podcast, Jeff and I talk about the major lessons that he has learned about what changes as you get older, and what you can and can’t do in terms of gaining muscle and losing fat.

Who says green beans have to be a boring pile of boiled mush? These recipes prove they can be as delicious as they are nutritious!

If you want to know what intuitive eating is, how it works, and whether it can help you gain muscle or lose fat faster, then you want to read this article.

Name a diet/exercise program and Sarah had tried it, and it didn’t work for her. Well, she found my Thinner Leaner Stronger program, and now, just 5 months later, she’s down almost 28 pounds and stronger than ever before!

If you want some tasty high-protein dinners that are easy to make and don’t require a lot of time or cooking skills, then these recipes are for you.

If you want to know how to gain weight fast without piling on body fat, then you want to read this article.

If you want to know how to warm up for your workouts properly, so you decrease the risk of injury and improve performance, then you want to read this article.

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