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What 17 Studies Say About Increasing Your Testosterone Naturally

If you want to know what you can really do to increase your testosterone naturally and what it will actually do, then you want to read this article.

Kevin lost 20 pounds and gained muscle in just 2 months on my Bigger Leaner Stronger program. What a difference!

Don’t feel like firing up the oven to make some dessert? Give these healthy no-bake dessert recipes a try instead!

If you want to know the 5 biggest cheat meal mistakes you can make as well as the “rules” for cheating without getting fat, then you want to read this article.

After 10 years of jumping from one program to the next, Alan (42) found my Bigger Leaner Stronger program. Now, 4 months later, he’s rocking his best body ever and hitting PRs across the board.

In this podcast I talk about third party testing for Legion, why some studies associate taking a multivitamin with increased risk of disease, how to eat more protein, taking fat burners while bulking, and much more.

Sick of plain old cold cuts and bread? Change up your sandwich game with these wrap recipes instead!

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