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In this podcast I conduct a live Q&A and take a variety of questions ranging from how much muscle and fat you should gain on a bulk to weighing food before or after cooking to drinking calories and more!

Tacos, nachos, enchiladas, fajitas, dips and salsas…Who doesn’t love good Mexican food? Here are 20 recipes you have to try.

Most women are looking for a healthy protein powder and there are many options. Which type is best? Whey? Casein? Soy? Egg? Rice? Hemp? Pea? Find out here.

Red meat is being denounced as the new smoking but does it deserve all the hate? Here’s the long story short.

Check out what Derek was able to do in just 4 months! That’s 20 POUNDS lighter and stronger to boot. Eat right and train right and “magic” can happen…

In this podcast I talk about what it really takes to get that “six pack,” including how to build your core muscles properly, how to lose belly fat, and how to beat bloating.

When there’s something to celebrate, nothing beats a delicious cake. Here are 20 celebration-worthy recipes that you’re going to love.

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