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6 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Production

6 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Production

Boosting testosterone levels is a hot subject these days. How can you do it naturally and safely?


That’s why millions of guy take dangerous steroids, and millions more buy products that claim to be able to boost testosterone naturally (but do very little, in reality).

So, are there healthy, scientifically proven ways to increase your testosterone production without taking drugs or wasting ungodly amounts of money on fancy supplements? Absolutely.

There are six easy, healthy ways, actually. If you incorporate all into your daily routine, you can notice quite a difference.

Eat the Right Vegetables

natural ways to boost testosterone levels

Research has shown that vegetables rich in a substance known as indole-3-carbinol, or “I3C,” can positively alter estrogen metabolism in men (in this study, 500 mg of I3C per day reduced “bad” estrogens by 50%). This, in turn, helps maintain optimal levels of testosterone.

I3C occurs naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, rutabaga, and turnip.

If you can work 1–2 servings of these types of veggies into your daily meal plan, it can help your hormones.

Eat More Meat

what can boost testosterone

Protein from meat is particularly helpful when you’re weightlifting. Studies clearly show that meats increase testosterone levels and lead to increased levels of muscle mass.

One study had two groups of men, all comparable in health and build, follow a weightlifting program for twelve weeks. By the end of the program, all had progressed about equally in strength, but only the meat eaters enjoyed significant muscle growth and fat loss.

“Meat” doesn’t only mean red meat, by the way. Fish, chicken, turkey, pork, buffalo, and so on all qualify as “meat” in this sense.

I eat two servings of meat every day (lunch and dinner), and when I’m bulking, I eat at least four servings of red meat each week (95% lean, or lean cuts of meat like filet or NY strip). When I’m cutting, I do one to two servings of red meat per week.

Use this workout and flexible dieting program to lose up to 10 pounds of fat and build muscle in just 30 days…without starving yourself or living in the gym.

Eat Enough Healthy Fats

can you raise testosterone naturally

Fats are the densest energy sources available to your body. Each gram of fat contains over twice the calories of a gram of carbohydrate or protein.

Healthy fats, such as those found in meat, dairy, olive oil, avocados, flax seed oil, many nuts, and other foods, are actually an important component to overall health. Fats help your body absorb the other nutrients that you give it, nourish the nervous system, help maintain cell structures, regulate hormone levels, and more. Research has shown that men whose diets are rich in healthy fats have significantly higher testosterone levels than those whose diets are lacking in this regard.

It’s commonly believed that eating saturated fat, like the fats mainly in animal products such as meat, dairy products, and egg yolks., harms your health. Research is proving this claim to be untrue, however. In fact, recent research indicates the opposite may be true–that saturated fat may actually reduce your risk of heart disease.

The type of fat you want to avoid at all costs, however, is trans fat.

Trans fat is a scientifically modified form of saturated fat that has been engineered to give foods longer shelf lives. Many cheap, packaged foods are full of trans fat (such as run-of-the-mill popcorn, yogurt, and peanut butter), as are many frozen foods (such as frozen pizza, packaged pastries, cakes, etc.). Fried foods are often cooked in trans fat.

This type of fat is bad news, and eating too much of it has been associated with various kinds of disease and complications. It has no nutritional value for the body and thus should be avoided altogether.

Chill Out, Man

how to raise my testosterone level

This tip is pretty simple: reduce the stress in your life, and your testosterone levels will rise.

[tweet “Reduce the stress in your life and your testosterone levels will rise.”]

Your body reacts to stress by producing a hormone called “cortisol,” which is highly catabolic (leads to the breakdown of muscle and fat tissue), and which can interfere with testosterone production. Cortisol also increases the appetite and may promote the accumulation of belly fat, which can become a vicious cycle if daily stress levels are high.

So, try not to sweat the little annoyances so much, avoid overtraining, take some time for yourself every day to chill out, and avoid conflicts by trying to treat others the way you’d like to be treated, and you’ll not only be happier in life, but you’ll make better gains in the gym (which leads to even more happiness–cool!).

Get Enough Sleep

how to increase low testosterone

Many people work long hours and cut down on their sleep to make extra time for themselves at night. While I totally understand this and have done it many times myself, it’s not a good habit to get into.

Research has shown that not sleeping enough reduces testosterone levels. In that study, young healthy men were restricted to 5 hours of sleep per night, and it decreased their daytime testosterone levels by 10% to 15%.

Studies have also shown that sleep restriction makes losing weight harder, and causes you to lose more muscle while in a caloric restriction.

So shoot for 7–9 hours of sleep per night (and that means asleep for that many hours—not getting into bed at midnight and waking up at seven).

Oh and don’t worry about the whole “before or after midnight” thing. There is no scientific evidence that sleep hours after midnight are less beneficial than those before midnight, or that you should get to bed before midnight for proper sleep.

Have More Sex

how to naturally boost testosterone bodybuilding

As one would expect, having sex increases testosterone levels, so now you can tell your girl that it’s her duty to help preserve your health by putting out (hah).


These are six of the easiest, healthiest ways that you can increase your testosterone levels, and I recommend that you incorporate them all into your lifestyle. I did that a few years ago and have kept them in, and the differences in how I look and feel are night and day.

Do you already have some experience with any of these? Want to say anything else? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • A great article, very interesting, and makes sense when you think about it, but speaking for myself I always need to read something first to confirm it in my own head. I love the way Michael writes, and his books are very interesting.

    Thanks Michael,

    Ben Davy

  • Anthony Blades

    49 year old dad of 11, just learned about your book and website. Looking forward to learning more.

    • Hey Anthony,

      Thanks for stopping by! Wow a dad of 11 that somehow finds the time to exercise–you’re a superman!


  • mike froegel

    Hi Mike. Good article. I’m 62 and healthy and this is always on your mind. Good facts to know. I just finished reading “Bigger Leaner Stronger” and am looking forward to getting started. Great book! I read it on my kindle and I can’t seem to get the free first year plan supplement downloaded, rats. Any chance you could email it to me? I would appreciate it. I also have “muscle myths” which I will read next Also have to buy a good weight bench. Thanks for all the good advice.

    • Thanks Mike! I’m glad you liked the article.

      Thanks for reading BLS! I’m glad you liked it! Sorry on the trouble getting the report! I’ll shoot you an email.

      Great on reading Muscle Myths next! I think you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

      I look forward to hearing about your progress!


  • nick

    Hi Mike

    just read your book “Bigger Leaner Stronger” and started on your workouts. Great book kept nice and simple, the workouts are excellent. However as with Mike Froegel I read the book on Kindle and cant download the report.



    • Awesome, thanks Nick! I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

      Weird on not being able to get the report? Sorry about that! I’ll email you a link to get it.


  • Bobby

    Hi Michael,

    I just finished bigger leaner stronger. I’m 23 and just got through with my first year in an office job. After putting on about 15 lbs, I decided to pick up your book. A lot of great info. Great article, too. I’m already noticing a big difference. Thanks for the help and the advice!

    • Hey Bobby,

      Thanks for reading my book! I’m glad you enjoyed it and are already noticing a difference!

      Please do keep me posted on your progress and if you have any other questions, shoot me an email anytime.


  • Pio

    Just turned 64, got Your book, Bigger Leaner Stronger, lots of great info. Looking forward to doing it right for the first time, I will purchase the book for some of my Nephews so they can do it right also. Can not download the special report can You help?

    • Thanks Pio, I’m glad you liked the book! Definitely keep me posted on your progress and write me anytime if you have any questions or run into any difficulties.

      Sorry about the issue with getting the free report! I’ll email you the link to get it.

      And thanks for recommending the book to others! I appreciate it!


  • Great article! Thanks Mike!!!
    Since I read your fantastic book I changed my attitude (in better) with bodybuilding in general! I am at the forth week “under your guide” and I feel that I getting great results! To keep a journal (both of the exercises and the meals) was a very important advice!
    I actually, for the first time in my life (I am 42) started to have people asking me advices and giving me compliments for getting fit!
    I was very happy to run into your writings! You are very generous!
    Always grateful,

    • Thanks Angelo!

      That’s awesome you’re doing so well on the program already! I’m really happy to hear it! 🙂

      Shoot me an email any time if you have any questions or need any help!


  • Sammy

    Mike a question on the Udo’s oil. You recommend 2 Tblsp per day which equates to about 240 calories. I’m a bit worried that while cutting (what I’m currently doing), adding an extra 240 calories will slow down the pace of my cutting? I am only eating fruits, veggies and lean meats as you recommend but i dont have too much room from a total calorie perspective to add more items. If I add oil, I’ll need to cut something and I’m worried it’ll drop my carb/protein intake somewhere else. Can you help with this? Do I get a ‘free pass’ on oil from a calorie perspective? 😀

    • Hey Sammy,

      If you already have your macros worked out and are getting enough healthy fats, don’t worry about the Udo’s. I just like it because it’s a simple source of healthy fat and it tastes pretty good, but it’s not NECESSARY by any means.

      Nope, every calorie counts! 🙂

      How has your cutting been going so far?


      • Sammy

        Thanks Mike. Cutting’s been going very good. Im on my 8th week and down about 13 pounds and about 5 inches on my waist. Your book is absolutely incredible.

        • Awesome, great job! Wow, keep up the good work!

          Oh and I’d love to feature you in a before and after success story if
          you’re interested! It’s a simple matter of taking before pictures,
          reaching your goal, and then taking after pictures and sending them over
          to me. What do you think?

  • Hunter

    Hey Mike, first off I love you book! I’ve never had progress like this before! (Ex. I go up 10-15 pounds on compound exercises every 4 weeks) but I’m curious to why I’m still not gaining any weight? Im about to turn 17 and weight 140 and am 5’11″and I bench 150, curl 100, deadlift 175, squat 210, shoulder press 115 with sets of 6 so I’m not skrawny. I eat the same thing as the meal plan for a 170 lbs man that is in your book. Could you help me out?

    • Hey Hunter,

      Thanks on the book! I’m really glad you liked it and those are great strength gains! Definitely keep up the good work!

      As you’re training properly, the only other variable to gaining weight is your diet. You simply need to eat more. Bump up your cals by about 200 per day (you can do this in any combination of protein, carbs, or fats that you want) and see how that goes for a week or two. If you’re still the same weight, bump them up by another 200 per day. You’ll find your sweet spot this way.

      As you’re young, and per your weight you’re probably pretty ecto, your metabolism is just fast.

      Give that a try and let me know how it goes!


  • James

    Hi mike I loved your book and the constant advice you send out in emails. I lost 10 pounds and have increased strength in every workout. I’ve been working out on your plan for 3 months now and it seems that may gains are at a stand still right now any advice you can offer that isn’t in the book. Thanks you

    • Hey James,

      Thanks for reading my book! I’m really glad you liked it.

      Great job on your gains so far! That’s awesome. 10 pounds down in 12 weeks is good. Nothing to worry about there.

      How long has your weight been stuck for?


      • James

        It’s not my weight that is the problem I’m still shredding fat and still going down on the scale but its my lifting that has hit a plateau I’ve followed all your suggestions took a week off high weight 4-6 reps . hour workouts and not overdoing it but do you have any other pointers. Thanks mike

        • Ah okay, I see. Well remember that it’s normal to LOSE strength while cutting due to the caloric deficit, not gain strength.

          I’ve seen people gain strength and muscle while cutting, but that’s usually only when they’re brand new to lifting.

  • Abdul

    Thank you so much, but thanks for the great book, the research uu provided in the book, and the great continues advises

    • Thanks Abdul! I’m really glad you like my work and I appreciate your support.

      Let me know if you have any questions I can help with!


  • Abdul

    No but

  • Daniel W.

    I was planning to skip the broccoli I cooked just now and eat my chicken breast, but when I saw #1, I reached in my fridge and started chowin down! I really appreciate these informative posts. Keepin the eye on the prize! Kudos!!!

    • Daniel W.

      I meant the broccoli I cooked earlier in the week*** haha (recipe I tried wasn’t the bizz, but I’m eating it anyways lol)

    • Haha nice! Enjoy! Thanks for writing!

  • Felipe Nogueira

    Hi Mike,

    great post, but about topic seven, one minor comment:
    A Harvard study showed that men involved in a monogamous relationship had less testosterone levels (by 21%) than the single men. But this only happened for those who were genuilly commited in the relationship.

    • Hey Felipe,

      Thanks for writing!

      Yeah I’ve seen several studies that associate reductions in testosterone with being in a committed relationship and having kids.

      Poor us. 🙁


  • James Leonhardt

    Mike, thanks for the article, great advice as always. I’m 34 and about 10 weeks into BLS program and I have to say, I am progressing better than I ever have since high school. I have had a lot of problems in the last few years with pulls and strains, and I wanted to say how beneficial your warmup routine has been. I use a stopwatch app and follow the percentages exactly, I am now lifting heavier than ever before and have not pulled anything since starting BLS. Thanks again.

    • Hey James,

      Thanks for writing! I’m glad you liked the article.

      Awesome on your progress! That rocks. And great news on the warm-ups. It really does make a difference. I also haven’t strained anything in a LONG time (last thing I can remember was I somehow pinched a nerve in my neck doing DB presses–pretty random).

      Anyway, keep up the good work and write me anytime if you have any questions or run into any difficulties. I’m always happy to help.


  • J.F.

    How should the veggies be prepared? I don’t want to lose the health benefits, and I can never remember. Microwaving in water ok, or do they have to be steamed or boiled?

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  • David.C

    In regards to the veggies. I reckon that they should be steamed. I usually buy the steamed frozen veggies in a bag and just pop them on the microwave. Will I reap benefits from those by steaming them on a pot steamer or should I buy them fresh out of the produce? Im thinking those probably already have lost their nutrients with the preservatives or some other kind of way. Right?

    • Michael Matthews

      I eat frozen veggies myself but I prefer to broil them with some meat these days. Everything cooks really nicely.

      Steaming is a great way to preserve the nutrients though. That said, if they’re being microd in water, that sucks nutrients out (I’ve actually seen a couple studies on this).

      In reality fresh produce is probably better than frozen… And no not necessarily. Especially if you’re buying organic, which in the case of fruit and veggies has been shown to have more nutrients than non-organic.

      • David.C

        Thanks for the input mike!

        • Michael Matthews

          You’re welcome!

  • Tony

    Hi Mike i just started reading on your site .i am 34 years old and have been lifting for 6 months now i started out at 119 kg with n lot of belly fat my test. was very low so i started to eat the right food and more veggies and fruit by now i am 104 kg my test levels are up i am lifting heavier weights now i became very muscular around my back shoulders and arms but can not loose the belly and i do include abdominal exercise in my workout where am i going wrong please advice.tx Tony

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for writing Tony! Awesome on your progress so far. That rocks.

      That’s just a matter of proper dieting. Check out this post of mine to learn more:

      https://www.muscleforlife.com /what-is-if-it-fits-your-macros-and-does-it-work/

  • Cledson

    Hi Michael, I am 40 and I just started liting. I’m 1.66m tall and don’t have a lot of belly fat. My struggle is with shredding… Any tips for 40-year-old?

  • juan

    hey Mike. Does it make a difference in Test levels if you lift 5 day or 3 days? In your 1 year program there is an option of lifting 3 days per week.

    • Michael Matthews

      Not any amount that will actually matter…

  • Danny Purser

    Nice Michael — love the stuff about nutrition — it’s really critical. We always get a SpectraCell Comprehensive Metabolic Panel — which shows 39 different vitamins. minerals, and amino acids on an INTRACELLULAR basis to really determine what’s missing. Correcting these alone often can get a man’s Total Tes level back to 1,000 ng/dL NATURALLY. Never a bad thing and would help guys ZERO in on your supplements too. I think this kind of approach and our research is why my book (IMPROVING MALE SEXUALITY FERTILITY AND TESTOSTERONE) has been #1 on Kindle Health (Sex) section for the last week. Your supplements — a good idea for ANYONE. — Dan Purser MD

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Danny!

      Micronutrient deficiencies can definitely tank T levels. I will be creating a male health product to address this, and it will include the various vitamins and minerals that can help such as magnesium, calcium, C, zinc, D, etc.

      Great job on your book!

  • Mike

    How much “test” do you think the model in the photo is on?

    • Michael Matthews

      Hahah all of it.

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  • Hi Mike! at first I would like to say that I really love everything about your site, and it’s actually the number one blog I’m reading atm.

    Now about your post.

    It’s one of the highest in quality in all of those “increase testosterone x ways” type of posts, and actually has some valid points, like the fact about saturated fat and how it actually is healthy to consume (if it comes from the right sources).

    I also noted that you have your own supplement line wich by a quick peek seems to be all about natural aspects more than highly processed chemical cocktails.

    I’m really looking forward to trying some of your creations, and as a long time tester for supplements, I would love to give a testimonial straight to you if your supplements prove to be working ( which I highly assume they will based on your work with the site and books )

    Also I would aprreciate it alot if you would take a peek at my 2 months old website about natural testosterone! I know it isn’t much but a comment from you about the quality of my site would mean a world to me! You can check out some of my work here – List of 100 ways to increase testosterone naturally

    If not, that’s cool also.

    Anabolic Men.

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  • AgeUke

    Without appearing flippant I have to say the effect of number one on me could make number six unlikely.

    • Michael Matthews


  • Loyd A. Allen

    It’s a nasty stuff, it’s up to you how you care your body, that’s what we all know already…

  • Sarfaraz Khan

    the toughest thing no. 6 having sex . now from where i can get any girl to have that ha ha

    • Michael Matthews

      Haha they’re out there! 😛

  • Sarfaraz Khan

    let start following it .. i want to get good shaped body till the end of this year.

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  • jack

    I don’t have sex, will I still have more T?

  • John Fox

    Hi Mike,

    What about using these herbs to boost testosterone?
    Horny Goat Weed
    Bulbine Natalensis
    Tribulus Terrestris

    Here is a study that I came across on the Bulbine Natalensis http://afrigetics.co.za/product/bulbine-natalensis-testosterone/

    The one thing that bothered me was in the study the persons testosterone levels (after stopping using the Bulbine Natalensis) was down from his starting testosterone level. Have not done much research on testosterone levels, but do they vary a lot and would that account for his lower level after weeks of been off this herb? or is it similar to a sugar spike and crash?

    Would you agree in using herbs to boost testosterone levels?


    • Michael Matthews

      Check them out on examine.com to get the scoop. They have a TON of data.

      • John Fox

        Thanks Mike. Will check it out

        • Michael Matthews


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  • Ivo Naves

    I wonder if that girly-trendy-bubbly pop music played on most gyms do some good to our Ts.

    • Michael Matthews


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  • Eyad Hylooz

    I noticed the references are being misused here. The “Meats increase Testosterone” link takes you to a study that actually concludes the exact opposite.

    • Michael Richardson

      You must have misread the study.

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  • CreativeGenius

    Hi Mike,

    What is your take on the testosterone range commonly used 348-1100 ng/dl
    Some say younger men have higher levels and some medical journals say age plays no factor. Ive had mine tested starting at 30 (33 now) and it usually is 400-500ng/dl and free at the upper third. and E2 around 25. I tend to think each body has it’s own “set” level and can function properly based on that. Great articles and books, appreciate your contribution to male science.

    • Michael Matthews

      Age doesn’t play a large factor per se but lifestyle changes associated with aging do.

      Most guys become more sedentary and overweight and lose muscle as they age, which depresses T levels (among other things).

      If you stay active, muscular, and lean, though, your T can stay quite high as you age.

      Thanks for the support!

  • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article! I hope you enjoyed it.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I do my best to check and reply to every comment left on my blog, so don’t be shy!

    Oh and if you like what I have to say, you should sign up for my free weekly newsletter! You’ll get awesome, science-based health and fitness tips, delicious “guilt-free” recipes, articles to keep you motivated, and much more!

    You can sign up here:


    Your information is safe with me too. I don’t share, sell, or rent my lists. Pinky swear!

  • Saurabh

    Hi Mike,
    I dont have words actually to appreciate your wisdom about the subject. A small query that you have mentioned peanut butter as bad for fat source, can you suggest some good sources of fat in vegetarian diet? Also is it right that testosterone and estrogen levels in males are inversely proportional such that if some one is having a bit high of estrogen, then increasing T in his body by the methods suggested will actually help him to get rid of that. Appreciate your guidance always !!!

    • Thanks so much!

      PB is totally fine for your fat but I would recommend something a bit less processed than your standard Jiffy type of junk, that’s all.

      No, raising T will raise E, which is why guys on steroids take E-blockers.

      • Saurabh

        Hey Mike,
        Thanks yet again for throwing light on this. I seriously dont understand why Internet is full of stuff that says that the estrogen levels can be decreased by working on compound lifts mainly in low rep range as mentioned in LBS and getting the estrogen levels down to normal. Its certainly very unfortunate if media is providing that kind of information to common man. !!!

        • YW.

          When we’re talking natural changes in hormone profile it’s possible that the physiological changes that would balance T could bring E down. That’s different than injecting T, you know?

          • Saurabh

            Yeah, got your point. So it means that lifting in the low rep range, specially the squats, deadlifts, bench press n military press, will physiologically help to raise t levels, which can in turn get the e levels down. Did I understand it right??

          • Possibly. It depends on quite a few things. It’s not accurate to say that heavy lifting will increase T uniformly…

          • Saurabh

            Ohh okay. Got it. Thanks a tonn for all your guidance sir. U rock !!!

          • YW!

  • james bond

    Hey how can I burn my man boobs fat ?

  • Tuan

    what about nofap? does it help increase testosterone?

  • disqus_wVIAru4Cpi

    Hey Mike, love your book /site. I am 39, extremely lethargic. T level at 545 and was put on TRT via weekly injections. Is this safe?

    • Thanks!

      Honestly 500 to 600 is completely normal for your age so I’m not sure what to think about that…

      • Captain Adams

        I agree. He needs to get another opinion.

  • barb

    Tribulus terrestris is the way to go for natural testosterone boost. Tribulus elevates luteinizing hormone, which turns into testosterone. I been buying the Testosterone Booster from Dr Max Powers online, and I have had no side effects with this product. Some of the other testosterone supplements have weird side effects, but the Max Powers one is perfect for me.

  • raj

    is ter any workouts for increasing testosterone level……

  • Carl

    Hey Mike,

    What about testosterone booster pills? Are they just junk or do some actually work?


  • romankol

    Hey Mike!

    I had my testosterone tested at 200. Doctor said I’m at the low end of my normal range but he could give me something to increase it. I’m 33 years old. I’m cutting right now with 12% BF so the cutting might be a contributor to the low test. Would you recommend for me to take something to get into a normal range? BTW: I’m already doing all the things recommended in this article. Thank you! Roman

    • Hey Roman, I’d get re-tested when you’re no longer cutting, and see where you’re at then. Ultimately, I’d recommend listening to your doctor.

      • romankol

        Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond! 🙂 I will do what you recommended. Sounds like the best and safest way to go! Thanks again!

  • Neeka

    I have just read this blog and came across the following passage: “It’s commonly believed that eating saturated fat, like the fats mainly in animal products such as meat, dairy products, and egg yolks., harms your health. Research is proving this claim to be untrue, however. In fact, recent research indicates the opposite may be true–that saturated fat may actually reduce your risk of heart disease.” This information is completely false! In no way does saturated fat consumption reduce the risk of heart disease. High saturated fat consumption is one of the lead causes of heart disease, stroke and diabetes! The fact this type of fat consumption is being promoted in a positive way is alarming and dangerous! I urge you to fully research the topics your are writing about before presenting them to the public.

  • Yep, doing all that. But when I got my gallbladder out and my mid-section fat increased my test levels dropped like a brick! Fat is an estrogen producing farm.

    Also you need fat because fat turns into cholesterol, which is the raw material used to make testosterone. best testosterone booster

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