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Recipe of the Week: Protein Pudding Bars

Recipe of the Week: Protein Pudding Bars

I’m not a fan of most store-bought protein bars, but love homemade ones.

This is a simple, tasty recipe from my cookbook, The Shredded Chef.  What I like to do is leave the bars in the baking dish and keep the dish in the fridge at the office, and then portion them out as needed.



8 (1 bar per serving)

Calories Per Serving


Protein Per Serving


Carbohydrates Per Serving


Fat Per Serving




8 scoops chocolate or vanilla whey protein powder

3 cups old-fashioned oats

1 package sugar-free fat-free pudding (use same flavor as protein)

2 cups skim milk


Protein puddling bars from the cook book The Shredded Chef.



Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix until a sticky batter is formed.

Coat a shallow baking dish in cooking spray and spread the mixture out over the dish.

Place in the refrigerator overnight, cut into 8 equal bars once set.


What You End Up With

Protein puddling bars from the cook book The Shredded Chef.

What did you think of this week’s recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Annie

    Are the oats, instant oats?

    • Michael Matthews

      The thicker oats MIGHT be better but instant should work as well.

  • Alix Rendell

    Mike, hello! Is it safe to assume that the pudding should be the instant variety?

    • Michael Matthews


  • Michael Snow

    Hey Mike,

    I added a tad too much milk when making these. In order to fix it, i baked the mixture at 350 degrees for 20 minutes and they came together quite nicely. They are now portable. If you have never tried it, I am pleased with the results and I hope you will be too!



    • Michael Matthews

      Nice! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to try it!

    • Gabriel Cortez

      Thanks, I really liked the baking idea and it totally worked well for me. But the texture leaves something to be desired. Would it ruin the health benefits if I substituted the oatmeal for rice crispies, or maybe half of it?

      • Michael Matthews

        That’s fine as it’s really just a treat (it’s not like you’re going to be eating a few bars per day).

  • Guy

    What is the pudding exactly please? I’m not a cook and I’m in the UK so maybe it’s something different here?? Thanks.

    • Quentin

      I was wondering the same thing. I can’t even think what it could be over here! Maybe rice pudding or semolina or something?

      • Michael Matthews
        • Quentin

          I don’t know – I’ve never seen them before. Maybe it’s something we don’t have over here. We have cake mixes and ready made custard, but nothing like that (well not that I have seen!). I’m off too the supermarket shortly, I’ll have a look and let you know 🙂

          • Quentin

            I had a look but couldn’t find anything like that. Strange isn’t it?!

          • Michael Matthews

            I’m working with a UK chef to do a UK version of TSC so I’ll let you know what she comes up with…

          • Quentin

            Sounds good! 🙂

          • Michael Matthews

            Interesting! A custard will probably work. Give it a shot and let me know?

          • Quentin

            I’m looking forward to having a go at making some. I’ll have to adapt it a bit being vegan – but it should be do-able. I’ve got some pea/rice protein powder, and I just have to find either a rice or nut based pudding… 🙂

          • Michael Matthews

            Ah cool! Lemme know how it goes. 🙂

          • Mark Jackson

            I gave this a go with the UK angel delight and it hasn’t set, it’s more like a really thick slodge. maybe i should bake it for a while?

          • Michael Matthews

            Hmm yeah I would do 15 min at 300-350 F and see if that does it…

          • Mark Jackson

            it did set however it was extremely dry and to be honest a waste of protein oh well we can only try. Whats the texture of your ones honestly like?

          • Michael Matthews

            Ah damn, that must have been too long. I’ve made them several times just as described and had no issues with setting. They had a gooey texture.

        • Aram

          This looks a lot like Angel Delight (here in the uk). Its basically a really thick milkshake type desert (like a more solid custard). You can get sugar free ones that are low in calories, also if you use skimmed milk to make them its pretty low in fat too.

          • Michael Matthews

            Ah okay, yeah that sounds like it.

          • Quentin

            Thanks Aram. I’ve heard of Angel Delight but never knew what it was! I take it it’s in the chilled part of a supermarket?

    • Michael Matthews

      Ah yeah I’m not sure what it’s called there, but here’s what it is:


      • Guy

        ‘it’s available on Amazon.co.uk

        • Michael Matthews


  • Paul Nodine

    Hey Mike I modified it slightly to fit my own needs.

    5 scoops of Chocolate Egg Protein
    Fat Free/Sugar Free Pudding(Jello)
    2 cups Muesli (Bob’s Red Mill)

    2 cups unsweetend Vanilla Almond Milk
    1 Tablespoon Coconut Flour

    this yielded a decently dense 8 bars

    per serving looks like
    Cal: 214
    Fat: 5
    Carbs: 29.5
    Protein 20

    Thanks for the recipe, I’m constantly looking for new ways to make protein bars and snacks.

    • Michael Matthews

      Great, thanks for sharing! I’m a big fan of homemade snacks too.

  • Hector Hernandez

    For how long can I store them??

    • Michael Matthews

      I’ve had them in the fridge for 5 days and they were totally fine (ate one portion per day).

      • Hector Hernandez

        Great thanks. Had them for close to 2 weeks and still good.

        • Michael Matthews

          Wow nice!

  • joanne

    “1 package sugar-free fat-free pudding” . What does that mean? What is that?

    • Michael Matthews

      It’s like a custard. if you’re from the UK I believe you have something called “Angel Delight” that works.

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  • Ben

    Mike, is what is the measurement for “1 package sugar-free fat-free pudding” ? Is this a 1.4 oz package of the dry pudding mix, or 4 of the pudding cups?

    • Shit that’s a good question I believe I was using a 1.4 oz package.

    • Emily

      I had the same question! I bought a box of each to be prepared, I’m glad someone else asked!!

  • Daniel De Peña

    I tried making this for the first time and for some reason I couldnt get the consistency right, after a night in the fridge the mix is still in pudding like form, cant cut it in bars so I had to scoop it and take it in a container. Any suggestions?

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