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How “Artificial Estrogens” Are Suppressing Your Testosterone Levels

How “Artificial Estrogens” Are Suppressing Your Testosterone Levels

If you want to know how natural and manmade chemicals in your environment are suppressing your testosterone levels and what you can do about it, then you want to listen to this podcast.

In this episode, interview author and researcher Dr. Anthony Jay about a topic that isn’t discussed much in the fitness space at least, and that’s how estrogen-like chemicals that we’re exposed to every day can lower testosterone and raise estrogen levels in our bodies.

Most “testosterone talk” revolves around using diet, training, supplements, and even drugs to boost testosterone production, and while that’s one way to do it, there’s also the other side of that coin: removing impediments to testosterone production, which include these estrogen-mimicking chemicals.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How phytoestrogens and mycoestrogens present in certain plant foods can interfere with your hormones.
  • Why an imbalance in sex hormones can promote weight gain.
  • A nasty little trick companies use to make you think their plastics are free of estrogen-mimicking chemicals when they’re not.
  • Five things you can do right now to dramatically reduce your exposure to artificial estrogens and see marked improvements in your hormone profile.
  • And more…

Click the play button below to listen and let me know what you think!

Also, if you like the discussion and want to learn more about how these chemicals affect your body and what you can do to minimize their impact, definitely check out Dr. Jay’s book Estrogeneration.


6:05 – What are artificial estrogens, how are we exposed to them, and why?

7:42 – What are the chemicals that act like estrogen in our body?

11:15 – How are we exposed to artificial estrogens?

13:43 – What are BPA and phthalates?

19:46 – How does high estrogen levels affect our body?

23:38 –  What can we do to lower the artificial estrogens levels in our body?

32:59 – How can I measure the artificial estrogens in my body?

36:44 – Why is there a political discrepancy between Europe and America over artificial estrogen?

46:13 – What are epigenetics?

50:09 – Where can people find your books?











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What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Cole Lomas

    Hey Mike, what type of plastic containers are used for Legion supplements? Are there any concerns with estrogenic compounds which could be found within the plastic?

    • Type 2, which is generally considered “okay for limited use” by watchdog groups.

      Fortunately we’re also dealing with pills and powders (not liquids) that generally aren’t exposed to extreme heat at any point in production, transportation, and storage, so there will be minimal leaching.

  • Paolo Scalabrini

    Hi Mike, really interesting podcast, and quite distressing too!
    Regarding filtered water, I normally drink tap water but I’ve never used filters like Brita because 1) the pitcher is made in plastic ;-P 2) I’ve read that they can actually breed bacteria and in the end they’re not healthy at all.
    What’s your opinion?

    • Hey man, glad you like the show!

      In regards to Brita filters, there probably will be a small amount of plastic “leaking” into the water, but it’s going to be far less than most other bottles/containers where the same water is sitting in them for ages. Second, as long as you replace the filter on schedule the bacteria shouldn’t be an issue. Activated charcoal isn’t exactly an ideal breading ground for germs.

      I’d say it’s still a much better option than pure tap water (and tastes better).

  • Jamie Ragan

    Wow. This whole podcast/discussion blew me away

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