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MFL Podcast 20: “If It Fits Your Macros” dieting and why I like being a “grinder”

MFL Podcast 20: “If It Fits Your Macros” dieting and why I like being a “grinder”

In this podcast I talk about the “If It Fits Your Macros” style of dieting–what it is, how it works, and what I do and don’t like about it–as well as why I think being able to be a good “grinder” gives you a huge advantage in life.

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I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams.

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  • Adrian

    Hi Mike, whats your worst injury been tackled during your lifting career? and how do you manage it and what you do to treat it? I have a tendinitis/ pain when doing any chest press, dumbells or barbell, but fine with shoulder presses, with my research I found it was bicep tendonitis but not sure, having hard time doing 4-6 reps during chest days. Im dealing with this for almost 3 months. sorry if i post it in a wrong section

    • Michael Matthews

      Good question. Nothing too bad fortunately–just your common strains and such. I just work around them and address them with stretching, mobility, tiger balm, arnica gel, massage, etc.

      The key thing is you don’t try to blast through the pain as that can lead to injury… You can also lighten the weight when something is bothering you.

  • James

    Hi mike. Wha are your thoughts on adding a mini cut every few weeks when bulking to keep fat gain at a minimum. Say 3 weeks at a 500 surplus followed by a week of a 500 deficit and repeat etc

    • Michael Matthews

      I suppose you can do this but it doesn’t make that big of a difference in the end.

      There’s also something to be said for keeping the momentum you build on a proper bulk. I know that sounds like of “broscientific” but I’ve found that you get into a nice groove of adding reps/weight every week or two and cutting into that (literally) with cuts can mess with progress.

      Ultimately it’s something to try and see how your body responds…

  • Ian

    DUDE! One pot cooking! YESSSSSSSSSS. I will buy that for sure.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks man! I’m working away on it. I’ll start posting pictures of the recipes on IG soon.

  • Josh

    Yes!! The One Pot Cookbook may turn me into the family chef. Can’t wait!

    • Michael Matthews

      It’s such a great way to cook! I’m totally into it.

  • Debbye S. Sparks

    Hey Mike, I love your website! I need advice, I hurt myself and life sucks now… bicep tendon strain.. I can’t lift for like 2 weeks now and I need probably 2 more weeks! how you had a similar problem? how did you deal with it? mentally and physically! You think I should stick to cardio 3 times a week? That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve been takking creatine and BCAA to try not to lose my muscles, I’m a woman so that makes everything even harder =( fml

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Doh I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve strained muscles before and had to back off them yes.

      Yup do your cardio and any lifting you can really. You can train legs no?

  • Ben

    Following a meal plan is actually a lot less work then just counting your macros in your head (I don’t the later for months and will never go back ) as you don’t need to worry about where your next protein, carbs or fat are going to come from or faff about reading labels. Personally I have around 5 meals plans to follow which are all roughly the same with 5 different dinners, that definitely ensures I don’t get bored of the same plan everyday 🙂 Will do the same when bulking too!

    • Michael Matthews

      I totally agree. I like to know what I’m eating and when, do it, and move on with my life.

  • Zooty

    Hi Mike
    I am reading your book bigger leaner stronger and love it. I am about to start the program in a couple of days when I have finished building my new gym room. I do have one question though. The book says when cutting to eat x amount of protein fat and carbs but does not tell me how many calories to eat with the above make up. Is there a calculation of protein to calories etc or if I stick to the list of good foods in the book and eat the correct amount of grams I will be right and just adjust from there???
    Thanks in advance and can’t wait to start

  • Dane

    Hey Mike.
    Really like your podcast , you are good at keeping them interesting. If you put out a new cookbook you should consider using SI-units or make a European version. I’m currently following the BLC and one year challenge, if you get the time it would be great to get an article/podcast on how to press yourself properly following your rep. range and warm-up routines. You could also consider applying your routines to one of the apps, like JeFit with all the different/random names of exercises it would be nice just to download them:) But love your stuff really looking forward to your next book following up on BLC. Would also by legion, but pretty expensive to get to Denmark. Hope you get Phoenix on Amazon Europe.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Dane! I really appreciate it.

      Yessir I will be doing that and I will be updating my existing books as well (second editions).

      I’m also working on my own app. 🙂

      Legion will be in the EU by the end of the year.

      Thanks for all the support brother!

  • Noah

    Why are you against the high fat diet that is trending these days? You mentioned you would link to it, maybe I missed it. Thanks.

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