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MFL Podcast #7: Interview with JC Deen: Building a great body and building a great life

MFL Podcast #7: Interview with JC Deen: Building a great body and building a great life

In this podcast, I interview JC Deen from JCD Fitness, and we talk about…

  • How the quest to build a great body also helps you in the quest to build a great life.
  • Why maintaining perspective and mental balance is crucical to the “inner game” of fitness.
  • How working out helps you feel in control of your life and maintain a positive, causative outlook.
  • Why spending more and more time in the gym and eating less and less food to get lean is a recipe for disaster.
  • What “nutrient partioning” is and why it’s important.
  • Why chasing the “end all be all” method of building muscle and getting lean is futile, and what you should actually be looking for.
  • What metabolic speed has to do with your ability to lose fat, and especially to getting really lean.
  • And more…

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I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams.

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  • nathan

    I think you might have posted the wrong video here because what you talk about and what you describe your going to talk about are way different. I think the video was your last podcast.

  • Hbennion

    Hey mike, I like your podcasts but it is really hard to hear you in all of them. I have my volume up all the way and I still strain to hear you at times. Sure wish this wasn’t a problem.

    • Michael Matthews

      Sorry about that! I’ll see what I can do. I bought a nice mic so I’m not sure why that would be.

  • Kevin Whitman

    Love your podcasts… they are full of great info… keep up the good work!

    • Michael Matthews


  • dr.aakanksha

    Hi Michael.. i really like ur posts…i’m 23 ..professionally m a doctor from INDIA.i just began working on losing weight around two weeks back..since im preparing for my post grad i was not into much of exercising..kept hogging sitting on the bed n studying,,n gained an enormous weight.. i weighed 98kgs (216 pounds)..now i’v joined a nice gym and started diet control.i do crosstrainer for 45 mins(coz i like it) ,i do brisk walking on treadmill for 10 mins,cycling for15 mins..then streching and scheduled weight traing followed by repeat cardio for 15 mins.. In diet i have reduced my carbs to two Indian breads a day (chapatis)..5 lts water..green tea trice daily..n mainly protien diet n fruits(pineapples,apple and prunes)..i was taking the ore packed instant soup at night with soya or pulses..but my weight isn’t moving down..is it water retention??
    it would be a great help if u advice me something seeing my entire data..because i really really wanna reduce.. :)!!
    p.s I’m 5’4″
    Dr. Aakanksha

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks so much! Great on what you’re doing.

      The key to keeping your diet in is creating a proper meal plan that you stick to every day–that is, one that meets your daily numbers and lets you eat foods you like.

      It sounds like you need to work out a proper meal plan:


      And I would recommend incorporating weightlifting into your program too.

  • Chloe

    Hey mike, excellent advice as always. Thanks for all the cool info 🙂 what’s your opinion or advice on rest? Is one rest day a week enough? And also do you recommend taking a week of rest…between training cycles? If so how many weeks do you recommend training before taking a rest. As I’ve recently been getting ill and I’ve been training and eating right and just wondering if it’s because I have been overtraining? I don’t want to lose any strength but maybe think I should take a break but not sure for how long?

    Chloe Mac
    Cambridge – UK

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Chloe! Yeah one day of no exercise per week is enough if you’re not overtraining in your workouts.

      A week off is necessary every 8 weeks, give or take, when you’re training intensely. Yes that could definitely be due to overtraining. Check this out:


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