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9 Gym Etiquette Mistakes That Make You an A*&hole

9 Gym Etiquette Mistakes That Make You an A*&hole

Don’t be an a*&hole. Have good gym etiquette and you can help make the world a better place. Seriously.

In this episode, we’re going to have some fun but also address a very real problem: assholes in the gym.

You know what I’m talking about. The assholes that smell like shit, that sweat on everything, that gawk at women, that superset half of the gym and leave their weights everywhere, and so on.

You might be laughing, and yes, these people can be pretty amusing, but they also make for a significantly worse gym experience for us and everyone else, and, in some cases, even drive people away from gyms altogether.

And so I wanted to have a few laughs at the expense of these assholes by breaking down the 9 most annoying things that they do, and also share some commonsense advice on how we can all make our gyms a bit more pleasant for all of our fellow gymgoers.

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  • Amine Laifi

    Hello Mike,

    I have a question regarding your supplements. Am I supposed to use Pheonix Fat Burner only during cutting phase? What about maintaining phase? Also, if I’m using Pheonix, do I still need to use Forge Fat Burner? I’m not doing fastened training. Thank you!

    • Hey Amine, Phoenix is just for cutting, so you don’t need to take it while maintaining. If you’re not doing fasted training, then you don’t need Forge. I hope this helps!

      • Amine Laifi

        Thanks, you are the best!

  • drbarney

    I am autistic and I cannot tune out unwanted music which is in almost every commercial gym. Running piped-in music is abusive because not everybody wants to hear the latest drooling pop/rock tunes. That is the number one assholism to me.

  • Less-a-moron

    And for those of us who live in China, spitting on the floor

  • Darrell

    Hey Mike,

    So I heard your podcast on gym etiquette and how to avoid gym assholes, but I did not hear how to deal with the loud obnoxious gym assholes.

    I go to the gym around 5:45am (less crowded) and there is the usual 5 or 6 middle aged men who work out at the same time who seem to socialize more than workout, but they are cool for the most part.

    The only problem is this one loud obnoxious asshole who likes to yell across the gym while talking, has nicknames for everyone, and really reminds me of a 50 year old frat boy.

    I have heard that people have avoided coming to the gym during the time he is there just to avoid this asshole.

    Any advice?

    • Hey Darrell! That must be annoying.

      I’d just ask him straight up if he could stop yelling, as it’s very distracting while you’re trying to lift. You can always speak to the gym management if it continues being a problem.

      I hope this helps!

      • Darrell

        Thanks Mike!

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