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Introducing My Newest Book: Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger!

Introducing My Newest Book: Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger!

If you want to naturally gain as much muscle and strength as possible and build an outstanding looking, extraordinarily strong, ripped body that just makes people say, “WOW”…then you want to read this book!


Well, after much adieu and many, many readers asking about it…I’m really excited to announce that my new book Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger is finally here!!


Click here to learn more about Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger


If you’re an advanced weightlifter and want to know what it really takes to make the jump from having a “good” physique…from being “kinda strong”…from looking “athletic”…to having an outstanding looking, extraordinarily strong, ripped body that just makes people say, “WOW”…then you want to check this book out.

Oh and I’m not only releasing the book…I’m holding a kick-ass launch giveaway with over $11,000 in prizes to win (REAL prizes too, not a bunch of lame PDFs!).


Thanks so much for all your support, I hope you like the book (let me know!), and good luck in the giveaway!


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I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams.

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  • IgnoreLimits

    Awesome job Mike! I’ve just ordered my paperback.
    Looking forward to posting up a review 🙂

    – SJ

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks so much! You rock. 🙂

  • Tom

    No Kindle? Please 🙂

    • Michael Matthews

      Yessir! Digital will be out in a week or so. Just starting with paperback only.

      • Stumpy

        can we still get giveaways with digital copies? Kobo is the only that works for me in Australia

        • Michael Matthews

          Yeah I may extend the giveaway for digital sales too.

      • Bartek Mazurek

        Digital for me too. I guess it’ll fly across the Atlantic faster than paperback. But don’t you dare linger!!

        • Michael Matthews


  • JP

    Awesome! I ordered the book from amazon this morning. What is the eta on the pdf and other email goodies?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks man! We’ll start processing the emails Monday!

  • Stephen

    Alright!! Audiobook version coming out anytime?

    • Michael Matthews

      Yup production in already underway. 🙂

      • Stephen

        Wonderful, thank you!

        • Michael Matthews


          • saveourskills

            Cool send out a newsletter when that hits audible. That’s where I prefer to get my info.

            Also it would be helpful if you included some sort of worksheet for the audible folks. When you are saying X grams for X weight etc.. my eyes glaze over.

            I had to hunt through your site to find the macros.. no big deal I did find them google search

            site:muscleforlife.com filetype:pdf

            It’s all there

            Thanks again

          • Michael Matthews

            Will do. And yup I’m one step ahead of you there–already have the audiobook PDF created. I will be doing this for the second edition of BLS and TLS as well.

  • colorado80218

    Beyond Thinner, Leaner, Stronger, soon perhaps?!

    • Michael Matthews

      How did you know? 🙂

  • Luke Sfair

    Congratulations on your great work, man!
    I’ll have to wait for the digital version, but I’m glad you’ve launched !!!


    • Michael Matthews

      Thank you! Digital coming soon. 🙂

  • frametheory

    Would I have to read the first one first? Or is it more like a second edition?

    • Michael Matthews

      You don’t have to read BLS first but this book does assume you understand the basic diet and training principles contained in it.

      This isn’t a second edition of BLS–it’s a standalone book. I’m actually almost done with a second edition of BLS. That will be launching in Dec or Jan.

  • elmau

    Hi, mike i read bigger, stronger and leaner and i like it so much. What are the difference between that and this new edition beyond bigger, stronger and leaner?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Good question.

      BBLS builds on everything you’ve learned in BLS and gives you “what’s next” in terms of training and diet once you’ve put in your time on BLS to build a solid foundation of muscle and strength.

      Specifically, BBLS contains a new, periodized weightlifting program based on BLS principles and goes over some more “advanced” dietary principles mainly centered around continuing to make gains in the gym while staying at or under 10% body fat.

      There are a bunch of other things discussed in the book applicable to advanced weightlifters but those are the two major areas that I focused on (how diet and training changes as you move from “newbie” to “intermediate”).

  • james hutton

    Will this be on google play?

    • Michael Matthews

      Yup! In about a week.

      • james hutton

        Awesome thanks.

        • Michael Matthews


  • Morgan

    Hey Mike 99% of your supplements are sold out, how long until they are all back in stock?

    • Michael Matthews

      Sorry about the stocking issues at Legion. Demand has just been WAY higher than I had anticipated and I’m also moving over to a larger manufacturer that will be able to give me better turnaround times…BUT I’m catching up. I’ve placed a very large order that should handle it and keep everything in stock going forward.

      Everything but Creatine+ will be back by the end of the month and Creatine+ is about 8 weeks out as I had to rework the formulation. It turns out fenugreek can taste REALLY nasty in certain batches, haha.

      • Morgan

        good to hear your sales are going well. Are you still planning on combining Creatine+ with Recharge?

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks! Yup it’s already done. Production has begun.

      • Quentin

        You’re really on the up and up! That’s amazing! It’s been great following your success, and with all your hard work work and dedication, things can only get better. You’ll be an inspiration to many.

        • Morgan

          i don’t know how he is going to reply to every single comment and email as he gets more popular. Mike if you need an assistant I am available lol.

          • Michael Matthews

            LOL I have a pretty efficient system in place mainly through proper inbox management but as it gets more and more I will have to figure something out. I will always stay in touch with everyone though.

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks man! I really appreciate it. Lots more to come. 🙂

  • heyjay

    Hey Mike!
    First, you’re doing an incredibly awesome job here, major props for that!
    I enjoyed BLS very much, it gave me the motivation to alter my routines and eating habits after almost 8 years of weightlifting with only mediocre results. The main thing I gained was flab 😀 Your articles are fantastic as well! I can’t believe you’re putting all this stuff online for free.
    I just ordered your new book as well on amazon UK and can’t wait until it arrives here in Germany.
    I’m doing the BLS right now and even though I’m cutting I still gain strength and a little size. One thing I’d like to know however is what you have to do if your metabolism is really fast in adapting to a lower amount of calories, like one or 2 days…
    I am 5’10” weighing 160 lbs and eat 1750 calories a day. I do hiit 2-3 times a week and lift weights on 3 days. At the start of the diet, as I expected I lost about a pound per week, but after 4 weeks it stalled. So then I reduced my intake to 1700 but started to lose strength and I could feel how my metabolism slowed down almost instantly, because I got cold real quick. I’ve just started with a proper refeed every week and skipped the cheat meal. It’s convenient cause these cheat meals at BK really made me sick. Yeah, I can’t enjoy that junk food any more 😉
    Any ideas?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks man I really appreciate it! I’m glad I can help. Do let me know what you think of BBLS!

      I like what you’re doing and honestly you’ll have to drop your calories along the way. That said, let’s bump you up to 5 x lifting and 3 x HIIT per week and see if you can squeeze more fat loss out of 1800/day.

      Haha yeah I haven’t had fast food in forever. Just lost my taste for it a while ago.

  • Mike Garcia-Padilla

    Will there be a kindle version? Didn’t see the option on amazon.

    • Michael Matthews

      Yessir. In about a week.

  • Marco

    Seems the only way to get this as an eBook is to order the paperback and forward the Amazon receipt to you, right?

    Any plans to sell this as an eBook only?

    • Michael Matthews

      Yessir digital will be out in about a week!

  • Oliver

    Just ordered mine from amazon! Your side and books really helped me improve. Thanks man, greetings from Germany

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks man! LMK what you think!

  • Shelly Abraham

    Hey Mike. I recently bought BLS and I like the no nonsense approach and my gains from following it. I’m still in college, but I think I found a calling in entrepreneurship in technology or maybe something completely different. What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

  • JOHN

    ordered my book on amazon on Saturday for ( $14.99 ) got my link sent threw today with my free downloads for paying this enhanced price but i cant open the digital version of BBLS. it is an EPUB file and wont open on my iPhone or desk top so i am unable to read it very frustrating considering can you please advise me on an app, program or procedure by which i can open this digital version on my iphone or desktop please, would be much appreciated
    Regards John

    • Michael Matthews

      Thank you! Ah no worries we will take care of you. Shoot an email to nico at muscleforlife and he can get a PDF to you.

      • JOHN

        nice one mate top banana to you!

        • Michael Matthews

          Top banana hahaha I love you Brits.

  • Lauren

    Good for women too?!

    • Michael Matthews

      Everything but the workout program itself, yes. I will be doing a version for women though.

  • Quentin

    Bought it too! Congratulations on the chart position on Amazon. You totally deserve your success! 🙂

    • Michael Matthews

      Thank you! You rock. 🙂 LMK what you think.

  • Esther Mozo

    Looking forward to the Kindle version, Mike.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! It will be out next week!

  • AJ

    Looks like such an amazing book!!!! Was wondering, is the book suitable for females too or will there be a Beyond Thinner Leaner Stronger coming out soon!? (I hope sooo 😀 😀 :D)

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Yes!!! It’s on the list! 🙂

  • francislee2003

    Hey Mike,

    I purchased your first book, which by the way is awesome, and I look forward to reading your next book. I’m from Toronto, Canada, however, is the new book available here too at the same time as your American launch? Or will it be available to Canadians at a later date? Thanks!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! LMK how you like it! Actually it’s a bit tough to make paperbacks available in CA at the moment because of distribution issues BUT it’s on my list of things to get sorted out. I believe I will just need to print books in CA and give them to AZ…

  • Zack L

    I started reading the book and was trying to identify if I should start with BLS or BBLS. According to your criteria for which program to choose based on the amount of weight currently lifted I do not know what to do because my lower body is much stronger than my upper body. Deadlift and squat is above the threshold, but bench is only 0.78X bodyweight and military press is not that great either. I’m 175 lbs and I have not done BLS; I’m coming off a different 3x week program, but now I am looking for one of your 5x week plans but don’t know which book to follow. What would you recommend to do?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Hmm how long have you been training for?

      • Zack L

        I’m 21 and have been lifting for 2.5 years, but the past six months have really just been maintaining. I was not really trying to gain. Now I want to continue progressing. I’m at ~15% body fat currently trying to cut to 10% before bulking. What I was doing was one day a week for back and lower body, another for upper body and a third of HIIT. I’m fairly active and burn anywhere from 3000-3500 calories a day (mostly from walking/standing desk).

  • Anthony Giangrande

    Enjoying the new book, Mike, thank you!

    But I wanted to mention that the strength standards you use as a threshold for periodization (moving to the BBLS program) seem off.

    The 1.35 x BW bench and 1.75 x BW squats seem about right. Both hover right around the “advanced” strength standard mark.

    But the 1.75 x BW deadlift and the 1 x BW overhead press don’t seem right.

    This would put deadlift around the “intermediate” mark (too low), and overhead press in the “elite” range (way too high).

    Shouldn’t someone with a balanced strength program and symmetrical, balanced, whole body development be able to deadlift significantly more than they squat, at the “advanced” level?

    And pressing your full body weight over you head for 4-6 reps is VERY hard, even for someone who has reached “advanced” levels for all other lifts.

    Commonly accepted strength standards for “advanced” level are approximately:

    1.5 x BW for bench @ 1RM
    2.0 x BW for squat @ 1RM
    2.5 x BW for deadlift @ 1 RM
    0.9 x BW for overhead press @ 1 RM

    I have found these numbers to be quite accurate for someone training their whole body properly in a balanced way. I’m currently about at these levels, give or take a few pounds either way on each.

    The numbers you have in the book are:

    1.35 x BW for bench @ 4-6 reps
    1.75 x BW for squat @ 4-6 reps
    1.75 x BW for deadlift @ 4-6 reps
    1.0 x BW for overhead press @ 4-6 reps

    Shouldn’t they more accurately be:

    1.35 x BW for bench @ 4-6 reps
    1.75 x BW for squat @ 4-6 reps
    2.1 x BW for deadlift @ 4-6 reps
    0.8 x BW for overhead press @ 4-6 reps




    • Michael Matthews

      Great points!

      Ah I actually was referring to the Seated Military Press. I will update the book to specify this.

      Regarding squatting vs. pulling I hear you but I’m just basing that off my experience working with a LOT of people. 2.5 x BW DL 1RM takes a lot longer for people to reach than 2.0 x BW Squat 1RM.

      In the end I may end up adjusting these numbers but I have been running quite a few people on the program “behind the scenes” and that’s how I came up with the recommendations. As I get more data I will be able to tweak, though…

      • Anthony Giangrande


        I guess that makes sense that trainees commonly lag on deads.

        And yeah, I’ve been doing my overhead presses standing in a power rack, and stand quite upright.

        It seems like seated REALLY forces you to lean back and incorporate your chest in the lift. (Reference: you’re Oct 2013 Instagram video demo — it almost looks like a steep incline press.) So I guess you’d lift more than standing, especially if your upper pecs are developed.

        But that does still seem like a high benchmark relative to the others.

        I’m currently 5’8″, 162lbs, 9%BF, 147lbLBM (~6lbs shy of my ‘natural genetic max potential’). I’m hovering around ‘advanced’ standard strength levels on most of my lifts. My shoulders are pretty strong and well developed (though I do notice that’s where the strength seems to start to go first when getting to the end of a cut — those pesky andro receptors).

        I’m BB overhead pressing (standing) MAX around 125 for ~5 reps, which puts me at almost ‘advanced’ standard level, but it’s still only ~0.8 x my BW.

        If I do seated DUMBELL presses, the weight is roughly the same or a little less, since the freedom of motion allows you to sit more upright and go a lot more lateral and target the weaker lateral delts.

        Guess I need to see if I can lift substantially more with seated BB.

        • Michael Matthews

          Yeah I believe I was arching a bit too much in the past, actually. I have a very strong lower back and don’t even notice it sometimes. I’ve improved this since, though.

          It may be a bit high. I will definitely be looking for feedback from people to determine as I’m working with limited data at the moment.

          Your stats are great. It sounds like you would do well with the program. Let me know if you want to give it a go. I’d love to hear your feedback…

          • Anthony Giangrande

            Oh, I’m definitely giving it a go! Been using BLS program for a while with good results. Been following you for some time — articles, podcasts. I’m a fan. Great info, overall. Thank you! Keep it up!

          • Michael Matthews

            Thanks man. I really appreciate the support. Let me know how you like the program!

      • Joe


        On this point: A few pages earlier in the new book, I think you state that BBLS is for lifters who have already gained that initial 20 to 30 pounds (having trained on BLS for 1.5 to 2 years).

        Does this imply that after your first 20 to 30 pounds (or after the first 1.5 to 2 years), a lifter should then be able to hit those “advanced level” benchmarks?

        Enjoying the new book. Nothing against BLS, but this new book “feels” more professionally written to me – more polished. Nice job.

        • Michael Matthews

          Yes, exactly.

          Based on my experience working with a lot of people, they generally hit these numbers in their second year.

          Thanks brother and you’re right–it is. I’m almost done with a second edition of BLS and it’s much more polished.

  • Christian Wheeler

    Hey Mike, would I qualify for the bonus items if I purchased copies of the book in Kindle format? And also, can I purchase the book in PDF format and still qualify for the bonuses?


    • Michael Matthews

      Yup! You can forward your Amazon receipt and we’ll hook you up. It’s not currently available as a PDF.

      • Christian Wheeler

        Thanks for the fast reply! Another customer added to your list.


        • Michael Matthews

          YW! Thanks brother!

  • Sam

    Hi Mike,

    Is the kindle version out yet?

    • Michael Matthews

      Yup! I will be announcing it tomorrow. 🙂

  • jordan

    Mike, I have been lifting for 2 years on a separate program. I can currently lift 1.25x my bodyweight in bench, squats, and deadliest, give or take. Should I do BBLS or BLS program? Also, kind of random and unrelated but what brand of rice milk do you drink? Love the books btw!!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for reading my books and writing! I really appreciate it.

      I would stick with BLS for a bit and get your strength up some more before switching to BBLS.

      I use Rice Dream. 🙂

  • Tim

    I love your material, but never have time to sit down and read. Will there be an audiobook version released like BLS?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! It’s underway. It will be done in about 4 weeks.

  • Marco

    Hi Mike, I forwarded my Amazon order confirmation (Kindle edition) to you about a week ago. Should I have not received some free ebooks yet? Maybe it is a problem that the confirmation is in German?

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  • Reymundo

    The link at the end if the book isn’t working. Please look into please.

    • Michael Matthews

      The bonus report? It’s a BITLY link and some browsers don’t like that… Try another and let me know.

  • mark

    mike do you recomend to achieve the perfect all round physique to stop at a certain level on the lifts? say 2X bodyweight on DL’s and squats. If go beyond this is there a danger you’ll get just get too big/ out of proportion? Or is that not an issue? Just keep going? I am nearly at at 2X BW on the DL’s 8 months in. Ok that’s 1 lift max on sets of 5 it’s more like 1.6X BW. i don’t know whether to cap it if i reach 2X BW. My physique is good but no-where near your standard.

    • Michael Matthews

      It depends how you want to look. Personally I don’t want to get any bigger, really, so I don’t bulk anymore. I just eat around maintenance and work on getting stronger.

      Fortunately at this point muscle growth is VERY slow even if I do everything right, so I can just keep an eye on the mirror and scale.

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  • Erin

    I’m a woman and I benefited a lot from Thinner Leaner Stronger. Could I benefit from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger, or is it too geared towards men to apply to women? Thanks!

    • Thanks! It’s more geared toward men but you could still do well on the program. I will be writing BTLS later this year.

      • Sydney Morgan

        So there’s a sort of sequel coming out to thinner leaner stronger?

  • Justin Verdugo

    I’m almost finished reading the bigger leaner stronger audio book and would like to incorporate my female client into a similar program, how similar is the thinner leaner stronger book?

    • Justin Verdugo


    • Thanks! TLS is similar but the workouts are a bit different and there are some “female only” things throughout.

  • Gareth

    I’ve bought your audio book on Amazon and its great. But how do I get my hands on the Bonus Report?

    • Thanks! The link is at the end of the book. There’s a chapter with it.

  • Doug

    Hey Mike I bought your BLS and BBLS. I have been weight lifting for about 15 years. I am trying to figure out which program to follow. Can you help.

    • Hey Doug! Thanks for picking up my books!

      I recommend following the BLS program unless you’ve hit the following benchmarks:

      Squat: 1.75 x body weight for a 1RM

      Deadlift: 1.75 x body weight for a 1RM

      Bench Press: 1.35 x body weight for a 1RM

      Seated Military Press: 1 x body weight for a 1RM

      If you have hit them, go ahead and start BBLS. 🙂

      • Filippo Bonadonna

        I saw on other various website that it’s squat: 1.75 X Bodyweight for 4-6 reps…so which is right, this info you just posted or everywhere else that says it’s for 4-6 reps?

  • Brianna Perez

    Hey Mike, I’m a female trainer and I loved your book “Beyond, Bigger, Leaner Stronger.” My only concern is that your books, besides “Thinner Leaner Stronger” focus only on the male physique. Do you plan on publishing a version for women?

    • Hey Brianna! Glad you enjoyed BBLS!

      Yep, BBLS is for men. I do plan on doing a BTLS. I just have a few other projects and editions I want to get done first. 🙂

      • Veronica

        Do you have a target date for BTLS? Thanks.

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