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Me on the Art of Charm Podcast: Habit Mastery, BS Supplements, Low-T Nonsense, and More…

Me on the Art of Charm Podcast: Habit Mastery, BS Supplements, Low-T Nonsense, and More…

If you’re a guy and listen to podcasts, chances are you’ve heard of the super-popular Art of Charm podcast.

Well, I was interviewed on it! Check it out:

Click here to download the MP3

In this interview we talk about…

  • Why the “low T” trend in fitness knowledge is bullcrap
  • How bodybuilders and the supplement industry build insecurity to sell you stuff, even though it doesn’t actually do anything and can actually HURT you.
  • The power of habit and systematizing your fitness and nutrition
  • How to get past the ‘habit dip’ and stick with new things instead of giving up
  • How building positive habits builds trust in yourself and in-turn, self-confidence
  • Why habit building is ALWAYS happening (you’re either building GOOD habits, or BAD habits, ALL of the time)
  • And more…

I also highly recommend you check out this “best of” list of Art of Charm podcasts. There are a ton of really interesting people sharing all kinds of great insights related to business and social skills, attracting women, living a better life, and more.

Hope you enjoy the interview!


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I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams.

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  • JordanHarbinger

    Great interview Mike. My audience loved it and I’m sure yours will too. Thanks again!
    -Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Jordan! I appreciate the support.

  • Mardy D Lewy

    Enjoyed this interview bro.. This motivated me to continue learning Spanish.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Language learning is great brain exercise. 🙂

  • Mike

    really enjoyed this..subscribed to the podcast on youtube now as well

  • I have to disagree with the testosterone part a bit.

    Although the muscle building effects aren’t too great say if you go from 500-700 ng/dl but testosterone totally makes a difference.

    For me boosting my T from 400 to well over 1000 has been life changing. I do build muscle incredibly fast, but that’s not the only big reason always for increasing testosterone.

    But I do get what you’re talking about, the supplement industry (and the fucking androgel idiots) have completely ruined the whole thing with testosterone.

    It’s not a magic flip a switch thing, but it’s not useless either. It makes a man much more happier and motivated. I know this because I have been at both ends of the spectrum and at average.

    But the main point is that the bodybuilding supplement industry and those “be more of a man” adds on tv make it seem so cheesy and sort of shady thing to do.

    However not everyone is like that, for example the work that Christopher Walker does with Testosterone I/O is life changing to men who actually follow it.

    But as I said, you have a great point.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for the comment!

      Sure, 400 to 1000+ is going to make a difference. That’s a DRAMATIC change.

      I assume you’re on anabolics? Anything over 1200ish basically is failing a drug test…

      • Nope not on anabolics, nor will ever be. I have zero respect for people using them and in my opinion they’ve ruined bodybuilding from all of us.

        I’d say that I’m somewhat addicted to boosting my natural testosterone. Have researched all about it for about 4 years now and I’d say that I know almost all of the tricks you can think about on boosting T 😀

        In my opinion it’s possible to reach 1200+ ng/dl naturally, but it definitely requires some hard work and a whole lot of time.

        For me it has revolutionized my whole health.

        I have not only superhuman high testosterone levels as my blood profile is somewhat near perfect and my hormonal profile from top to bottom is just how I want it to be: high T, low cortisol, low estrogen, low SBHG, etc.

        I also have a resting heart rate that fluctuates around 40-50 and I do zero cardio.

        The funny thing is that 50-60% of my calories is fat. Mostly raw eggs and avocados.

        My workouts are also very much similar to the ones that you talk about in your books. Low reps and high weight.

        But all in all, the increase in testosterone has definitely improved my strength and muscle gains like crazy, but as you said, the increase has been dramatic, not a one that you could get from those androgels and fluffy t boosters alone.

        • Michael Matthews

          Ahhh I just remembered we’ve chatted before via comments, right?

          Very cool with what you’ve done.

          If you’re interested in doing a guest post on MFL about raising T naturally, I’d love to feature it.

          • Seems like my earlier reply disappeared. But anyhow I would be honored to write a post for you.

            Any specs/requirements you have?

          • Michael Matthews

            Great! Shoot me an email [email protected]

          • thekid

            Dude, I want to hear this. I all have is time lol.

            You mind spilling some beans right here in this thread?

          • Hah, well in a nutshell: Don’t be afraid of fats and cholesterol, lift heavy, and sleep like a baby.

            Also if you’re interested I have a blog with roughly 160 posts about boosting natural T so you should check it out here – anabolicmen.com

          • TheKid

            So…your site is fucking awesome. I’ve already picked out my seven test boosters. I’m extremely excited about Suma Root. The gains I’ve been making in the gym with Mike’s program has been incredible. I went from benching 125 to 215lbs in 8 weeks – @ age 27 and I had previous lifting experience. Combining Mike’s workouts with your testosterone advice has me ready to jump out of my shoes with anticipation. I almost didn’t try Mike’s program because I was jaded, but so many things in his articles resonated with me that I said, “what the hell” and gave it a shot. And thank god that I did. I’m never looking back. Because of Mike, I now believe that there still *are* people out there with good info, who simply want to help.

            Theres another article on your site that gives me hope – it’s about a certain behavior – and the benefits of stopping that behavior. I’ve been on an obscure forum where some one randomly wrote about it – but I had NO idea that the issue had gone (almost) main stream. Ted talks and everything. All the litterateur, testimonials, talks and even that obscure forum I was on – all appear to be unbelievably congruent.

            Thank you, Ali for writing that article. And thank you for commenting, or else I would have never found out about all your great info.

            This is why I love great blogs like Mike’s. It becomes a consortium for all kinds of great ideas and info you otherwise would never come in contact with.



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