I'm Jason G. and this is my story

I was very into power lifting and just going as heavy as possible every time and not caring what I ate or doing any cardio. I got my strength way up there but it was getting to be hard to sleep at night and started to be uncomfortable (I was 235lbs at my biggest).

I tore my bicep tendon from going heavy and I was out of the gym for a couple months, I really wanted to get back into it but I didn’t want to risk another injury so I looked into different diets and articles and I came across Mike Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger and literally did a 180.

I focused more on my diet and supplements to use to lean out and not only do I feel better everyday with more energy but also look better leaned out and it’s all thanks to BLS! Awesome info even for experienced lifters or newbies. I have recommended the book to a couple of friends and they love it also! I’m down to 180 pounds now and feel great!