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Introducing STACKED: A Workout App Actually Worth Using

Introducing STACKED: A Workout App Actually Worth Using

Let’s be honest…







Most workout apps are more hassle than help.

They’re ugly, unwieldy, unintuitive disappointments. It doesn’t take long to realize they’re inferior to a simple Google Spreadsheet or notepad app.

Why, though?

Why can’t there be a workout app that’s as beautiful as it is functional?

You know…one that’s professional and polished. That’s well designed, fluid, and bug-free…

Why can’t it be a pleasure to use and actually help you reach your fitness goals?

All I want is a tight, efficient user experience with a robust set of features that I care about.

Is all that too much to ask?

Well, I’ve been complaining about this for years and I finally decided to take matters into my own hands…

I decided to create that app, and I’m calling it STACKED


I want STACKED to be the workout app you’ve always wanted.

I want you to feel that…finally…an experienced weightlifter built an app for experienced weightlifters…

…that…finally…someone paid attention to the details and got more right than wrong…

…that…finally…someone thought of that and didn’t screw it up…

…and that you have finally found a reason to ditch your spreadsheet or notes forever.

Basically, I want to create a workout app so outstanding that I can say…

Once you go STACKED, you’ll never go back. (Sorry, I had to…)

Development is well underway and I expect a beta-ready product by spring/summer 2015.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, head over to this page and enter your email address to get on the pre-launch beta list.

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  • Ivo Naves

    Looking forward.

  • Darren

    Stoked about stacked; another pun, better than Mikes though hehe

  • Josh B

    Definitely hoping this turns out well. I just stopped using BodySpace and went back to a spreadsheet because it was a nightmare to do something simple like change one exercise in a program and then have that correct exercise show up on the calendar and get tracked. Looking forward to helping test it and improve it!

    • Oh yeah that thing is so janked, haha. Stacked is going to be awesome. I’m going to make sure of it.

    • Sam Dunham

      Ditto the BodySpace complaints. They have the right ideas, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. It sometimes crashes and, thus, loses the progress you’ve recorded during a workout. If you change an exercise, it removes all of the tracked information for that workout. And, strangely, if you add something like weight to pullups, it lets you enter the weight, but doesn’t track it. And there are some exercises where it simply tracks the wrong thing (time vs. reps, etc…). I’m still using it, but I keep a Google Sheets spreadsheet alongside it.

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  • saveourskills

    Very cool that you are getting in the app space..

    I am using Strong right now and it does everything I need and looks great to boot

    You may want to download Strong and just view it’s features and ease of use… just to make sure Stacked is aware of the competition. I don’t believe too many folks are using it, but I think it’s pretty good.


    Here are the features missing from Strong that I want
    * Periodization of the program
    * Progressive overload (auto increment weights)
    * automatic deload if I get stuck in a rut on a weight
    * the timer in strong Sucks. It’s tiny and in the corner… would be nice to see a LARGE timer… I have this beef with every app and all users complain about this. Make the rest timer big for god’s sake. Why does everyone get this wrong?

    Hopefully stacked can “stack up” here

    Otherwise the main stuff it needs to do is program rest periods and make that part easy… and easy data entry for weights.. don’t’ get fancy.. just input the numbers and make it easy. The less taps the better.

    I tried an app “reps and sets” and they switched their data entry to a visual thing where you scrolled through a rack of dumb-bells to find your weight.. OK that’s called form over function. It was so annoying I dumped the app in favor of Strong.

    JEFit.. forget it.. UGLY as hell and not very user friendly to boot.

    Being able to program my workout in a desktop browser would also be nice. It’s a straight pain in the ass to program an entire 5 day split with custom non-database exercises into most apps.. by the end I have developed severe pain in my thumbs.. ha… BUT that is a one time pain so it could be worth my time if it’s significantly better than Strong.

    I would assume the BLS splits would be in there though.. so obviously that would save me some data entry time as long as I can tweak them to my preferences.

    • Yeah Strong is pretty good. I’ve went through it extensively.

      One of the big advantages of Stacked is it’s going to be an ongoing development project. I’m going to be rolling all the income back into the app for the first while to just make it better and better.

      Eventually it will integrate with MFL in the way you’ve described.

      Yup you’ll be able to download various programs.

      • saveourskills

        Ok great. The main “killer” feature is being able to have progressive overload and deload rules in your programs.

        The StrongLifts 5×5 app does this and that is one thing I miss since I started BLS and had to abandon that app

        • Yep this isn’t in build 1 but will be in build 2.

          • Stephen Bolton

            Honestly Gym Genius works really well too. It would be cool if Stacked could build on Gym Genius a little bit. The best part of Gym Genius is the automatic timer. Once you set interval timers you dont have to press stop start. Once you unlock your phone (presumably to enter your reps) the timer starts. Then the timer beeps and doesn’t start again till you unlock it. I love this feature because it is so intuitive!

          • Yeah GG is nice. I swiped a few features from it.

          • Gym Genius

            Not too many I hope 😉 It takes a lot of work to figure out good user experience.

          • Haha. Stealing from one source is plagiarism but stealing from many is research. 😉

            Definitely does. I’m in it for the long haul and am willing to spend as much money and time as I have to get to get it right. Don’t care about profits until it’s perfect.

      • saveourskills

        You may also consider the way strong sells their app is pretty smart. You can download it for free and enter in a handful of workouts before paying. Let me try before I buy.. Plus that app is $7 which is pretty pricey for an app..

        For sure I would NOT have paid $7 without being able to try it

        • Yes Stacked will be free with full functionality but you will only be able to do a certain number of workouts with it before having to upgrade.

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  • Hugo

    Sounds great. Would be nice to have the ability to download in
    the app the workout programs from BLS and BBLS. J

    • That will most definitely be part of it. 🙂

      • Henrique Perrella

        I was going to suggest that too. I really want an app where i can easily look the BLS and BBLS routines and check my progress using it.

        • Ivo Naves

          Would be cool if the routines had some customization. ie. trade lats pullover for pullups. Also would be of interest not only presenting weight-lifting routines but mobility and cardio as well.

        • Yup it’ll be there.

  • Sam

    Hi Mike,

    So stoked for this. One thing is please include the options to switch between KG and LBS. Your books almost exclusively work in LBS, which can be frustrating in countries that use the metric system. Not including the option to use KGs in the app would be a disappointing oversight.

  • Adam

    Amazing! Can’t wait to check this out. Thanks Mike!

  • Greg

    Is it iOS only?

    • iOS first and then Android.

      • Sam Dunham

        Hopefully, the Android app won’t follow to far behind the iOS app. The only iOS device I have is an iPad Air. Not exactly the most convenient form factor for carrying around while working out.

        • Haha Android development will begin immediately after iOS is launched.

  • Mark Duddridge

    Hey Mike. Really looking forward to Stacked (great name, BTW). I’ve signed up for the beta.

    I’ll be honest that I HAVE been happy thus far with “Reps & Sets.” It lets me easily plan and track my workouts, and I really like the reporting it does to visually track your progress. I also like the way it calculates Lean Body Mass and Body Fat when you enter in your stats and measurements. I’ve found Reps & Sets to be an excellent companion app to your BLS program.

    But… If Stacked can do everything Reps and Sets can and more, I’ll be thrilled to switch!


    • Thanks Mark!

      I will check R&S out for swipe! 🙂

    • saveourskills

      my main issue w/ reps and sets is I find the visual weight data entry to be super annoying.. and it’s an extra tap to just get the keyboard to come up. I switched to a different app, with it’s own set of quirks, that has faster and better data entry.

      The main thing you do when you are at the gym is enter weights and reps… SO people should take notes from StrongLifts 5×5 on how this can be WAY easier than it is in all of these other apps

      Optimally you setup your program and your starting weights. It knows what weight you need (with the ability to automatically customize) and your rep goal. So if you are benching 5×3 w/ 255 and you made all your reps you get to the gym and it shows 5×3 w/ 260. If you make your sets you just one tap that set and it’s checked off and the rest timer starts right up.

      of course allow the ability to easily tweak the reps and weight scheme at the workout if required.. but 99% of the time you wouldn’t use that as you just follow the program.

      In Stronglifts I can tap to down cylce my reps as well if I fall short of my goal. I could see having a + and – on either side of the reps so you could easily bump it up or down.. wiht a tap on the number allowing for data entry

      Basically download StrongLifts.. if this app can work as good as that, but allow for entry of ANY program then it’s a huge win in my book.

      Automatic progressive overload and automatic deload. Warm-up sets calculation etc.

      I am an app developer and have toyed with the idea of making my own app just to have it work the way I want, but bottom line is I am too lazy to make it happen.. HA HA HA

      • Mark Duddridge

        Great points saveourskills. I’ll check out Stronglifts (at least until Stacked is ready)!

        • saveourskills

          Correct Mark. Unless you do that program you can’t use it.. BUT if you could use it for other programs it would be great. That’s the ONLY thing I miss about doing StrongLifts 5×5.. Since I am 100% convinced BLS 5 day split is the holy grail I have been looking for I can’t use that app. I have to use alternative apps that aren’t quite as good.

          But it’s a minor problem..

      • Completely agree that functionality while doing workouts is the make/break. I want this to be REALLY smooth and intuitive.

    • Thanks!

      I’m familiar with that app. I’ve pulled some ideas from it.

  • Anon

    I’m really looking forward to this app. There isn’t a nice, minimalist workout app right now. SL is the only one that comes close, but it’s only made for that particular workout. I know some guys who chose SL over SS, ICF, etc. simple because of the app.

  • Mark Duddridge

    A couple of things I’d love to see Mike…

    Integration with Garmin Connect (to associate heart rate/calorie burn data with each workout).

    Even better… Eventual Integration with Apple Watch (again… For HR/calorie burn data), if the Apple Watch HR sensors turn out to be accurate.

    And… Integration with MyFitnessPal (for uploading workout/calorie burn data to daily diary). I use MFP more than pretty much any other app. It’s invaluable for tracking calories and making sure I stay in my macros.

    • Sam Dunham

      I’ll throw my two cents into the hat and request Google Wear (and, perhaps, Google Fit) integration. 🙂

    • Yup device integration will come later and I’m going to build a better diet tracking solution. MFP is nice but overkill for most of our needs.

  • Conrad

    I’m guessing there won’t be a windows phone version? Are you considering creating a mobile browser version for windows phone users and tablet users?

  • Sam Dunham

    Been looking forward to this. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

  • Justin

    Mike, I’m currently using the app “Strong” and love it. Curious to see how yours works.

  • Oleg

    Windows Universal App?

    • iOS and Android first then I will look at Win.

      • Oleg

        I can even help with the windows development if you want 🙂

        • Awesome. Let me get iOS out and stable and let’s go from there. 🙂

  • Rick H

    did a quick search through the comments and didn’t see these topics listed:

    Heart Rate Monitor: I saw a request for Apple Watch/Garmin Connect. How about a generic, low energy blue tooth device like 60 Beats Blue?

    Fit Bit: Integration with Fit Bit Flex to track steps/activity level through the day?

    Calorie/Meal Tracker, like what’s in My Fitness Pal. I know that there’s requested integration, but, I’d like to see an app that looks at fitness in one place. I don’t want to have to sync an exercise app with a calorie tracker. I do it, because I like the data, and it helps, but, to have everything in one place would be ideal.

    Lastly, if you incorporate the workouts from BLS, or the Year One Challenge, can you add a journal feature, to keep track of the workouts, like in Year One?


    • Device integration will come later.

      Diet tracking will definitely be coming. Just gonna get exercise fully done first and then build the diet portion.

      Yup you will be able to follow my programs in it. 🙂

  • ExLonghorn

    Currently using JeFit and set up a custom workout program mirroring the 5-day BLS plan. Missing features: A calculator, overload calculators. Otherwise it has most everything else…a large range of exercises, 1RM calculations, some very basic progress tools, a place to store photos and log info including body stats.

  • Brandon Harshbarger

    Flex Workout Log has been my go to app for years and it does everything I need. My favorite part that I have never seen on any other app is the comment field after each set. It has pretyped messages or you can type your own, like Spot 1, too much weight, not enough weight, etc…


    It is only on Apple though and many workout partners can’t use it. 🙁

  • Bill

    Is the app going to be available for both Android and ios?

  • Daniel

    Awesome news, can’t wait till it’s ready and hits Android! 🙂

  • Tyler Chase

    I have a windows phone as well and am curious as to whether or not this will be available for windows phone? Please make it available! 🙂
    Tyler Chase

    • Not initially but once iOS and Android are done I can definitely give Win a look!

      • Marlon

        You can make a hybrid app that would be available for all platforms. You build the front end with web technologies such as html JavaScript css and then you create the backend in Php and MySQL. Then you run it through phone gap or Cordova so that all users can download it from there app stores. This approach is a code it once for all platforms deal. You would also have a website as well, but in your case it would be a mobile site and the advantage would be that all users can use the app through there mobile browser.

        • Honestly the app and interface are too complex for that approach.

      • The Doctor

        I would like to add my voice to the Windows Phone request please. This would make a lot of us happy. 🙂 Thank you Mike! Please don’t forget about us WP users 🙂 BTW Love your work and all the great stuff you’ve posted, written, and developed. Great job!

        • Thanks for all the support brother and duly noted on WP.

          High-end app development is VERY expensive so I just have to work within those constraints at the moment. I expect to spend close to $500k on the entire project over the next 1 to 2 years.

  • LifeForMuscle

    YOU ACTUALLY DID IT! congratulations mike!

    keep up the good work bro i will check it out right now 😀

    you deserve the best 🙂

    edit : how do i access the beta? i did place my email to get notified CANT WAIT!

    • Haha thanks. It’s not done yet but it’s getting there. 🙂

  • Allen

    Love it! Can’t wait to try the app out. By the way, I’m a software developer, so I know how difficult it can be to get this thing created. Good luck!

    • Thanks! Yeah it’s a pain in the ass but so is anything worthwhile, haha.

  • Richard Tyler Roehrig

    Hey Mike,
    I signed up for the beta and haven’t seen anything yet, but when searching through the app store I found a STACKED fitness app. Wondering if this is yours or if someone else released one under the same name…
    I’ve been using Fitness Buddy which is expansive and customizable but for all of the exercises it has I still find that I have to use some as space fillers for the actual exercises I’m doing that it doesn’t have. Looking forward to getting to transfer over to an app that is actually designed to run right along my fitness program.

  • JP


    One of your case studies, Roman T, introduced me to your site. I’ve been following the program for about nine months. I’ve been working out seriously, compound lifts, for almost three years, and I’ve still managed to put up 15% gains in most lifts since starting your regimen.

    Not too put too many cooks in your kitchen, but I would love to have an option for notes on each set. Fitness Point is the only app I’ve seen that does this well, but it’s pretty clunky otherwise.

    Looking forward to Stacked!

    • Oh awesome! That rocks man. Really glad to hear it.

      Yup that will be in the app. 🙂

      I am too! Haha.

  • Martin Jones


    Will you be implementing detailed bodyweight tracking, logs and progressions (Levers, Planche etc)? Or will this be a barbell style workout app only?

    • Initially mainly for weightlifters but this is a good idea. I will add to list of future features.

  • Michael Hart

    Any news on the release date?

  • Mike Livingston

    Is it only going to be on iPhone? Or will Android get it too?

    • iOS first and then Android!

      • Pete

        I’m glad to hear it will be available for Android. How far behind the iOS release will it be? Will they both be available for beta testing at the same time? I have never understood why developers put out their apps for iOS first. There are a lot more Android devices out there than there are iOS devices.

        • Bigger workout app market on iOS right now and Android dev will start next year.

          • Pete

            Thanks for the reply. I guess I’ll have to wait a while then since I don’t own any Apple products. :o( So what kind of time frame can I expect for the Android app to be available (based on the iOS development)? Another year (or longer?) after the iOS version is released?

          • Once I’m happy with the sales and feedback on the iOS version, I’ll start on the Android dev.

            Hard to say when that will be though. I could see dev starting Q1 2016. It will take a couple months from there.

  • The Doctor

    Hi Mike,

    One more thing I’d like to bring to your attention (or more likely, remind you of) is… could you guys please publish the app on the Amazon App Store for those of us with Kindle’s and Fire TV, etc (these devices run Android apps).

    No porting would be necessary, you would just publish the app on the Amazon App Store just like on the Google Play Store. No rewrite, no port necessary to do this one, so easy and fast. 🙂

    The link for the Amazon App Store is http://www.amazon.com/mobile-apps/b?ie=UTF8&node=2350149011 and to publish your app simply use this link https://developer.amazon.com/appsandservices?sc_channel=ba&sc_place=amazonhome

    Thank you!

  • Al

    Hei mike!

    Cant wait for the app to come out!

    Any news when its ready? 🙂

  • Ethan

    Mike just thought I would fire off a few ideas. After using many workout apps, there are some functions I have noticed that many of them don’t have. Here are my ideas.
    1) An app that automatically calculates your 1RM and gives you the ability to work out based on percentages of your 1RM. This would be great for power lifting routines.
    2) An app that allows you to add cardio to a body circuit. Many apps allow you to create weightlifting cycles. However, you cannot add a cardio exercise.
    3) An app that automatically loads the next workout from your workout cycle.
    4) An app that allows different rep schemes (This, of course, means different break times).
    5) An app that shows the weight and reps lifted during the last workout, appearing on the current workout scheme.
    6) The ability to have the app automatically add weight when reps are completed or to do it manually.
    7) An app that records body and weight statistics as well as workout statistics.

    • Thanks a ton for the ideas Ethan! A lot of these ideas are already included in the app. 🙂

      I’ll see if I can any of the other functions you mentioned!

      • Ethan Hargreaves-Ingram

        Awesome news Mike. I have given up on Jefit as it hasn’t been working very well of late. I look forward to testing this app when it comes out.

        • Yep! Sorry to hear about your Jefit app. Stacked is coming soon. Stay tuned!

    • Gareth Davies

      FitNotes does a lot of those things (1,2, not exactly 3 but you can save workouts and select them, not sure about 4, 5 is a no but you can easily see the last workout (calendar view), 6 nope and 7 yes does all that)

    • Morgan Hayes

      Take a look at JEFit app. it has a lot of these suggestions. JEFit is my favorite workout app so far and still could use more. Micheal you may find it to helpful make your app the best. Thanks Micheal

      • Sweet. I’ll check it out!

        I plan on making it the best workout app, so we’re on the same page. 🙂

  • Will I be able to download Stacked on my dumb old iPhone 4?

    • I don’t see why not.

      • Hooray!

      • Simon Selg

        Let me rephrase the question for him: Is it going to be compatible with iOS 7? Because the iPhone 4 is not able to run iOS 8 :-/

        Thanks! (and I’m REALLY looking forward to the app!)

  • Diana Lynne

    Its August! When will it be available?

    • I knowww. It’s taking more work than I thought to get it right! I’m testing it out now. 🙂

      Should be 4-6 weeks!

  • Michael

    Hi mike can’t wait for the app never seems to be coming!

    • Glad you’re excited! And I knowww. Almost ready. I’m testing it out now.

      Should be ready to go in 4-6 weeks. 🙂

  • Arnie

    Hi mike. Like many apps already have workout programs preloaded will yours have BLS and BBLS preloaded? Also will it have a nutrition portion that will help suggest meals or snacks to meet nutrition goals and also help track the progress. For example the person is using BLS and is working on body recomp using BLS cut diet and has two meals left one being their pre-bedtime meal and the other is dinner and they have 30g protein 60g carb 7g fat left. Would it be able to recommend something that could fit along those guidelines?

    • John

      Very good suggrstion indeed!

    • Yup! You will be able to add BLS/BBLS into it among other programs.

      And yes on the diet but not at launch. That will be added in phase 2.

  • Joe DaSilva

    Any updates on when it will be out?

    • Should have the beta ready in 3-4 weeks!

      • Joe DaSilva

        Great news. I’m hopeful that it’s going to be sweet. Starting Strength app came out last week and it’s garbage. The one I like the best so far is StrongLifts 5×5, increments the weight each workout very easy to track progress. I even like the way with did the Warms Ups on another screen.

        • Me too!

          Cool on the StrongLifts app. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Yessir! You can sign up to be notified when it’s ready here:


  • Tom Libretto

    Very excited for this app. Hoping to get in on the beta. I’ve been using JetFit Pro and had to manually create the BLS. The UX is clunky, so very hopeful that this app will do the trick.

    • Tomas Valkama

      Dido on the JEFit app. It has a lot of the needed functions and works pretty good even if I many times mis-tap and need to manually correct from the logs. Not that smooth.

      Adding a great nutritional section will be a big deal with Stacked. Fingers crossed!

    • I’m REALLY excited about it too.

      I think you’ll be happy with the app. 🙂

  • Chandan

    Hi. Any ETA on when the beta will be available?

    • About 3 weeks! 🙂

      • Chandan

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve registered for the beta – hopefully I get to test it. Greetings from India ??

        • YW. Great! I’ll be choosing the beta testers at random to give everyone a fair chance. Stay tuned!

  • Ethan Hargreaves-Ingram

    The app looks splendid sir. Was wondering about what you can do when building workouts. Can you create supersets and cycles? Can you set different times for the same exercise but different reps? (BLS & BBLS both require this function). And can you create workout based on percentages for lifts? (Ex. 70% of your 1RM for Deadlifts). Either way I will be buying this because I know you take the time to respond to the people who post here. Also when will the android version be ready? Cheers.

    • Thanks!

      1. Supersets and such: yes but not on launch. We will be adding it in.

      2. Yup you will be able to calculate 1RMs in the app so it will make this easy.

      We will get fancier with future builds where it will autocalculate everything based on previous lifts and such.

      3. Android dev will start Q1 next year.

  • Gatti

    Hi Michael, do you release the beta ?

    • Not yet! Just a few more weeks. I’ll be sending out an email with an update soon. 🙂

      • AndreyR

        Beta, beta, beta, I need that one stat.

  • Brad M

    Just got the email about the delay – no worries happens to us all. Appreciate the honesty and you taking the extra time / effort to deliver a better product 🙂

  • Tim Aldredge

    Just checking on the ETA for the app. Thanks.

    • I’m shooting to release the beta in Jan and for the final product to be available for sale by the end of Q1 2016!

  • Jennifer Saban

    I’ve asked to join the beta list. Any idea on timeframe now?

    • Nice! I’m shooting to begin beta testing in Jan/Feb 2016.

      Stay tuned!

  • Dave Allbright

    Hi Michael
    Looking forward to the app release as there are no decent apps available! Will the app also be available for the iWatch or is this something you may look at in the future once released?

    • Glad you’re excited for it Dave!

      It won’t be available at the initial release, but yeah, I plan on building that functionality in later on. 🙂

    • Colin S

      This will be essential.

  • Ben Temaat

    Idea for the Nutrition/Diet section (when that functionality becomes available):

    Using the function of your macros calculator, users can calculate their macros and create a meal plan based on their goals.

    Doesn’t sound like much yet, but here’s where it becomes awesome…Users can create a “My Foods” list that they can enter the calories/protein/carbs/fat for each food/meal. (this could even be pre-populated with shredded chef/eat green get lean macros)

    After a user calculates their macros, they begin adding foods from their “My Foods” list and based on what they add, the meal plan section calculates how many macros they have so far, and how many macros they have left to meet their goals (we’ll call this “remaining macros”). Even better, their “My Foods” list is filter to only show foods that can be added that meet their macros based on the “remaining macros” totals.

    For example:
    My goal macros are:
    3034 calories
    181g protein
    434g carbs
    79g fat

    I add in the chicken & vegetable stir-fry from the shredded chef. Macros are:
    200 calories
    42g protien
    6g carbs
    2g fat

    My remaining macros are now:
    2834 calories
    139g protien
    428g carbs
    77g fat

    The foods in the “My Foods” list now only show foods I can add based on my remaining macros. I would then keep adding foods to the meal plan until the goal macros have been met.

    Inspiration for this idea came from the Meal Plans section of the Fit Men Cook app. This has a “My Foods” list and it shows the total macros added to the meal plan, but it doesn’t have a macro calculator, show remaining macros, or filter the foods list based on the remaining macros.

    I’m on the beta list for this app and I can’t wait to try it out!

  • Ethan Hargreaves-Ingram

    Looking forward to your new app. I have some ideas if you are interested. The workout builder could have drop down menus. These could be (sets/ reps/ types of reps eg. 21’s, warm up, drop sets, % etc/ rest time. Supersets could be created by long pressing on the exercise. If you did this it would give the user pretty much everything they needed to follow a variety of programs. Cheers and good luck with your app. I look forward to checking it out.

    • Glad you’re excited for STACKED Ethan!

      Thanks for the feedback! The feedback from you and everyone else has really helped in putting this app together.

      Definitely LMK any other feedback you have. 🙂

  • Bounphi Bebsi

    Hey Mike, any news on release date off the app?
    I’ve been waiting for it since I started with BLS last year ^_^

    • Sorry for the wait! I’m working on it!

      Shooting to have it ready in March/April. 🙂

      Stay tuned!

  • Joe DaSilva

    Hey mike is there going to be a web interface for it?

    • Not on launch but we will build one as things get rolling, yes.

  • Brian

    Has the beta for the app started already?

  • Sarah

    Hi Mike I am not on Facebook nor Twitter… I have no time as too busy spending my evenings in my cold garage dedicating myself to your thinner leaner stronger workout plan for women 💪👊!! Would love to trial your app if possible looks fab!! Thanks Sarah

    • Hey Sarah! That’s the only acceptable excuse. 😉

      I’ll add you to the beta list. 🙂 What’s your email address?

  • Will

    Is this new developer performing better than the last one? I’ve gone back and listened to about 90% of your old podcasts, and holy crap, you’ve been dealing with developer problems for a while! Looking forward to the release.

    • Hey Will! Yeah, this app is taking more work and time than I originally thought, haha. This dev is doing much better, and it definitely will get it done. It will release this summer.

      I’m looking forward to it too! Stay tuned.

  • Cj Mejia

    I am 30, in the Navy, and still around the 15%, non the less outperforming my peers. I read your books in January and started the work out this month and I am impressed. Since I am always on the move, having an app would be more than ideal for me to able to keep track of my routine while dealings with the challenges of a military schedule. I really want to sign up for the Beta release…

    • Happy to hear that! Yep, STACKED will be very convenient for you.

      Give the page a share, and you’ll be added to the beta list. 🙂

      Here’s the link:


  • fred

    Hey mike I’ve just started on your program again after falling of the wagon
    Could I check out the app

    • Glad you’re following my program!

      I would love for you to check out the app, but it isn’t ready yet! I’ll be releasing it this summer.

      If you’d like to get on the beta list, give the page a share.

      Stay tuned! 🙂

  • Kishore Babani

    Mike!! Release this app ASAP please?
    I started BLS last August and that’s when I read about your beta for Stacked!
    BLS got me some great results! until I had to stop as I got hospitalized for dengue fever and then further moved countries.
    Joined a very-very good gym just now! (Fitness First), all geared up as i’ve started BLS since last week, and I thought finally Stacked may have had it’s public release, hopefully even for Android! But alas!

    • Sorry for the wait! Still rolling on the dev. I’m shooting to release it this summer. 🙂

      Great to hear on the results with BLS! Sorry to hear about the dengue fever… 🙁

      Glad you joined a good gym and are back rolling on the BLS program.

      For now STACKED will be available for iOS only. Then, depending how it goes, I’ll be looking into releasing the Android version.

      Definitely keep me posted on your progress and write anytime if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!

      • Kishore Babani

        Mike, I’ve basically bought an iPhone primarily for this (and another 2 apps).
        Could you sort out the beta testing for me??

    • Kishore Babani

      Mike, I’ve basically bought an iPhone primarily for this (and another 2 apps).
      Could you sort out the beta testing for me?

      • Awesome! If you hop over to http://getstackedapp.com/ and follow the directions, you could potentially have a chance at being picked to be a beta tester.

        Devs are looking at a late September release anyway, so it’s right around the corner! Thanks for your patience.

  • Kerry Leasure Rojas

    You had me at Plate Math. Can’t wait for the release.

  • Chris Kessler

    I would be interested in the app if it ever comes to Android

  • DKB123

    Any updated release date Mike? Still thinking this Summer?


  • Natalia Duque

    Mike! I would LOVE to try the beta version but I don’t have Facebook :/ is there any other way? I do have Twitter and Instagram though!

    • NP Natalia! Give it a share on Twitter, and you’ll be added to the list. 🙂

  • Bob Wood

    Hello Mike!!

    I can’t tell you how great your book Bigger Leaner Stronger is and how much it has given me the confidence and knowledge to enter a gym and know what to do and how to do it in order to efficiently and safely build a great physique and get stronger. You are a true fitness guru but what sets you apart from the rest is filtering through the erroneous methods and products from your experience and aptitude to deliver the most effective fitness
    template so people can execute with confidence.

    Finally just because nobody has asked for 17 days or so I wanted to see what the release date will be for iOS now that we are getting into August as I am sure people are anxious to know. I know not to rush perfection so I ask with light inquiry. Thanks again for being the voice of reason in a community with a lot of loud noise and not a lot of quiet truths.

    • Hey Bob! Glad to hear you found so much value in BLS and got a lot out of it. Thanks for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it!

      If all goes according to plan, devs are looking at a September release. If you want to enter into the beta drawing, you can share on Twitter! Check out the official website, and scroll down for instructions:


  • Dustin


    Any release date for this app? Also, will it include customizable HIIT workouts?

    • Latest update from the devs is late Oct. At launch, no HIIT programming capability.

  • AaronRussellCox

    I’ve been holding my breath since early this year, still can’t wait!

    • Great! Stay tuned. It’s been pushed back a bit more by the devs.

  • Frank Jacques

    I check the Google App store every day to see if the app is ready. I can’t wait…

    • Thanks for your patience and support, Frank! It’s going to be some time before it hits Android. The release will first be on iOS.

      • craig Rickett


  • Jesse Paine

    Any update on a release date?

    • Looking at between 4-8 weeks right now. Thanks for being patient!

  • Riley

    Been waiting a long time for this Mike…

  • Barbi Walker

    What’s the latest on the app Mike? Just got “The Year One Challenge for Women” book today, Jan 16, 2017, and right in the front was huge page about the app, saying “download it today” and still no app. Feeling pretty frustrated about all the promises right now.

    • Hey Barbi, the app has already been uploaded to the App Store and will be ready within a week. 🙂

      That’s great you picked up TLS and the Journal! In TLS, you will find sample meal plans in Chapter 14. Regarding the journal, the spaces with “x” are for you to log the weight you lifted and the reps performed–in this fashion: 95 lbs x 9 reps. The purpose of the journal is to not only give you the workout, but also allow you to track your progress. Reps and sets are explained both in the book and in the journal.

      That’s odd the link doesn’t work. I just tried it and it seems to be in working order. Pick up the bonus report here:


  • Brett Rowland Rogers

    thanks …. mike ….. for all …… of … that punctuation….. it didnt slow ……. down my user experience …….


    at all. I hope your app is more efficient

  • Art

    Mike is there a separate thread or board can be used to share end experience and suggest improvements and features nice to have?

  • Kunta Green

    Mike any date for us android users to download app

    • Hey Kunta, I launched with just iOS because that’s where the majority of the money is, and I need it to fund all the further development that I want to do ASAP (at least $500K worth).

      That said, the launch has gotten off to a great start, and assuming it continues to do well, I will DEFINITELY be bringing Stacked to Android sometime this year.

      Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

  • Paul

    Mike, Been looking forward to this app for a long time.
    I have downloaded it onto my iPhone but on the signup page that is as far as I can go. Please can you help?

    • Damn. Sorry about that Paul. What issue are you experiencing on the sign-up page?

      • Todd Nguyen

        Hello Mike, I’m having the same exact issue. On my ipad, I tried to sign up for an account for stacked. I entered my name, password, email, gender and agreed to the terms of condition. But I looked everywhere for the “create account” button or whatever you’d call it and I can’t find it. So im stuck at the signup page and unable to create an account. So i click login and type in my email and password but obv my account doesn’t exist since I wasn’t able to create an account so I cant sign in. ITS VERY FRUSTRATING.

      • Todd Nguyen

        Is there any way we can sign up for stacked account on our PC to bypass this issue?

      • Paul

        I put in all my details but nothing happens after that. Nowhere to press once details are entered!!!

        • Grrr. Sorry again man. Could you email me at [email protected]? I’ll help you out!

          • Paul

            Heh Mike.
            Just looked on your Instagram page, I see that on my app that the SIGN UP button is missing at the bottom.
            Do you know why this is?
            I have an older iPhone but the latest IOS.

          • Hmm can you email me? [email protected]

  • Davena Stowers

    Mike, I can’t login in either. I gave up Facebook a year ago due to the time suck. LOL
    I have an account with MFL as I order from you. I get to the sign in page and have tried all my email accounts – including itune account info. Using an iphone 6.

    EDITED:: I uninstalled the app then reinstalled it. Fixed the issue – click get started and it will ask you the info to create the account for Stacked.

    • Great! Glad to hear it resolved. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Natalie

    Hey Mike it’d be great if you can post a video of how to use the app. I’m having a bit of a hard time with it but I’m very excited to understand it and to start using it!

    • Hey Natalie! Check out my Instagram. I posted a bunch of videos there on how to do different things. 🙂

      Also, take a look at the user guide!

      And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can email me at [email protected].

  • Dushyant Lakhanpal

    When will it release for Android devices?

    • I launched with just iOS because that’s where the majority of the money is, and I need it to fund all the further development that I want to do ASAP (at least $500K worth).

      That said, the launch has gotten off to a great start, and assuming it continues to do well, I will DEFINITELY be bringing Stacked to Android sometime this year.

      Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

  • Gary

    Hey Mike,

    Two thoughts on the app:
    1. background syncs would be good as i have no mobile signal in my gym and have to wait for it time out before i can use it.
    2. ability to log workouts after the fact, allowing me to log some historical data. This option may exist but I couldn’t find it.

    Do you have somewhere we can post suggestions?

    Great app though, thanks.

  • Max

    Anyone interested in android app – check out this one – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mhabib.maxfitnessnew

  • Jo Li

    Wow, looks interesting -I’d love to see the following functions – (1) custom exercises, and (2) the ability to copy and modify one of your workout routines – I don’t have some equipment available for your prescribed workouts, but I want to be able to start with your base workouts and customize it from there . This would make it more useful for me. Thx for reading. Always enjoy listening to your podcasts!

    • Thanks!

      1. You can add exercises.

      2. That’s coming soon.


  • Fatih K

    Hi Mike,
    Great app. One question. How do you add your warm up sets in the workout?

  • Anton Eliasson

    There’s a bug when using kilos and the bar weight is manually set to 10, the next set the bar weight will be changed to 22kg. Otherwise great app!

    • Thanks Anton! We just pushed a new build that should fix this. Can you verify?

  • Alex


    Love your site, your knowledge, and so far your pre-workout pulse. Stacked even visually looks great but I could not be more frustrated with the functionality of the app at this point.

    Lack of auto-save during workouts is killing me. I am partly to blame for not remembering to save at the end but I have multiple workouts lost because of this. Just today the app stopped my log in the middle of the workout and I had to restart entry. Went to check my log (after actually remembering to save it, yes!) and it shows two workouts today both with the word skip where my data should be. This is just short of a fall to my knees screaming “noooo” frustrating situation. I want it to work so badly!!

    Being able to retro-actively go back and edit workouts would be useful, especially for above situations so I can at least re-enter the data without having a third workout for the day.

    I know it’s only five bucks but I can’t give that to you when this is happening.

    PS. In version 10.2.4 you should change the graphic to an E-z curl bar for e-z curl exercises. This is obviously not major and can wait.

    I’d also not promise any time frames for android users. Us iOS people know the frustration and I’m sure Androiders would be just as content knowing it’s on its way and that you’ll let them know when it’s ready.

    • Thanks Alex! I appreciate the support and feedback.

      Yessir, that’s coming, along with bug fixes to make it more stable. Software is a BITCH, my friend, but don’t worry, in a few months, this thing is going to SHINE.

      Let’s stay in touch via email though, because I have a bunch of ongoing conversations with people like you that are really helping me guide the devs on what needs to be fixed next and so forth.

      Wanna email me at [email protected]?

      • Alex

        You got it, I know this is growing pains and you’re tying to put out a quality product. Only so much you can prep for before you just need to take the plunge.

  • John Kennelly

    Once the bugs are fixed this application will be very good. I agree with Alex below. I purchased the app right away not thinking that there would be serious oversight in the ability to retroactively delete, and modify workouts as necessary. This is a huge flaw and can be very frustrating when trying to fix a workout if entered it incorrectly. That goes for any of the other “features” as well. If I want to add in the workout program I am already using, it will not allow me to modify what is already there. If I could go back about 3 hours and not purchase this app I would. Once the bugs are fixed I could see how this will be an outstanding application.

    • Thanks John. Trust me, in a few months, this thing is going to SHINE. We’re hustling.

      That feature is coming ASAP. Just squashing some bugs first.

      • John Kennelly

        I am very glad to hear that. I think this app is going to be amazing when those few things are taken care of. Thanks for your response.

  • Doug W

    This App was nice, needed some work, but otherwise quite good.. Well, that is, until the EPIC fail with the newest update. It wiped out my workout routines, lift history and random logs.
    I re-made the routines but they disappeared the next day. I did em again and they seemed ok, but then I go the popup about zero workouts left and “Going Pro”, which I’d done at the apps first release.
    Tried to logout to make sure stuff was saved – no dice.
    Deleted and re-downloaded the app. Now I can’t sign in at all..
    Reported the issue, got a timely response saying they’d get to me once they’ve taken care of other systemic issues – no estimate of when.
    So now I have no access.

    Don’t do the update!

    • Doug W


      The team was in contact with me yesterday to let me know they were working on a solution and that it would be fixed asap.
      As of about 10:30 Sunday morning they seem to have restored my access, and all my workout history. The one thing I did lose, and had to re-make again, was my workout routine (but that was not an big deal).
      Thanks Mike and team for your focus on getting these issues fixed quickly.

      • Glad to hear it worked out, and thanks for the update, Doug!

  • Yusuf Karakaya

    I have downloaded the app but i cannot sign up. It says that there are some systematic errors. I am very excited to use such a useful app, i hope it will be fixed soon.

  • Wes

    Just trying to get to grips with the he app. Looking great. Can I record the weight that I’m lifting? Or is that just in the pro version? Thanks

    • Hey Wes,

      What do you mean exactly?

      • Wes

        Sorry if I wasn’t clear. So if I’m doing say three sets of bicep curls and lifting 15kg can i record that weight to track my progress?

  • Andrew

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve seen this question posted a couple of times but have not seen an answer. Does the Stacked app account for warm up sets automatically or is it something that has to be entered manually?

    • No, it does not account for warm-up sets. Just your working sets.

  • Diego Vasquez

    Don’t know if this has been asked but is there an android version coming soon?

    • I launched with just iOS because that’s where the majority of the money is, and I need it to fund all the further development that I want to do ASAP (at least $500K worth).

      That said, the launch has gotten off to a great start, and assuming it continues to do well, I will DEFINITELY be bringing Stacked to Android sometime this year.

      Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

      • Beeharry Arshad

        Heyy mike,

        Surely these apps development do cost money.
        I really appreciate your time and effort on the IOS version of stacked and indeed its everything someone need to monitor his gains and everything,
        But i wanted to say, Do consider the android version of the Stacked as iphones sometimes sucks!.

        Thanks. 🙂

      • David Marks

        Mike I have been looking forward to your Android version for since 2015. Just curious but Android has crushed iOS every year in respect to new phones sold each year and last year Android owned 81% of the new phone market. Seems odd that leaving 81% of your revenue stream sealed off gives you better cash flow… I think your health and fitness days rocks and I own and have read a couple of your books and 12 month challenge book is also awesome. Thank you for what you do.

        • Hey David! I know what you mean, but from the monetary side, more app purchases are made from iOS.

          Glad to hear you’re loving Mike’s content!

  • Robert Peterson

    Android app please

  • Jeremy

    Hi, downloaded the app a while ago and updated to the most recent version. However when I go back to a workout many times all of the exercises have been deleted except for one. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

    • Sorry about that Jeremy. A sticky bug with the sync feature found its way into that build, but we’re fixing it. A new solid build will be out next week.

  • John

    Does the app contain exercise descriptions with proper form etc?

    • Hey John, it doesn’t contain descriptions with form.

  • Mitchell

    Please can you create a pc interface. It is quite difficult to maintain everything through the phone alone.

    I tried to delete the duplicated workouts and it deleted all copies of that workout.

    • Yup, I hear you. I do plan on having an interface through MFL in the future.

      Sorry for the issues you’re having with the app. Shoot an email to [email protected]. We’ll get you taken care of. 🙂

  • James Pinet

    When do you plan on launching an Android version of this app?

    • James Pinet

      I guess I should have kept scrolling and I would have found my answer since so many other people asked the same question. I hope this app keeps growing so you’re able to launch on Android.

  • Markus

    When adding an exercise to a workout that I previously created, it doesn’t seem to get saved. Next time I launch the app the new exercise is gone. Hope you can fix that issue soon!
    Otherwise great app 🙂

  • Rob

    Hi Mike,

    Great app, enjoying using it.

    Couple of questions:

    1. How can you delete a workout from history?
    2. How do you retrospectively add a workout and/ or (more importantly) a body entry you forgot to enter?
    3. How do you add/change images to an old (existing) body entry (I can do this on other items i.e. weight, but not images).
    Many thanks

    • Hey Rob! These are all valid questions! Any chance you could shoot me an email at [email protected]? I’d be happy to answer your questions there. 🙂

  • Moises O’Hara

    Hi Mike put in the app available in the Latin America App Store. Thanks!

    • Hey man! We’re working on making it available in as many places as possible. Thanks for your support!

  • jeremi

    Hey Mike,

    I dont know if you already answered this question or not but ive been using your App wich is amazing for some time. When i upgraded it to the pro version with a confirm purchased and everything, it still wont let me do workouts saying that i need to upgrade?? I already tried logging out but it still wont work…

    Please let me know what i can do.



  • Joey Koontz

    How do I set workout goals in the app. I see the screen, check the box but no place that I can see to enter my goals?

  • Andrea Turini

    Bought the Pro, if only to help fund the upgrade to be able to edit/add historical workouts 🙂

  • Ally Unsworth

    When will it be available on Google play

    • Hey Ally! Hopefully by the end of the year.

      • Ally Unsworth

        Will there be a bar code scanner?

        • Hey! Not in this version, but that’s something we’d like to add to future iterations. 🙂

          • Ally Unsworth

            love a scanner bc helps me keep track more but sooooo looking forward to the android app! im still having to use body weight exercises due to budget constraints and such but its better than nothing

          • Yup! Better than nothing.

  • mike

    i use ios emulators and run the ios application just fine, until mike launches the android version try an ios emulator on your android http://www.androidcrush.com/run-ios-apps-on-android/ 🙂

  • Toni

    Really hope an Android version becomes available. Sounds like an amazing App, but I’m not an Apple user.

  • Chaitanya Chari

    U can also use the ios workout apps on your android devices using the ios emulator on android, get it http://androwindows.com/download-ios-emulator-for-android-iemu-apk-phone/

    • Cool.

    • Ben Tipton

      Am dying to get my Android paws on this app, so I tried this link. Could just be me (though doubt it) but this seems like a giant clusterf#%! of a page, full of sound and fury yet signifying nothing.

      • Stacked will be here by the end of the year, hopefully! Believe me, you want a properly developed app, not something rushed.

  • Megan Wick

    I am an Android gal, but I have an iPod touch. Will Stacked work with that? Or do I need to have data access? Thanks 😊

  • Gabe

    Bro the app is amazing. One HUGE GLITCH! When your doing a live workout then close the app by accident the workout does not get saved and you have to start all over. Is this correct? If so this renders the app pointless. I am not going to take a chance of inputing my data then by accident I swipe up and close the app.

    • Really great point, Gabe! If you find any other issues, don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you!

      • Gabriel

        Other than that minor glitch the app is perfect. It is amazing how well your career is progressing. This app is the tour de force off all fitness trackers. Maybe someday this app will be right there next to myfitnesspal. There is definitely a small learning curve when learning how to use this app but that makes sense from the caliber of quality of this tracker. It reminds me of using word press website maker. At first it was arcane and confusing to me to use but then I quickly learned and was amazed how powerful it was. So far I feel that stacked app is a very powerful little bugger and see big potential in this fitness app. Its amazing how many stupid people there are out there who make stupid things that don’t actually work.

        • And that’s exactly why we’ve been working so hard to perfect Stacked. Thanks for your support.

  • Doug Dennis

    Can I get it on android?

    • Rey

      Android users are the redheaded stepchild 🙁 I want the Stacked app but don’t like Apple products. What do.

      • Patience, my friend. Android version should be out by the end of the year, if development goes according to plan.

        • DerKrampus

          Perfect, i will download it as soon as it is online

      • Rob Green

        If you like android but want stacked, you could always get an iPod. They’re not that expensive and the best part about using stacked is that you don’t need wifi to input your workouts. Only need it when backing it up to the server to help you keep track. Honestly I’m more of a android fan myself but the new iPhones aren’t that bad considering. I have the 6s plus and I enjoy it.

  • Johnathan

    It’s currently showing as not available in US App Store?

    • It was down for a bit, but back up now 🙂

      • Johnathan

        Awesome thank you!

        • No problem. Let me know how you like it

          • Johnathan

            Looks awesome so far! It goes great with your program, great way to keep track of everything!

          • That’s great! Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  • Derek Metcalfe

    Do you plan to include the “One Year Challenge” to the app? I know one can create custom workouts but that would sure be convenient.
    Thanks D

    • Hey Derek, the workouts from Phase 1 of The Year One Challenge are included already. The rest of the phases will be added in the future 🙂

      • Derek Metcalfe

        Thanks MIke – The app is well designed. I have purchased the Pro version and moving ahead!

  • Annie

    Is there not a way to enter your workouts ahead of time and then save them for later? I’d like to enter a week’s work then of the one year challenge exercises so they’re ready to go.

    • Hey Annie, you can create your own workouts without starting them. Just hit the back button instead of the Play button once you’re done creating the workout 🙂

  • Pablo Gallo

    Hey Mike-
    I’m transitioning from SS and using that app. I tried your app on ios and found it less than intuitive. It felt to me like a gui for a spreadsheet. Both SS and stronglifts are designed to have you input information initially, but it prompts you the rest of the way. You select the workout and it tells you the weights and plates. They both even calculate deloads. I am sure you know this, I am just saying what I see as the difference. I am all in either way, but I would pay for an app that, for example, facilitates BLS P1 5 day split and so on. If stacked does that too, please tell me how and I will buy it. Youtube video? For now, I will just use a spreadsheet with formulas for the progressive loading as well deloads when necessary. Just lmk. I would love to be wrong.

    • Hey Pablo, thanks for giving Stacked a shot! Sorry to hear you didn’t find it intuitive. We are about to launch the next wave of improvements, which will include a more intuitive approach to planning your workouts. BLS P1 splits are already preloaded in the app. You can find them under routines. Just drag and drop the routine you wish to follow into the “Active Routines” section at the top, when browsing routines. Hope you give it another shot and stick around for the next wave of improvements!

  • Chris C

    Is there an Android version coming? Am I missing it on a page somewhere?

    • Android development should start later this year 🙂

  • joehardin

    Hey Mike, just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your material and approach. I’ve studied a lot of approaches over the years and what you’ve put together is a distillation of all the fundamentals I’ve seen across them – not to mention all the scientific backing and detail that you add.

    I’m an Android user and am eagerly awaiting the release. In the meantime I started using FitNotes and thought you might want to check it out for useful feature ideas. They have a lot of cool little tools within the app that you might be inspired by.

    • Thanks for the support, Joe! I really appreciate it.

      Thanks for the tip on the app! I’ll check it out 🙂

  • Sadge

    Mike, I, too, love the program and have been working it for a little bit. I am a complete noob when it comes to weightlifting/working out, and the only request I would have is to include the warmups in the program. My current “workflow” is to start up the app and start today’s workout so I can see my previous workout weight/reps and figure out what my workset will be (I know I could also look at my history, but that actually requires more steps). Then I take that number and open up the SS app and plug the number in there and it will calculate the warm ups for me. When I finish, I go back to your app and proceed from there. It would be great to be able to do that all from your app. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Warm-up sets are in the works 😉

      • Sadge

        You rock!

  • Yngve

    Are there any plans to put this on android? Or do you know of any good alternatives.
    I’m currently using OneNote, which is fine, as it syncs across my devices.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping to bring it to Android, but I’m working on a bunch of improvements for the iOS version first.

      • Yngve


    • Ethan Hargreaves-Ingram

      Try using progression. It’s very user friendly.

      • Yngve

        Thanks for the tip! I actually tried it, but it seems I’m to dumb to use it, as I just couldn’t figure out where to make notes of my training program, in the app 😛

  • fuzegraphics

    Android version pls!

    • In the future 🙂

      • Rich Wainwright

        hey Mike, how far into the future :O)
        Android accounts for 86% of mobiles, Apple only 13%…
        cheers, Rich

  • Sean

    Is there a way to delete an exercise once you add it to your workout routine? Or to delete a workout routine from your account?

    • Yup, you can swipe left over the exercise or routine you want to delete. I hope this helps!

  • Emil

    The apps sometimes closes byitself when going through different apps. I have to log everything again.

    • Sorry about that! Unfortunately, this is an issue with iOS11, but we do have a solution in the works which should help.

  • Bart

    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to write that the app has potential which is overshadowed by annoying bugs (iOS 11.1). I experience random crashes, have to reinstall the app as it won’t open and on top of that, the workout log does not work properly. Could you explain why for some workouts the app captures my input (reps, weight) correctly and in some cases I only see “skip” instead of proper values in the workout history? (Only total weight lifted value is showed). I would upgrade to premium if these bugs were addressed as I really like the app’s simplicity (only UI could be simpler).


    • Hey Bart, sorry about that! Unfortunately, a bug crept in with the last update that is incorrectly logging “skipped.” We’ve patched this and are currently waiting on Apple to approve the update. It should be available by tomorrow in the App Store. 🙂

      Improvements to the UI will be coming as well!

  • Jose

    Hi Mike, similar feedback to other posts… nice, simple app but, in my opinion, feels like an unfinished product. There are some clear bugs and UX improvements needed. Like the others, I want to pay for the upgrade to pro but need to have assurances re development. Namely, clear timescales for the next iteraction which I hope to fix the OS11 incompatibility

    • Hey Jose! Thanks for the feedback. We are working on an iOS11 fix (hopefully out this week!). There’s lots of other improvements on the way too, including the UI and UX. 🙂

  • teter26

    Okay – so a lady question here – is there a way to set it so that the bar is always at a different weight? You know, the lady bar weight! 🙂 Also, is there an easier way to clear the bar for the next set of reps? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey there! You can just tap the placeholder text to edit and enter the weight. In a future update you’ll have the option of setting the standard barbell weight 🙂

  • finally an awesome app.


    Hi ! Is there a way to convert the weight to Kg, and is this also available for Android phones ? Thanks a lot

    • Hey Jerome, you can change to metric in the settings. Tap the top left, then go to settings, then system of measurement. Stacked is only on iOS right now.

      I hope this helps!

  • Beeharry Arshad

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7f07472a03ea444b4fe71ca7c6a79455fbd1aa6dfdcbe52d5dd0e89a9ad75acf.png Hi, I just got my new iPhone and I downloaded the stacked app first thing, but it seems that I don’t have access to the app although I signed up correctly, I keep getting an error message as shown in the screenshot, any help would be much appreciated

  • Philip Mackie

    Just wondering if there was an update for the Android version now 2018 is here

    • Q3 or Q4 if all goes smoothly! 🙂

      • Philip Mackie

        Thanks for the update Mike. Look forward to when it arrives.

      • john c

        Fingers crossed. Android is a market def worth considering. CAN’T WAIT for the release…. beta test then go for it?

        • Thanks! Still a ways out, but yeah, we may do a beta.

  • Adel-Alexander

    How do I remove the weight? I see the add weight option to the bar, but I what if I’ve added too much by accident? How do I remove weight from the bar in the app?

  • Terry Livingston

    Why can’t the date/workouts be edited. I started the program a few weeks ago and would like to add a couple of weeks worth of workouts to the app for tracking. Also, what if my phone is down for a day. I could record workout on paper and enter later. Seems like the ability to edit everything, including dates, should be there. I’m I missing something ? I’ve downloaded it twice and have deleted it twice. I would really like to use this app because I’m a fan of BLS, and Legion and I like what they are doing.

    • Hey Terry! The dates and workouts can be edited. However, you do need to log them first. Right now, you can’t make entries from scratch, but that will definitely be coming in a later update. 🙂

  • Fabian

    Sorry if this has been asked before but is there a way to delete a set during a workout and what does the “A” mean for the rest timer?

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