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MFL Podcast 51: Interview with Scott Herman on Tough Mudder, breaking plateaus, and more!

MFL Podcast 51: Interview with Scott Herman on Tough Mudder, breaking plateaus, and more!

In this podcast I interview YouTube superstar and all-around cool guy Scott Herman on how to train for obstacle courses like Tough Mudder, how much muscle you can build naturally, how to break through weightlifting plateaus, and more!


Why High-Intensity Interval Training is Best For Weight Loss

How Much Cardio You Should Do (and How Much Is Too Much)

How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally?

The Best Way to Gain Muscle Without Getting Fat

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Bigger Leaner Stronger

Bigger Leaner Stronger

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Thinner Leaner Stronger

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  • Sam

    Hi Mike, this is well timed! I just signed up to do my first tough mudder. Do you have any tips on incorporating it into your program? I’m transitioning to a bulk and would like to continue to build muscle but also prep for tough mudder in October.

    • Oh cool! Yeah it really depends how much cardio you’re going to be doing. As the cardio goes up the lifting has to taper down.

      I’ve worked with people that run marathons and at the peak of their cardio training we have to go down to 2 weightlifting workouts per week (every once in a while someone can get away with 3).

      • Sam

        Well I found it interesting that Scott says he still only does 2-3 HIIT exercises a week for training for tough mudder. I was thinking of keeping up the standard program for the next month or so and then just replacing the secondary exercises with some nore specific tough mudder style exercises a few months prior. Would that work?

        • Remember though that he does a fair amount of high-rep lifting, which builds cardio. Just something to keep in mind.

          I think that sounds reasonable.

  • Ryan

    Hey Mike,

    Regarding natural muscle gain potential, my current FFMI is about 22 (based on hydrostatic body fat measurement, FWIW) and I’ve only been doing BLS for about 4.5 months now (on a cut to get to 10%, currently reverse dieting up to bulk). Before that, I had done some 8-12 rep dumbbell stuff and pull-ups at home for about a year. I’m not sure where I’m at relative to beginner newbie gains but the FFMI would seem to indicate that I may be in second or third year territory with about 20 pounds of muscle to go to get to an FFMI of 25. I’m just trying to set my weight gain goals for the bulk so I know how to adjust my calorie targets once I see how it’s going.

    Any idea what I should be expecting as far as how much muscle I should expect to gain per month (then double that for my weight gain goal). I understand FFMI potential can vary person to person so there’s that unknown.


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