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MFL Podcast #12: Surprising sauna benefits, micronutrients and performance, and more…

MFL Podcast #12: Surprising sauna benefits, micronutrients and performance, and more…

In this podcast, I interview Dr. Rhonda Patrick and we talk about…

    • Some of the many (and surprising!) benefits of the sauna (1:55)
    • How to use cardio to recover faster from your workouts (28:45)
    • How micronutrient intake affects performance (macros aren’t EVERYTHING when it comes to getting fit (33:25)
    • And more…


Why “Clean Eating” Isn’t the Key to Weight Loss or Muscle Growth

Cardio and Muscle Growth: Friends or Foes?

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  • Hah weird to see something about saunas in American website 😀

    Here in Finland we have saunas in almost every house.

    Even I have a small sauna in my tiny apartment 😀

    With that being said there’s one major negative quality in saunas though.

    It’s the fact that the heat will destroy sperm and decrease testosterone production in men (because of the fact that testicles need to be pretty cool to function properly, hence why they’re in a pouch outside the body)

    To counteract this, all guys should take a cold shower after each trip into the sauna room.

    • Michael Matthews

      I’d love to have one. One day!

      Do you know if the T production point has been demonstrated in research?

      • Most likely yes, at least the sperm production part is for sure, and basically everything that decreases sperm production will also lower T

        I don’t remember what the optimal heat of testis is but if I recall correctly it’s few degrees colder than normal body temperature, hence why they’re hangin in that pouch 😀

        That’s also the reason why men should wear loose boxers, as that’ll make sure that your testis are not pressed against the body which makes sure that the sack remains cool enough for maximal T production throughout the day.

        There’s also old stories from Russia where the powerlifters used to freeze their balls of before competition for a T boost. Haha 😀

        • Michael Matthews

          Hahaha, crazy Russians. Thanks for the info.

      • Jeremy Witkowski

        The research on saunas effect on spermatogenesis is mixed. One article I found showed there was an inhibitory impact while the other shows mixed results. Neither study found that saunas have an impact on testosterone though. Here are the citations for the articles. Garolla, A., & Torino, M. (2013). Seminal and
        molecular evidence that sauna exposure affects human spermatogenesis. Oxford University Press.

        Hannuksela, M., & Ellahham, S. (2001). Benefits
        and risks of sauna bathing. The American Journal of Medicine.

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks brother

  • Ivo Naves

    Wow, never heard of her and her stuff is very interesting…

    • Michael Matthews

      She knows her shit.

      • Ivo Naves

        Are you going to try hitting the sauna often (and guinea pig yourself)?

        I df want to do this, at least 1 hour a day so I can get about a 5-10 fold increase in my GH. Let us know if you get – or heard of somebody’s else – benefits, please.

        • Michael Matthews

          I was hitting the steam room regularly for about 15-20 min and liked how I felt after but it was a bit grueling during. I’d much prefer a dry sauna.

  • Are there any publications to verify the sauna benefit claims?

  • Anonymous Atom

    I’m pretty sure at least of her claims are based on mice experiments. Interestingly, cold exposure can do some of the same things IRT the heat shock proteins — sounds like they need to rename them!


    • Michael Matthews

      Yeah there’s quite a bit of science behind the benefits of the sauna. You can find a lot of studies int he article @IgnoreLimits:disqus linked.

  • Donald

    In the podcast you mention decreasing your own Vitamin D consumption from 10,000 IU to 5,000 to prevent potential harmful effects of over consumption. I know that with vitamin D, dosage requirements are highly individualized and the only way to truly know necessary dosage is via blood testing but do you know of any studies that present general upper limits for some of the supplements you recommend? Specifically, fish oil, vitamin d, vitamin c, or spirulina.

    • Michael Matthews

      Yeah I should get blood tested but given my size I doubt 5k IU per day will cause any issues.

      I reference studies in the recommendations section for those supplements.

  • GZM

    So, do we have to get our food after muscle workout and then go to the sauna, or after muscle workout, 1st sauna and then food? i mean, the protein shake and the banana 😛

    • Michael Matthews

      I would eat after the workout and then hit the sauna.

  • Alan Ege

    Mike do you know if sauna suits have any of the same positive effects? I have been using one to warm up my body when I work out and it really does seem to increase core body temp.

    • Michael Matthews

      That’s a good question. I’m actually not sure. They can be dangerous though if you overdo it.

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