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Pre-Workout Supplements

A good pre-workout supplement is worth the investment, in my opinion. It will give you a kick of energy, a good pump, and increased muscle endurance.

One thing you should know about pre-workout drinks, however, is that most contain quite a bit of caffeine per serving (anywhere from 100-300 mg). If your body is sensitive to caffeine, you might want to skip this type of supplement or try one without caffeine. (I’ve tried several caffeine-free varieties and have to say I wasn’t impressed by any, but you might respond differently to them.)

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you can try Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy. It has 50 mg of caffeine per scoop and some aminos.

If you’re REALLY sensitive to caffeine and need to avoid it entirely, I recommend that you try TwinLab’s Nitric Fuel, which has a couple amino acids that increase nitric oxide production, as well as beta-alanine (improves performance), and niacin (improves blood flow).

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