VPX Meltdown



VPX’s Meltdown is one of the few fat burners on the market actually supported by legit science, which you can read about here and here.

Its stimulants are caffeine, yerba mate, and synephrine; it has yohimbine to help eliminate stubborn fat; and a couple other goodies that increase your resting heart rate, and that work synergistically with other ingredients to boost their effects.

I’ve used Meltdown in several cuts and it definitely works, and caused no negative side effects such as nausea or jitters.

How to Take

Follow the directions on the bottle. I take 3 caps per day when I’m using it, but I also have a high tolerance for stimulants.

If taking them on an empty stomach makes you nauseas (this happens to some people for whatever reason), then you should try taking them when you have a small meal such as a pre-workout protein shake, or 30 – 60 minutes after eating.

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