NOW Foods Green Tea Extract


Green tea extract is an herbal product derived from green tea leaves.

It contains a large amount of a substance known as a “catechin,” which is responsible for many of tea’s health benefits.

One of these benefits relates to weight loss. Research has shown that supplementation with GTE accelerates exercise-induced fat loss, and can help reduce abdominal fat, in particular. GTE supplementation is an inexpensive, effective way to speed up your fat loss.

I support NOW Foods because they have a pristine reputation for making high-quality products free of unnecessary chemicals and additives, and their products are very affordable. They choose to put their money into manufacturing good products instead of fancy marketing campaigns.

How to Take

Like CLA, enough green tea extract must be taken each day to see benefits. The general recommendation is 400 – 600 mg of catechins per day. Each pill of the NOW Foods Green Tea Extract contains about 160 mg of catechins.

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