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Advanced time release formula guaranteed to feed your lean mass for up to 8 hours!

Kick your testosterone production into overdrive and maximize your gains!

Assault estrogen receptors in your body and completely block muscle-killing hormones!

The shelves of your local GNC are packed with all kinds of bogus junk claiming to deliver results that only steroids can achieve.

This includes pre-workout supplements, intra-workout supplements, post-workout supplements, test boosters, HGH boosters, nitric oxide supplements, anti-estrogens, aromatase inhibitors, and the list goes on and on.

If you believe half of the hype you read in supplement advertisements or on their labels, well, it would probably take a while before you realize the simple truth of the matter, which is…

Most everything you see in the world of workout supplements is utterly worthless.

Yup…a complete waste of money. Not all. But most.

How can I say that so confidently? I’ve not only tried every type of supplement you can imagine, but I look at the science and only follow what has been objectively proven—not subjective testimony and fancy marketing pitches.

That said, there are a handful of supplements that actually are worth buying and using. Most aren’t the sexy muscle-building crap pushed by ’roid monsters in the magazines, but they are scientifically proven to help you in your journey to build muscle, get lean, and stay healthy.

My Current Supplementation Routines

Many readers have asked for my exact supplementation routines for cutting, bulking, and maintaining, so here they are:

My Current Cutting Supplementation Routine

My Current Bulking & Maintaining Supplementation Routines

My Current Supplement Recommendations

Below you will find my current supplement recommendations. These are the products I’ve used and liked, and I’m regularly adding other options as I come across new brands I like.

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