The Ninja Pro Blender is a little beast. It costs a mere $100, blends anything, and takes one hell of a beating.

I used my first one once per day (and sometimes 2-3 times per day) to blend frozen bananas and other fruit, and it lasted over a year. Lesser blenders can barely even blend a frozen banana, let alone 2, without burning out fairly quickly (trust me, I’ve run through quite a few cheaper blenders).

No, it’s not a Vitamix, but it’s not as expensive either. You can’t go wrong with the Ninja.

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The Ninja isn’t available on Amazon.co.uk, but Magimix is a great alternative. 

Like the Ninja, it’s a little workhorse. It chews up anything you throw at it and just keeps on going. It’s a bit pricier than the Ninja, but it’ll last you a long time so it’s worth the investment.


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