6 Pack Fitness Innovator Meal Bag

6 pack bag


Sticking to a proper diet plan can be a real pain when you’re on the go every day.

Fast food is out of the question, and even healthier “fast food” like Chipotle isn’t entirely trackable (how much meat, rice, and beans did they actually give you this time?).

The 6 Pack Fitness Innovator is an easy solution. It’s the ultimate lunchbox.

With it, you can prep your food like you normally do, put your meals into the containers it comes with, and store them in the bag’s compartments.

It has a fully insulated interior to keep your meals fresh and safe. There are adjustable shelves with 3 containers (containers are BPA/PVC free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and leak proof) to stack all your food. The insulated side pockets and gel packs will keep your shakes and beverages cold, and it also has a supplement compartment.



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