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Schwinn knows how to make bicycles, so it’s no surprise that their exercise bikes are top notch.

My favorite type of cardio is cycling because it’s no-impact, it has helped me improve my leg strength, and it’s great for high-intensity interval training (treadmills aren’t so good for this because their speed limits are almost always below full exertion).

The Schwinn 220 is quiet, easy to assemble, sturdy, and affordable.You can’t go wrong here.

Furthermore, Amazon offers a great price as usual, and it’s also Prime eligible, which saves you another chunk of change if you’re a Prime member. (And if you aren’t, you should seriously consider it. I buy everything I can from Amazon and save a ton of time and money thanks to Prime).

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V-Fit BST-RC Recumbent Magnetic Cycle




The Schwinn A20 isn’t available on, but this is a great alternative.


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