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Harbinger Big Grip “No-Slip” Pro Lifting Straps


Purists shun straps as blasphemous and while I don’t disagree with that mentality, I find that I need straps to go heavy enough (with proper form, of course) on certain exercises such as Barbell Rows and One-Arm Dumbbell Rows, and I love the Harbinger Big Grip “No-Slip” Pro Lifting Straps.

I do recommend that you stay away from straps for as long as possible, and don’t even bother with lifting hooks as these get really awkward when you’re lifting heavy weights. But, if you’re finding that your grip is holding you back on certain lifts, then don’t feel ashamed to pick up some straps. Don’t just buy any, however.

Bad straps are more of a liability than a help. Common problems are they can be overly tricky to wrap tightly, they can fail to hold their grip while you’re lifting, and they can seriously cut into your wrists.

You won’t have any of those problems with these straps. They’re just awesome. They have a padded wrist strap with a sturdy velcro clasp, so no awkward looping of the strap to get it to hold (this is the type that will shred your wrists), and they have two thin rubber tracks running down the inside of the strap, which grip the metal tightly. I’ve been using the same pair for nearly two years now and they have nothing more than the normal signs of wear.

I’ve tried quite a few straps over the years and this is by far my favorite product. Buy them–you won’t be disappointed.

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