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Harbinger 130 Classic WristWrap Glove

I rejected gloves for many years as unnecessary and, well, unmanly. Eventually the wear and tear on my hands was just getting to be too much, so I gave in and picked up my first pair of gloves. They were complete junk–within three months, they were tearing at the seams and there were holes in the palms.

The Harbinger 130 Classic WristWrap Glove was the second pair that I bought, and I never looked back.

These gloves are perfect. They’re comfortable and extremely durable–it took a year of daily abuse before I really started to see signs of wear in the palms, but there were no holes and no tearing. The wrist straps are a big plus as it adds quite a bit of wrist stability, which is great for heavy presses such as the Military Press, the Dumbbell Press, the Bench Press, and so forth.

My friends have tried many other types of gloves, including other Harbinger models, and one for one, they’ve settled on the 130 Classics. You can’t go wrong here.

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