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Recipe of the Week: Breakfast Pita Wrap

Recipe of the Week: Breakfast Pita Wrap

I love breakfast food. Egg dishes, pancakes, hash browns, french toast, yogurts with granola…I love it all.

Breakfast pitas are particularly great because they’re easy to make, take less than 10 minutes, can be eaten on the go, and taste great.

This delicious breakfast pita recipe is from my cookbook, The Shredded Chefand it’s a simple, tasty, high-protein way to start your day. 

If you’re cutting and want to cut back on the fat, just leave out the avocado. If you want to add some, add some cheese!




Calories Per Serving


Protein Per Serving

31 grams

Carbohydrates Per Serving

49 grams

Fat Per Serving

20 grams



4 white mushrooms, sliced

1 tablespoon onion, chopped

1 tablespoon red bell pepper, chopped pinch of ground black pepper

1 large egg

3 egg whites

1/2 small tomato, seeded and chopped

3 tablespoons skim milk

1 whole grain pita (choose the brand with the lowest fat and sodium), halved and toasted

1/2 avocado, sliced



Coat a pan with cooking spray and cook the mushrooms, onion, and bell pepper on medium heat. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Add black pepper.

Mix the egg, egg whites, tomato, and skim milk in a bowl and beat until frothy.

Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook for 3 – 4 minutes, stirring until firm.

Fill each pita half with half of the egg mixture and half the avocado.

What You Get to Eat

Breakfast pita wrap from book The Shredded Chef.

What did you think of this week’s recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Jeanne Ahlers

    I’m so confused with all this Mike. How do I lose 15 pounds of fat, and build bigger muscles? It seems like I need to lower my calories, but then I can’t get enough protein and carbs in. I’ve just been struggling with this. I’ve read two of your books, and I’m reading “Thinner Leaner Stronger” right now. I have a pretty good muscular base, but I’m trying to improve on that. I don’t have a lot of expensive equipment, and live quite a ways from a gym. I do power yoga (Jillian Michaels) and I have a Total Gym. I own a small business and work a lot of hours, 14 hours a day some days, so I don’t have a lot of extra time and I need to make my workouts count! Any help is appreciated! (I do eat a processed-free diet, and exist mainly on organic foods, I get terrible acid reflux if I eat anything else.)

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for writing!

      Losing fat is just matter of regulating your food intake. Exercise helps quite a bit too of course.

      If you can create and stick to a meal plan as laid out in TLS, you’ll do great. I can help you with a workout routine too if you can’t follow the TLS program…

      • Jeanne Ahlers

        I’m still reading it, so if I’m asking things that are in there, sorry! How does a person figure out how many calories they actually need for a day?

        • Michael Matthews

          No worries. 🙂

          It’s in the book. You’ll see!

          • Jeanne Ahlers

            I really enjoyed the book Mike! Thanks! I’m implementing the diet, and its not going to be too hard because I already eat healthfully. My biggest problem is that I don’t live anywhere near a gym. I’m going to download that report at the end of the book and see what I can do, and find out what some of those exercises you recommend are.
            I started taking a protein supplement awhile back, and interestingly enough, I haven’t felt this good for years. 🙂

          • Michael Matthews


            Ah understood on the workout. Lemme know if you run into any trouble. You can always do a home routine instead.

            Keep up the good work!

          • Jeanne Ahlers

            Thanks!! I need to ask a question. I have always heard not to exercise before bed, but if I read correctly, you do cardio before bed. Is that right?

          • Michael Matthews

            I don’t exercise immediately before bed because it makes it hard to fall asleep, but I do mine around 10 PM, and I go to bed around midnight. No problems falling asleep.

          • Jeanne Ahlers

            So as long as it doesn’t interfere with falling asleep, its doesn’t really matter? Thanks Mike!!

          • Michael Matthews

            That’s right! YW!

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