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MFL Podcast 71: What makes a good pre workout supplement?

MFL Podcast 71: What makes a good pre workout supplement?

In this episode I talk about what I do and don’t like to see in a pre workout supplement and why (what actually improves performance and what doesn’t).



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Why and How I Use Fasted Cardio to Lose Fat as Quickly as Possible

Why the BCAA Supplement is Overrated

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Bigger Leaner Stronger

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Thinner Leaner Stronger

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  • Bryce Aaron Buell

    Great podcast! As an aside, you’ve mentioned you have a German wife (and I know Charles Poliquin does this) but have you read (if you’re fluent) or had translated any old East German scientific papers/studies on weight training and supplementation, et cetera, from back in the day? I’m sure there may be a wealth of good material in there that isn’t necessarily well known to English-only speaking world, much less fitness community. Same with Russian/Eastern European…

  • Paul B

    Hey Mike,

    Would you suggest supplementing with Beta-alanine on off days? Isn’t it one of those things that builds up in your system and should be taken every day? Or no biggy?


    • Yeah I do because, like creatine, there’s a cumulative effect.

  • Bryce Aaron Buell

    For the items that you chose not to include in Pulse (or other Legion supplements) that do have beneficial value but have too horrific a taste for a powered formulation – are they still enough value to consider adding perhaps a Pulse “add-on” product to the Legion lineup – an optional separate purchase that includes these ingredients but are in capsule form to negate any concerns about taste, that are meant to be taken with Pulse? Not sure anything like that has been done before.

    • Yeah we’ve thought about it. It would be ALCAR and alpha-GPC…

  • Alex

    Hey Mike I reviewed a graph of my 1RM progress throughout the past 4 months. I noticed that on any lift my 1RM would stay the same for several weeks, then it would jump up and plateau for several weeks and then jump again. Is this normal? Or should I be making gains every week. My chest lags for a long time, I’m going to hit triceps harder and possibly do push ups every day to help my bench. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on that.

    • Yup I’ve experienced the same thing many times. It’s normal.

  • dizzyblonde3

    Hi Mike, what do you class as fasted workout? Literally nothing beforehand? I have rice milk with protein powder. Thanks

    • Up to 20 cals is fine. Any more and you risk breaking the fast.

      Other than that, you have to have not eaten for 3-6+ hours depending on the size of the meal or snack.


      • dizzyblonde3


  • Michael McGill

    No mention of Nitric Oxide? I feel like that’s a popular ingredient in pre-workout supplements as well…

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