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MFL Podcast 75: The post-workout supplements that do and don’t work

MFL Podcast 75: The post-workout supplements that do and don’t work

In this episode I talk about all the popular post-workout supplements like protein, BCAAs, dextrose, beta-alanine, and more, and explain which are worth the money and which aren’t and why.


How to Lose Fat Faster With Fasted Cardio (and Keep Your Muscle)

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Protein Powders

How Insulin Really Works

The Definitive Guide to Beta-Alanine Supplementation

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  • mike Barneveld

    hey mike, have you seen any info on the protein content on whey proteins from Myprotein.com and all those ‘budget’ companies. cheers.

    • ZBoT

      I would be interested in knowing about Myprotein.com as well.

    • I haven’t, no. Have you Googled around a bit?

      • mike Barneveld

        I’ve tried a few searches mate but no concrete articles. There are some but you never know who are behind the “tests”.
        Will keep looking. Cheers anyway bro.

  • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my podcast! I hope you enjoyed it.

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    Your information is safe with me too. I don’t share, sell, or rent my lists. Pinky swear!

  • Riggaz

    Mike…..on protein, I find it a constant effort to get to the 230 g of protein per day on the roughly 1-1.2 g per pound per day routine. Last night browsing around I came across Brad Pilon’s work, which basically says you don’t need more than 70-130 g per day to build muscle……I appreciate that the answer lies in the ‘try it and see if if it works for you approach’ but would be really interested in your views on his work ?

    Great website by the way, have learnt lots from it and appreciate your efforts

    • There are a lot of theories out there but the lowest I’d recommend would be one gram per pound of fat-free mass, which comes to about 0.8 grams per pound for most people.

  • Brian Giffin

    Mike nice article, I’m using most of the stuff you recommend at the proper doses.
    The only thing I’m stuck on is my carb loading powder in the morning.
    I work out at 5:00am so I start drinking it as I work out. One serving is 50gm of carbs. I honestly feel stronger/ more energy because of it. Do you think this is purely placebo or do you see a benefit with the way I’m using?

    Its just too early to eat at 4:00 am but I do manage to get down 25 gm of whey before.


    • Thanks Brian.

      Carbs are ergogenic. No doubt about it.

      I would recommend some protein with them though.

      • Brian Giffin

        Done! Could you also tell me what the effective servings are for
        Bataine, synephrine and yohimbine? Do you need to cycle them and do you take them on days off as well as training days?

        For fasted work outs while cutting of course.

        • Sweet!

          To check out the effective serving sizes, check out examine.com

          I’d recommend taking a week off every 6-8 weeks just to stay sensitive to them.

          No need to take betaine or yohimbine on days off. Synephrine you can take every day.

          Hope this helps! Talk soon!

  • Josh B


    Did I hear you correctly that beta alanine should be taken every day to get the full benefit? I take Pulse monday-friday before lifting and none on the weekends. I try to do one low caffeine day and one no caffeine day as you have recommended on sat/sun. Should I get a pure beta alanine product and start taking a full dose of it on the non Pulse days?

    Thanks Mike!

    • That’s right, but that’s okay that you don’t take it on the weekends. Carnosine levels will still be elevated with 5 x per week.

  • Brian Giffin

    Mike I’ve been using Yohimbine and Suneferin on my last cut which lasted 8 weeks. I feel like I should reverse diet and then start my cut again to get to my body fat goal. Do I continue with the Yohimbine and Suneferin as I reverse diet? I will still be training fasted and should loose a little more as I reverse back up. Can I keep taking the supliment combo and for how long?
    It’s definitely helping a lot so I intend to take it during the second round of my cut as well.

    Not sure if I need to take a break or not.
    The Yohimbine says it shouldn’t be taken for long periods of time.

    • Hey Brian! Cool you were using those during your cut. You can continue using them during your RD up until TDEE. Once you reach TDEE, stop taking them. Then, when you go back to cutting, you can continue taking them again.

      You can take them as long as you’re cutting. I recommend taking a week off from them every 6-8 weeks to stay sensitive, though.

      Hope this helps! Talk soon!

  • Stephen Vera

    Thanks Mike!!!

    New to this site and just signed up….Great Podcast! Great to see a guy keepin’ it real and backin’ it up with studies. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and am a firefighter so even though I’m stuck in my old school ways I’m always flexible to change and evolve with new research. I’ve been a Dextrose guy for awhile now (amongst everything else) so it’s gonna be nice to be rid of that and some other supps I have. Two questions:

    1) What are your thoughts on intra-workout BCAAs and does it really help keep you even more anabolic if you’re already taking some whey and say a banana before a workout?

    2) If I just switch to whey post workout shakes, should I hustle home and slam some real food carbs (high GI like sweet potatoes) with more protein say within 45 min of said shake (anabolic window)? Or just eat a high GI carb/protien meal within a REASONABLE amount of time after the post whey workout shake?

    I know your probably a busy guy but thanks! Hope to hear from you.

    – Stephen

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