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What I’ve Learned From Selling One Million Books (feat. Noah Kagan)

What I’ve Learned From Selling One Million Books (feat. Noah Kagan)

If you want to know some of the key lessons I’ve learned in selling a million books over the last five years, then you want to listen to this show.

In this episode, I have a meandering conversation with my friend Noah Kagan about various things related to book marketing, productivity, and fitness.

In case you don’t know Noah, he was the 30th employee at Facebook, the Director of Marketing for Mint, the founder of Sumo.com and AppSumo.com, and an all-around neat dude with interesting ideas about a lot of things.

In this episode, Noah and I talk book creation and marketing and how I plan to go from where I am–about 1 million books sold–to 5+ million sold in the next few years, as well as various strategies for getting in shape and staying productive, including intermittent fasting, how to stay excited about working out, and how to organize your environment to make it easier to stay in shape, and more.

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3:10 – What is your writing process?   

13:44 – What separates you from other health coaches?

16:30 – Do cheat days and binge eating work or does it reverse the effects of working out?

19:16 – What is a good way of incorporating fasting?

27:10 – What’s the last thing you’ve changed in your diet and nutrition?

31:25 – What is sleep efficiency?

36:51 – How do you make your book stand out in the health & fitness space?

41:10 – After receiving feedback, what changes did you make to your original book?

42:27 – What surprised you during the interview process for your upcoming book?

44:09 – What are some of the questions you asked people in preparation for your new book?

46:04 – How do you not get bored with dieting and working out?

52:47 – What is the mentality behind training and exercise? How does this mentality improve your life?

57:01 – How do we delegate what tasks should be given to other employees? What tasks should a CEO have?

1:02:54 – Do you prefer to workout alone or with someone?

1:04:17 – How do you enjoy your time at the gym and make it a second home?

1:07:37 – When’s the last time you had a major change of environment that positively affected your life?

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Bigger Leaner Stronger

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Thinner Leaner Stronger

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  • random guy

    Really off-topic: Just wanted to know why our abs are so blocky and why some people only have a 4- and others an 8-pack?

  • jsonmez

    Heya Mike, great episode. I’m the fasting guy Noah had mentioned when referring to this 3-day fast. I’d love to get you on my YouTube channel as I’ve read several of your books and recommended them. (http://youtube.com/simpleprogrammer).

    A little more clarification on what I’m doing:

    I fast until 5:00 PM every day, with the exception of taking a mix of dextrose and whey intra-workout on lifting days (Mon, Wed, Fri). On those days I technically break the fast at 3:00 PM. I’m basically following the “Nutrient Timing” recommendations there.

    On Tu, Th, Sa, Su, I fast fully until 5:00 and eat very, very low carb / keto and usually run 5-10 miles and do other aerobic activity like kickboxing.

    The idea here is to cycle through carb depletion in a very short window of time (2 day period) for the purposes of making myself extremely insulin sensitive during my 2 hour lifting workouts 3x per week.

    I only really eat carbs during that time (aside from vegetables).

    So, basically after having been fasting for a full day previously and then eating keto and then fasting for almost a full day, when I take in that dextrose with my workout, it goes straight to glycogen replenishment. This way and carbs I eat are going directly to muscle tissue and never get a chance to be stored as fat.

    I also started doing full body, 2 hour lifting workouts after experimenting with different things and that seems to be the overall best.

    I’m able to pretty consistently put on small amounts of muscle while dropping bodyfat–which is pretty good for someone who’s been lifting for 20 years.

    Occasionally, I’ll do a 3 day fast starting from Friday evening until Monday when I lift. I do quite a bit of fasted cardio during that time. (This is mostly to get the increased HGH benefit.)

    When I lift after the 3 day fast, I feel like an absolute beast.

    All this is also based on trying to mitigate testosterone dropping when I’m at a very low bodyfat and calorie restricted. I’m pretty successful, since I can hit around 7-8% BF and keep test at around 900.

    Anyway, if you are interested, I’m happy to talk about this more and I’d love to have you as guest on my YouTube / podcast.

    One of my listeners emailed me and said Noah mentioned me on this episode, so we’ve got some audience overlap.

    • Thanks for the support man! Wow, that’s a lot of moving parts, but hey, if you’re liking it, more power to you! Honestly I’ve covered IF quite a bit and until new research emerges that makes for an interesting discussion, I’m not planning or writing or talking about it much.

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