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MFL Podcast 61: Chris Walker on increasing testosterone naturally

MFL Podcast 61: Chris Walker on increasing testosterone naturally

In this podcast I interview Chris Walker on the symptoms of low testosterone and the natural, safe ways he boosted his 100x.

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Thinner Leaner Stronger

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  • MsJadensDad .

    Hey Mike, cool podcast as usual. I’ve got to say though, the methods you guys talked about seemed WAY too simple to get T levels up to the 1200 range–maybe I missed something. Personally, I had my levels tested a few years ago and was at 419 (then 31 years old)–I’d call that on the low range of normal. Since then, I have been following BLS, BBLS, practice IF when I cut, and embrace my carbohydrates both when bulking and cutting. I haven’t noticed an appreciable difference in how I feel, and am otherwise asymptomatic so my doctor hasn’t had a reason to test my levels again. The one thing I haven’t been doing is managing my micronutrients very well (I take 8-10g fish oil, 5,000IU vit. D, and 1g vitamin C [to help manage possibly elevated levels of cortisol] every day) but I don’t take a multi vitamin. I’m hesitant to believe it is the magic fix, but I suppose it’s worth a shot. I HAVE had a tough time building much size over the last 2-3 years on your programs, so maybe this is my missing piece–I’ve had great strength gains on BLS & BBLS but size, not so much. Also, I am down one adrenal gland (thanks a pant load, cancer), but my understanding is that the adrenal gland(s) play a very, very minor roll in testosterone management. Am I just being too pessimistic and skeptical? I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    • Thanks!

      I totally agree with you actually. I would definitely NOT promise that anyone could replicate Chris’s results. That said, I do agree with his overall approach to getting your T as high as you possibly can.

      Remember that genetics play a role with your results. Some people respond better to lifting than others and are able to get to where they want to be faster.

      So long as your T isn’t BOTTOMED OUT, which I doubt it is, that’s probably not a big factor.

      The first places I would look are just training and dietary compliance. Once your newbie gains are exhausted, you have to keep everything real tight to continue making progress.


    What your opinion about this video ? According to him it’s impossible to be shredded cut naturally

    • Damn this dude looks like a fucking zombie. But yes, you are NOT going to get to 5% with big, full, dry muscles without drugs.

      • INOSSEP

        so what would you say the max you can be naturally ?
        I know , it’s probably a question you heard a million time …

        • Personally I found that at 6% I just started feeling not so hot. I tried maintaining it too and after a few weeks ran into several issues mainly revolving around the fact that I couldn’t eat more than 2400/2500 cals per day.

          • INOSSEP

            that really low men ……I just don’t know who to believe anymore that the point , every where ells you look , they under 10% is impossible to maintain with out any help of drugs …..

          • Lol anyone that says you can’t maintain sub-10% without drugs is just dumb and/or lazy.

            Check my IG. I’ve maintained ~8% for about a year now. It’s easy. Just takes discipline.

          • INOSSEP

            another questions as well
            I weight myself since I started my BBLS
            I started at 266 lbs at 26% BF now up to 270 lbs still 26% ….is that make sense ? …..

          • If you bulk properly, there will be minimum fat gain. So, you must be doing something right.

            Damn 315 on incline bench is fucking strong. Good job man.

            Keep up the good work and keep me posted!

          • INOSSEP

            questions completely outside context here , but do you design nutrition plan for figure show competitor ? and possibly training plan ?

          • No worries!

            I have a meal planning service and a coaching service that includes meal plans, workout plans and supplementation plans for 90 days. Check them out:



            LMK what you think!

          • INOSSEP

            and another question , regarding cardio wise .
            I’m doing 20-30 min every morning of walk , nothing intense at all and another 20-30 min walk at night ,I’m doing this around 4 x week , so do you think it’s enough cardio ? or should I do more ? or more intensity ?

            thank you

  • James Buckley

    Chris’ 1200ng/dL is well above “normal” according to most reference ranges. The range here in Europe is around 300ng/dL to 850ng/dL (or 12nmol/L to 29nmol/L).

    I would suggest that the 1200ng/dL could be explained by age (young man / adolescents can have very high T) or even by a change in Chris’ pituitary tumor. That or “simple” genetics.

    In terms of maximising T, just try to maximize your health and you will also, necessarily, be doing all you can to maximize your own (given your personal genetics) T level.

  • Bill

    After listening to the podcast and reading this article:http://www.muscleforlife.com/how-to-increase-testosterone/
    I tried to see how I can optimize the BLS program to include T boosting. I found that there is not much you can do more. There are some exceptions however.

    Since science isn’t enough when it comes to IF. We have to try it out for ourselves by some sort of form and see how our bodies react.

    Also, after getting the starting macros then add as many carbs or fats needed to avoid undereating in a cut and to ensure calorie surplus in a bulk. Extra proteins will fill the remaining calorie gap and won’t let carbs and fats optimize hormones as wanted.

    Eating nutritious food and filling the micronutrient gaps with supplements is recommended in BLS but not obligated to achieve the promised goals.

    In addition to eating protein before bed, Chris said that carbs may be beneficial.

    I have no idea what calisthenics are.

    • Thanks for the comment BIll!

      I would add making sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and zinc and trying a higher fat diet to see how your body responds.

  • Brian Giffin

    The one thing I took away from this pod cast was my multi and my fish oil may not be the best ” victim of costco kirkland wholesale “. Can you recommend a multi and fish oil I can purchase on Amazon that has good ratings?

    I did try to purchase Triumph but your out. Thanks.

  • Wouter de Heus


    There’s something I don’t understand. First Chris says he has a pituitary tumor which blocks the pituitary hormones, which is the cause of his low T. Later he talks about doing intermittant fasting which stimulates the production of LH BY THE PITUITARY GLAND. how is this possible with the tumor in the way??!! I would like to hear more about this since I have a defective pituitary gland because of a benign tumor as well, and I want to know if I can still raise my testosterone naturally, so more on this would be great, thanks! Oh and technically speaking: LH is not a precursor to testosterone, a precursor is a molecule that gets chemically altered into the end-product. LH just stimulates certain receptors which is the signal for the Leydig cells to start producing testosterone, so the LH itself is not used in the process of making testosterone, as in it’s not built into it, but it switches on the production.


    • Thanks for the comment!

      I’m not associated with Chris professionally so I’m not sure but I’d recommend shooting him an email/SM message and asking. I’m sure he’ll reply.

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