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"I gained over 30 pounds with 20 to 25 being muscle mass. My strength went up to the roof!"

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Progress Image 3 Years

What has happened so far on the program?

I went from being really thin all my life to finally gaining and keeping muscle mass. I gained over 30 pounds with 20 to 25 being muscle mass. My strength went up to the roof! I could only bench 95 pounds when I started, now I am at 225 pounds.

My muscle group that has responded better has been my back. I went from deadlifting 135 pounds on my max weight to currently deadlifting 335 and going up every other week. My squats also went from basically 135 pounds for a few reps to now 275 pounds for 6 reps. My strength gains have been exponential.

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

The only thing that almost kept me from starting the program was that I had never heard of Mike Mathews before, and I thought it was just another ‘fitness miracle book/brand’.

I tried P90X before and it only helped me with newby gains. After a few months I got stuck, and found it hard to keep up with all the cardio, and keep muscle mass at the same time.

I started working out at the gym with friends but also got stuck and got tired of all the broscience. I started doing my homework online and found all I was looking for at muscleforlife.com and in Mike books.

What do you like most about the program?

I love the simplicity of the program! It feels a little overwhelming at first as there is a lot of new information to take in, also there’s a lot of things that have to be forgotten; things I used to do like drop sets, super sets, crazy amount of reps etc. It took a while to get the hang of the program but after a few short weeks everything was easy as cake.

I learned that I didn’t need to feel a ‘burn’, or be sore like crazy the next day after a workout. Everything just started falling in place and gains kept coming weekly!

How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

This program is easy to understand and follow, it builds on itself and you don’t need different workouts everyday or new DVD’s with the latest ‘miracle’ workout to make gains. As long as you keep up with the regimen and follow your diet your physique will make a transformation like you never thought it was possible.

How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

I am definitely more confident, I feel more motivated to do other things, to stay healthy and make good decisions. Making friends with similar interest has become very easy and it helps to keep you motivated. I used to procrastinate a lot and following the program has helped me tremendously to get more things done.

It took me a while to get the hang of waking up early to plan my days, cook, pack gym clothes etc. At first it felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day but now its like second nature. I am currently trying to apply what I’ve learned to other areas of my life to be more productive and successful.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I struggled as far as I can remember to gain any weight, I never thought it would be possible for me to get the physique I have right now. I tried and failed many times but I didn’t give up.

Once I found Mike’s program everything just clicked and I’ve learned more in one year than in several years of training with instructors, videos, online programs etc. I wish I had known about it earlier and I would had save thousands of dollars, and gotten fit a lot earlier.

A lot of people usually start trying to loose weight, and it’s hard to find a program that caters to all groups of body types. All I can say to others is start and don’t give up. It only gets easier and more enjoyable as time passes, and if you ever need help Mike and his team are ready to help you anytime you need it!

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  • DK

    Great transformation and with a believable timeframe too. I’m not suggesting that the 5 and 6 months timeframes are not true, it’s just difficult to comprehend when I compare to my own situation. Which leads to a question Mike…sorry to take advantage of your knowledge but I have a real dilemma that’s driving me mad. Here goes…. so I was lifting for a few months doing everything wrong and then I bought BLS and started the programme in January. I naturally wanted to build muscle and started bulking for about 8 or 9 weeks but then after availing of your advice I start a cut. I was approx 18%BF at around 144lbs. Not a big guy but with some belly fat..skinnny fat I guess. I have been cutting for about 3 months but had 5 weeks out with an injury. Now I am about 14/15% and have lost about 10lbs and although that may sound great, I look crap!!! I reckon I need to lose another 7 or 8 lb to get to 10% But I keep looking at myself and thinking I need to add weight not lose it and feel the temptation to bulk again. A planned beach holiday in 6 weeks isn’t helping either. Mike I need your advice!!!

    • I totally understand and what you have to remember is many people that come to my work have previous training experience and that makes a HUGE difference in time to get results.

      Regarding your situation, check this:


      Let’s play the long game here.

      • DK

        Thanks as always for the help. I guess I will continue the cut for another 3 or 4 weeks and then switch it up

  • Septieme

    Way to go Steven G! I feel inspired to stick to the programme and share my story by year end. (Yeah, I’m an endo-mesomorph who needs to cut a bit more and then bulk up…)

  • Ndu

    Congrats Stevie for keeping at it. I started a few months ago and I am already seeing some great improvements. It’s even more inspiring so see your transformation. Great work and even bigger congrats to you Mike!

    • Steve killed it and I’m glad you are now too. 🙂 Thanks for the support brother!

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