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Muscle for Life Success: Pedro R.


"I lost 33 pound in 6 months! I look and feel great!"

Pedro's Progress

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What has happened so far on the program?

I lost 33 pound in 6 months! I look and feel great!

What do you like most about the program?

It’s simple and straight forward. No complicated methods or techniques. Common sense dieting and exercising routines that fit my schedule.

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

I was a bit skeptical because of so many different programs claiming to get results fast, but I read the free PDF Maximum Muscle and it intrigued me to get the book. Best thing I ever did.

What are three other benefits of the program?

1. I have been able to get off medications, Yay!! No more cholesterol and high BP meds. That means $$$ savings!

2. Lots more energy. My wife loves that! LoL!!!

3. Not only do I feel younger, I actually look younger. People notice.

Would you recommend this program? If so, why?

Absolutely! The program is straight forward and simple especially for newbies like myself. If you want to feel great, look great, and simply improve your overall life, then this is a no brainer.

There is no magic mantra or magic pill. The program is common sense: eat right, exercise properly and with a little patience and perseverance results come quicker than expected.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

One last thing…I am 42 and thought I was too old to get physically fit, had too many excuses to get motivated. I look at pictures from 7 and 8 months ago and laugh because I look and felt old. I thought it was all downhill from here.

Getting off my butt and doing something about it got me feeling and looking younger and now I’m making new friends at the gym and they keep me motivated. Actually now I look forward to it everyday. Awesome stuff!

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The program that made this transformation possible:

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I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams.

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  • H


    I did the 1 year challenge. Got from 152lbs, 11% bf to 167lbs, 12% bf. I’m thinking of doing a 23 week bulk/cut round.

    Splitting it:
    – Weeks 1-8 bulk.
    – Week 9 rest.
    – weeks 10-18 bulk.
    – Week 19 rest.
    – Weeks 20-23 cut.

    What do you think, Mike?

    • That seems like a good plan! If you’re bulking properly, you should be able to bulk that long.

      You might need more than that to cut depending on where you start the cut from and how lean you want to get, though.

      • H

        Yeah, I’ll see if I can stretch cutting another 2 weeks. Thanks, Mike!

  • Carole


    I have just gone through menopause and struggle to lose weight. Is there anything I should tweek in your programme? (Just bought your book)


    Hi Mike, Like Pedro I’m in my 40s. I have a back ground of being very fit from Muay Thai but gave up 5 years ago. I have put on 15-20kg and a lot of fat on mainly around my stomach. i did bodybuilding in my 20s but never got big. Probably from the way I was training. When I trained in Muay Thai I was very lean but no big muscles or 6 pack. I would like to strive for a much more muscular body and also get down to below 10% body fat. I am reading your book currently and have a few questions but the most important one at the moment is as follows. i haven’t trained for a while, and I understand about the ability of building muscle and burning fat at the same time as a beginner. But given that I haven’t trained for a while and my goals to be more muscular, should I go straight into 4-6 rep range lifting heavy weights and compound exercises or go for lighter weight higher reps to easy back into training? I’m worried that going straight for the big weights I could injure myself and then not be able to train again until recovered. Thanks in advance. PS I live in Germany but my nearest Gym is in Netherlands.

    • Thanks for all the info on your past training.

      Cool on your current goals. Let’s make them happen.

      Thanks for picking up my book. Hope you’re enjoying it!

      If you want to go higher rep the first couple weeks to get the form down and get comfortable with the workouts that’s fine. After that, you want your focus to be in the 4-6 rep range.


      Hope you don’t have to travel too far to make it to the gym!

  • Adam

    Hey Mike! I picked up your Bigger, Leaner, Stronger book a couple months ago and I’m currently still cutting calories like this guy. Learning about nutrition was huge. Lost about 6 inches on my waist so far and I’m really excited to see results like Pedro!

    I just wanted to see if you had any information for the ingredients in some Legion supplements. I looked into Forge, Pulse, Phoenix, and the Triumph multivitamin to start lifting while fasted (I’ve been lifting right after eating around 40 protein and 40 carbs as recommended in your book). I sent them an email over at Legion and am waiting to hear back.

    I’ve been vegetarian for over 3 years and now vegan for over 1 year. I was researching the supplements mentioned above to make sure they don’t use animal sources for their ingredients, including whatever the capsules themselves are made of. I wasn’t able to find much by just searching for the compounds listed in the ingredients, so I wondered if you had any info since I’m sure you’ve been asked about this before. If any of the supplements or capsules aren’t vegan, do you have any recommendations on vegan supplements that will shorten my time spent on cutting? Just hit 25% body fat and drastically increased my protein intake which has been somewhat difficult (maybe not difficult, but less enjoyable than before). Trying to speed up the progress to 15% as much as possible!

    Thanks so much for everything you’ve already done for me, man!

    • Hey Adam! Thanks for reading my book and writing! I really appreciate it.

      Cool you’re cutting and great on the results you’ve gotten so far!

      Awesome you’ve been checking out he supps and great on the pre-workout nutrition you’ve been having. That’s great.

      If they haven’t answered over at Legion, they will soon! They respond to all emails usually within 1-2 days. 🙂

      Of the products you mentioned, Phoenix and Forge are vegan. They aren’t certified, but they don’t contain animal products.

      Other than those, I’d pick up some caffeine. No need for anything else.

      Good job on hitting 25% and cool you increased the protein intake! Keep going!

      My pleasure.

      • Adam

        Really awesome that you always find the time to talk to people man. It’s a huge help.

  • Daniel

    Well done and congratulations on your progress Pedro. You are an inspiration!

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