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"In just over 6 months I lost a ton of fat, feel stronger physically and mentally and I am genuinely happier as well."

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What has happened so far on the program?

I am 27 years old and in just over 6 months I lost a ton of fat while gaining strength and totally changed my body.

Whilst it has been hard to put on mass as I’ve been cutting, I have gained definition that I haven’t had in a long time and my strength is definitely up.

My fitness is at a great level and I’d say that I’ve added about 44 lbs to my squats, about 55 lbs to my bench and about 88 lbs to my deadlifts.

When I first started cutting, I just limited calorie intake heavily and, as my weight loss began to slow down and I didn’t know how to progress, I did some Googling and found Muscleforlife.com.

I posted a question on an article where Mike recommended I reverse diet and explained all the reasons why I should do that. It was the right advice at the exact right time for me.

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?


What do you like most about the program?

Just the fact that literally every question I’ve had on this journey of mine has been covered at some point by Mike.

I found Muscleforlife.com when I was a little bit stuck and needed advice on how to progress further and I got that information quickly and easily.

On top of that Mike is actually a great guy who answers questions and acknowledges his audience, and that’s a really big thing.

How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

I haven’t really tried any other programs as such…However, the content I learned gave me a ton of extra insight and new perspective on training and nutrition.

This has allowed me to stay focused and on track for the most consistent training regime and diet that I’ve ever followed.

How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

It’s definitely unlocked a new world for me. Prior to where I am now, for a few years I kept saying to myself “Okay I’m gonna lose X amount of weight, shred up and do it by X date” but I never really did it or completely understood the process required.

I’d get a few weeks in and just let work take over and put that commitment I made to myself aside and end up at square one.

After sticking to this program, I’ve been consistent and persistent in all areas of my health I am definitely more confident.

I feel stronger physically and mentally, I’m particularly fit in terms of cardio and endurance, and I am genuinely happier as well which is a big bonus.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It really just does come down to being persistent and consistent. I read somewhere that “the time is going to pass anyways regardless if you’re training or not” (something like that)…

So for me I just asked myself “Do I want to be fat and not really recognizing who I see in the mirror against who I see I am in my own mind? Or do I want to commit to eating right and training hard to enjoy the results that will come in 6 months, a year, and so on?”

Ultimately, you just have to be ready to go for it. You’re the only person who can drag your ass to the gym first thing in the morning, or last thing at night if that’s the only time you can go.

You only get one body and it is on you to look after yourself and push your body and mind to be the best they can be.


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  • Matt

    Good work man

  • chris

    Hey Mike,

    Recently found this website and it has helped me in
    literally every way imaginable in terms of how to go about eating,
    lifting… everything really so thanks A LOT for that. Caloric intake vs
    expenditure is such a common sense idea I feel STUPID for not realizing
    its importance until finding you. The diet misinformation EVERYWHERE
    really screwed me over until I came here. I have been somewhat fat for
    years, and after finding you have FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I WAS A KID
    lost significant weight (20lbs so far!) and actually feel like I can
    EASILY continue (unlike the 1000’s of times before where I’d last a week
    then binge on pizza…. and now i even understand WHY THAT HAPPENED
    thanks to u).

    I have a close family member who is significantly
    overweight, and I really need your advice on how to help her…. She is 5
    ft 6in, 360lbs, 60 yrs old…. has diabetes and some other health
    issues…. is about 70% wheelchair bound….. I know you are not a doctor, can’t give medical advice, etc BUT, what would you suggest for someone in that position on starting out towards being fit? What macros would be good for her?

    I used the TDEE/BMI calculator and even was wondering about that for her. It says she should be eating around 1700 calories per day which….. for her seems like it would be too restrictive starting off (I counted calories in what she ate yesterday and it came to around 2400 calories)

    Should she reverse diet from a certain number up to her TDEE to fix her metabolism, and then slowly cut out calories? Intermittant fast….. ? I have read a LOOOOT of articles here, but for someone in her position I really need you help, I would even be willing to pay you if you could give me direct advice.


    • Hey Chris, glad to hear you found so much value and got a lot from Mike’s articles and materials.

      For your family member, no need to “fix” her metabolism. You can start her off with 2000 calories before starting to drop it, so it’s not too big of a restrictive shock to her. Also, encourage her to engage in more activity and have her push herself in the wheelchair.

  • Kevin L

    Could somebody explain how this guy’s tattoo has switched arms?

    • diva_smiles

      I was wondering if anyone else noticed that! Obviously the photos have been manipulated. LOL.

    • The Tetrachord of Archytas

      Pretty simple. Take a selfie with an apple device. It automatically flips it around. I don’t have any evidence that he did that, but if it came down to manipulating photos there is no illusion that I’m aware of where you appear thinner when inverted so…

    • Mirror and phone camera software will do this on the front-facing, self-taking camera.

  • Annastacia Beaverhouser

    Was wondering who to ask about tattoo reversal myself,, ?
    Wondering now about this site overall! Any thoughts from anyone else??

    • Hi Anna, mirrors and the selfie-cam create this effect. You can try it yourself 🙂

    • Annastacia Beaverhouser

      Great ! I will get right on that experiment! Was hoping this site was what I thought because I truly enjoy it !!

  • Harry Bawls

    Not only is the tattoos reversed on the arms, but the after picture does not show the person’s complete face – something is not “kosher’

    • Kyle Jacobs

      If you look, it appears that someone took the first picture of him, aka the camera was facing him, but for the second picture it looks like he did it in a mirror (you can see the phone in his hand), aka giving the “mirror image”……

    • Mirror and phone camera software will do this…

  • Martinez

    Good work man. Did you reverse diet, while still having high bf%? and then repeated the process? Did you have to reverse diet more than once?

  • Kevin L

    Fair enough, I’ve just tried it and it does work.
    No offence Josh!

  • Heath

    LOL. Does no one really understand cameras or how reflexions work? Plus, some IOS devices will invert flip images based on which camera you use (front or back). Even the human eye inverts every image you see.

    And obviously the left picture is from a camera and the right one is from his laptop (notice the wireless mouse in his hand)

    • Thanks for the clarification, Heath. That was a great explanation for readers.

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  • tltate1963

    I don’t mean add to the doubt about the photo, having just bought your book, but it does look suspect.

    • Some camera software will invert images. You can do this on the selfie cameras of many mobile phones. Try it for yourself and compare it to a webcam photo from your computer.

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