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Muscle for Life Success: Jordan P.


"I lost roughly 35 pounds while getting stronger."

Jordan's Progress

Progress Image Before
Progress Image 5 Months

What has happened so far on the program?

Before – 215lb roughly 24% bf
After- 180 9-10%bf

When I started the program, I was traveling for my job. Having your company pay for all your meals was a quick way to pack on pounds and to go out drinking every night. Since I was working 80+ hours and traveling on top of that, I had limited time.

I started off by working out Fridays-Sundays on his 3x a week split. I eventually used my situation to my advantage, by pulling nutritional information and tracking everything that I ate. It was easy at first not having to worry about cooking but once my project was completed, I already had the foundation to continue and the momentum from my weight loss to push forward.

As I’m writing this, I’m 180lbs. I lost roughly 35 pounds while getting stronger. I continued to add weight to all my big lifts consistently while losing pounds of fat. The only downside was that I had to buy clothes that fit my new physique, but I could have worse problems.

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

I was tired of different “experts” and “gurus” claiming that their program works, while pushing their own supplements down your throat. They promote starvation diets that get you nowhere.

I found Mike’s book through my ultimate quest to lose weight. I stumbled upon Muscleforlife.com and after reading a few articles, I was sold. I purchased the book and after reading it, was motivated to change.

I followed other programs off various websites but usually always ended up frustrated with little to show for it. I really appreciated all the sources he used to validate all his methods and theories.

What do you like most about the program?

What I liked most was the rep ranges for all the workouts. I was accustomed to the “standard” 8-12 rep range that gets people nowhere. By lifting heavier with less reps my strength sky-rocketed and I was amazed how much I loved coming to the gym.

The diet portion was full of solid advice and I always loved my re-feed day. I never expected to follow through and get these results, the program has truly changed my life for the better.

How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

It doesn’t promise results overnight and there are no miracle supplements that will allow you to lose fat and gain 50lbs of muscle in 8 weeks. Mike and the Legion team stand behind everything they say (and it’s all backed up with legitimate information).

I followed the diet closely, but also practiced more of the IIFYM “If it fits your macros” style of eating. This allowed me to remain flexible and allowed me to eat what I like, yet continue to lose pounds.

How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

I was always overweight. I used to hate shopping for clothes since nothing fit right. Sticking to this program and changing my body has forever changed my life. My first goal was to lose the weight to reveal the muscle, and my next endeavor will be to continue to gain more and more muscle while maintaining a lean physique.

I have more energy and I have set an example for my family to change their bodies.

I’m a firm believer that bodybuilding and lifting weights carryover into your daily life. I’m more regimented and I know that anything I put my mind to, I can do.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It will be tough, there will be days when you feel like you can eat everything in sight but stick to your diet (which becomes a lifestyle) and stay the course. Mike was great with responding to questions I had, and his articles and podcasts are well thought out.

As an aside, I used Legion’s fat burner Phoenix and it was great. All their products are phenomenal and work. Just remember they’re supplements – you need to put the hard work in to achieve your goals.

Thanks so much for providing the motivation to change my life Mike! I am now a Muscle for Life-r!!!

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The program that made this transformation possible:

The meal plan that makes building muscle and losing fat easy and enjoyable:

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  • Himanshu Thanvi

    Amazing transformation…!!!…
    Timeframe ???


      on the second set of pics below it says 5 months

  • Xero

    Holy Freaking Crap…

  • Xero

    Holy Freaking Crap…

  • DK

    Incredible transformation. Credit to this guy if this is a 5 month transformation. An inspiration to everyone trying to achieve their goals. Ironically I’m currently 5 months into the program too. Unfortunately I look worse than when I started!!! Honestly. I can’t explain how frustrating it’s been, using a great program and going backwards in terms of results. A recent injury didn’t help much either. Thankfully Mike’s articles keep me sane!!!

    • ExLonghorn

      Don’t feel too bad. I have been making decent gains on strength, and I’ve dropped some body fat, but I’ve been following BLS for 4 months (was mostly using machines in the 8-12 rep range for 8 months before that) and I’ve see nothing even close to the visual gains this guy has made. I too have had a couple frustrating injuries (serratus in January and right shoulder currently) Yes, I’m a little bigger and stronger, but I can see that it’s going to take a lot more than 5 months to look like this guy. I’m also 45 and have a narrower body type, so that certainly factors in.

      • DK

        Thanks for the reply. I guess being a newbie, it’s all a learning game. I started bulking first and took about 5 or 6 weeks to find my upper calorie limit then after a few weeks more (after reading one of Mike’s articles) I realised I should have been cutting first. I suppose I was took eager to build size as I’m quite a small guy. Only a month into the cut I strained my lower ab muscles, while deadlifting. I tried to come back after 3 weeks but had too stop again for another few weeks. Hoping to get back next week. Not loving the cut because I only really have fat on my belly so losing it elsewhere makes me look crap basically. I Just have too keep going and stay focused. Mike’s knowledge is awesome so at least I have a good trainer lol. Good luck with the program and thanks again.


      • Hey. Keep at it, being older is perhaps a factor, we don’t quite have the testosterone of these young bucks, and recovery is a little slower, in general from heavy training, and also from injury if you are unlucky enough to get one. Mike offers excellent programs and diet advice, you can’t go wrong with it, but it is important to learn and adapt if things are not going to plan.

        It really is a case of do, assess, and adapt over time. Personally, I prefer 3 x week training over 5, I’m just lazy in that respect, but with this type of training, it is important to be pushing for progressive overload in EVERY session, be it increasing the weight on the bar, or adding a rep to head towards the top of your rep range.

        If you are doing that, and getting stronger, it’s pretty hard not to add muscle 🙂

        I am 46 now, and was around 9% body fat last year, put a bit back on, but now back into a cut to get down to 8% or so for the summer. I also built by weighted chin ups to bodyweight (82kg) + 35kg (77 lbs) of plates hanging from my waist. Not awesome, but not too shabby, oh, and after that, I could do 25 bodyweight chins with relative ease.

        All I’m trying to say is get your calorie deficit dialled in, and try to increase intensity for as long as you can. It can get hard in a cut, but I have found that using microplates helps a lot.

        Anyway, good luck with it all!!


        • TheRightThing

          I’m sure a lot of us don’t have as much testosterone as Jordan had during his 5 month transformation.

  • Fasted Twinkie

    Good job, and im addicted to both of these websites Kinobody and M4L they do give great advice and no BS.

  • mylo

    Awesome transformation, congrats!

    I noticed that people making such big leaps usually worked out before, often for long periods of time. They just tuned up their training and diet according to Mike’s guidelines and HULKED the shit of their bodies in a couple of months shedding the fat and boosting their already big but now visible muscles.
    I guess if you’re new to weightlifting it does take much longer as your building from the ground up while they are just putting a finishing touch.

    Well, at least we get to work out and diet properly from the start… 🙂

    • Yup that’s 100% correct. If someone has a lot of prior training experience but is just too fat to really show it off the change can be VERY dramatic when they lean out.

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