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"I have lost almost 20 pounds and 9% body fat and my max weights are up significantly in all areas."

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What has happened so far on the program?

I have basically been cutting and have lost almost 20 pounds and 9% body fat.  I think the compound lifting helped tremendously. My max weights are up significantly in all areas.  I am anxious to see my results as I begin the bulking phase.

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

Nothing kept me from buying the book.  I didn’t know anything about Bigger Leaner Stronger when I saw it on Amazon and downloaded a preview. From there I was hooked.  It looked much more simple yet defined and understandable than anything I had tried before.

Other programs have you in the gym for many more hours with no real defined goals – just a bunch of trendy workouts.  It is very apparent that Mike really wants you to succeed and that went a long way with me.

What do you like most about the program?

The program is very simple to follow.  I was very impressed with the research that Mike does whether it is on the nutritional or weightlifting side. I have spent a lot less time in the weight room and less time with cardio.  With that said, the time I do spend is much more productive and has showed results that I had previously not seen.

How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

Mike was spot on in explaining workouts that don’t work.  That was basically me.  I was putting in a lot of work with no results.  I was not sure whether to go light and high reps, heavy with low reps or somewhere in between.   Everything I thought I was doing right, wasn’t right.  I was spending far too much time with no results thinking, “That’s just my makeup, I don’t have the genes to make dramatic improvements,” or, “Perhaps I’m too old.”

I kept trying various workouts and never had a solid plan. Once I was fully committed to Mike’s philosophy on diet, working out, and cardio I started seeing improvements immediately.

How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

It’s uncomfortable for me to say but I do feel more confident. I also have more energy and need less sleep.  My blood sugar is also down into normal ranges.  It’s like night and day.  I don’t drag myself to the gym, I go there with a purpose and enjoy working out. I have a defined plan and goals.

I don’t guess at meals anymore – if I don’t know everything about the food that’s in front of me I don’t eat it.  While I still get to enjoy many different foods I know my limitations. I know what macro nutrients I need to stay on course.  I basically have a plan.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

At 53 I didn’t know what to expect as far as results. At 54 I am in the best shape of my life.  I am actually still fairly new to the program so I am expecting more as I begin the bulk phase.

Be fully committed in all areas: diet, weightlifting and cardio.  Although Mike provides and resources to an extensive amount of information and research (basically proof), his plan is really quite simple to follow – you just have to follow it.

Get a food scale and weigh your food, know exactly what you are eating.  Don’t be afraid to document your progress – it is essential to make gains.

Refer to his books frequently, take advantage of his website, subscribe to his emails, and watch his podcasts. Mike’s program is like none other.

I am not where I want to be (yet) but I am much further along than I ever thought was possible.  It is never too late to start.

Finally, let other people know what you are doing.  It will help motivate you and give you encouragement.  I persuaded my wife to start Mike’s program and she looks and feels fantastic!

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  • Steven Scott

    For 54, he was actually in good shape to begin with – all the guys his age around here look like Santa Claus. Impressive progress, though – now he looks like an older Spider-Man.

    • pat q.

      Hi jay. Congratulations, fantastic results. like stephen said ,you already had a good amount of muscle. What is your muscle/lifting history? when did you first start lifting , was it continuous.

      I just started at 42 having never lifted in my life and very low amount of muscle mass to start with, and the progress is quite slow., im wondering what is achievable starting from this point at this age.


      • Steve Crook

        Progress will be quite slow to start, but will pick up. It’ll take a while for your body to realise that, suddenly, you’re serious about all this exercise malarkey. As well as build muscle, it’ll have to do a lot to deal with the demands you’re placing on it. For instance, grow more capillaries to improve blood flow to muscles.

        Try not to look too hard at other people. Make a plan to be the best Pat Q you can be, make sure you’re eating properly, getting enough sleep and that your form is correct for the exercises you’re doing. Keep an exercise diary so you know exactly what progress you’re making.

        To give you an idea, I’m 58, 72″, 165lb. Lifted weights before but as part of a general fitness routine. I lost around 35lb to get to that 165, and in May last year started lifting the way Mike describes. I’ve had to take a couple of months out from lifting for various domestic reasons, so say 7 months in all.

        My deadlift has gone from roughly 90kg to 120kg. I do 6 reps, add 5kg next week, struggle to do 4 reps, do 5 the week after, 6 the week after that then add 5kg. So an increase every three to four weeks. I have no idea if that’s fast or slow, but it’s the best I can manage 🙂 and I have, finally, got to the point where I don’t get hung up on what other people in the gym are doing. My focus is solely ME. I train alone, but have my form checked by an instructor every couple of months to make sure I’m not developing bad habits.

        Don’t worry too much about slow progress. At 42 you’re a *long* way from past it.

        I have an idea that our expectations of what’s possible for older men are largely based on data from generations who smoked, didn’t eat as well as we can, had physically demanding jobs and largely gave up exercise outside work.

        Stay positive, eat well, sleep well, work hard and be patient.

        • pat q

          Thanks a lot Steve. Great gain in the dead lift, and great advice, much appreciated. I’m in this for the long haul and have plenty of patience, will take your good advice on board, and stick to the plan. regards pat

  • Ollie Bale

    Hey Mike, Great Success story again!

    On an unrelated note I am currently about to start cutting for the summer, aiming to finish and go to maintenance around June for a holiday.

    However I am going to have a jaw operation at the end of July where I will be unable to do proper exercise for about 3 weeks and will take about 1 month to fully recover.

    I will also have to be on a sort of mushy (baby food like) diet for around a week which clearly could result it quite rapid weight loss (not ideal after a cut).

    I was hoping on getting back on a bulk after summer and I guess my question really is what would you recommend I do in terms of making sure I don’t lose too much size and don’t gain too much weight trying to stop this?



    • Ollie Bale

      ……and did this guy get a Batman tattoo hahaha

    • No worries. Whatever you lose in this period will be quickly regained once you’re back at it.

      I would TRY to eat around TDEE and try to get around 0.8 grams of pro per pound of body weight if possible. If you can’t get that much just get as much as you can…

  • Wizzard1

    Love it. Almost a miiror image of myself. I’m 53, i’ve read three or four of your books, I’ve been following your program for about 3 months. So nice having a solid plan and direction for a change. Its incredible how important having a good mindset is to performance and consistency. Only thing holding me back at the moment is a bit of “golfers elbow”. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also love the podcasts.

    • Awesome man! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well.

      Elbow issues can be a huge pain in the ass. I’ve never had the issue before but I’ve heard good things about the “Tyler Twist” exercise. Have you tried this?

      • Wizzard1

        Thanks for the response, I’ll let you know, ordered the Tyler twist unit yesterday.

    • Dean

      Try Magnesium Oil (Mix 15mls Magnesium with 15mls distilled water and rub on sore area. The Magnesium makes the water slightly “oily”). You can also add MSM to the mix – 10mls. Works a treat. Good luck.

      • Wizzard1

        Thanks Dean I’ll give it a shot.

  • Carl

    Hey Your Months are wrong on this 3rd picture. How long was it? There is a different newspaper. Was it 3 more months or what?

  • Dean

    I’m inspired. Well done Jay!!

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