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"I’ve never experienced so much change in my body with any other program!"

Delando's Progress

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Progress Image 5 Months

What has happened so far on the program?

I liked that I was able to finish working out in 45 minutes. Simple and easy, except the challenging heavy weight part…lol

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

I was curious to see how heavy weight and low 4-6 reps would transform my body. I had been doing 12 reps and attempting to lift heavy weight to get the “lean mass” look, but it would be difficult for me to lift that many reps at a heavy weight.

I began to get stronger in all my lifts and I noticed my body was shaping up nicely while eating in the caloric deficit. People start to ask me, “Man you look like your taking ‘something’.” I had decent size mass wise, but I was getting lean as well. I have lost about 10 pounds, but mostly just fat it seems.

What do you like most about the program?

I’ve never experienced so much change in my body with any other program. The diet was great because I was able to eat what I wanted as long as I stayed in the caloric deficit.

How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

I really don’t need to say much more on this subject other than I am really appreciative of what P90X did for me initially.  The downfall for me with that program was that it caused me to overtrain and endure a shoulder pain that took almost a year to overcome (about 95% healed now) and I was never able to achieve my goals.  Mike’s program is superior to all others in every way.  Keep up the good work Mike and always stay humble and passionate about what you are doing.

How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

I feel more confident in all areas in my life. I feel confident in the workouts because it’s effective as long as you keep challenging yourself with progressively heavier weight. You don’t have to worry about switching it up all the time. People these days always talk about muscle confusion, but I have learned that if you overload the muscles, you force your muscle to adapt.

Since Bigger Leaner Stronger I have become a NASM certified personal trainer and have began training people with the BLS workouts because I know how effective it is for myself!!!

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The program that made this transformation possible:

The meal plan that makes building muscle and losing fat easy and enjoyable:

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  • Adel-Alexander

    Hey Mike, I wanted to ask.. I know that lifting heavy in the 4-6 department is crucial for building muscle.. I’ve done that since July-ish.. But problem is that, I just realised, my form was not really optimal, and even though i did gain muscle, I don’t think I really gained as much as I could have if i had proper form.. So I asked you a while back what’s more important, form or weight. And you said that form > weight always, so I reduced the weights on almost all my exercises, and while I can definitely feel a difference. I just feel like I’m stuck between that point where I’m lifting weights that are light enough for me to lift with proper form and weights that are a bit heavier, but I can’t really keep my form when I’m lifting the slightly heavier ones.

    And It just makes me feel like I’m not really going anywhere.. I mean I must be doing something wrong. When you lit a weight with proper form, regardless weight.. should you like.. feel the muscle fibers burn (if that makes sense) or what? I’m keeping my diet in check, that’s actually easier than i thought it would be. But it’s just the form part.. Heck when I was training shoulders here today, I lifted the weights that were light enough for me to lift with proper form but I honestly couldn’t feel much in my shoulders, if i went any higher I wouldn’t really be able to keep it stable. 😛

    So.. Any advice would be grand..

    • James Buckley

      This is the best training form book out there:


      If you add weight to the bar only because you’re being lax with form you are not really gaining muscle. The only way to gain muscle and strength is to achieve poundage progression/progressive overload IN GOOD FORM.

      If you are not gaining muscle and strength you need to look for a reason – the most common is probably diet. If gaining muscle is your goal, are you certain you’re in a caloric surplus?

      • Adel-Alexander

        Well.. I do have an app that calculates the amount of macros per meal and I have an weight scale so I don’t think I’m wrong in that department. I did the calculations from Mike’s book, and according to myfitnesspal, I’m eating the amount of macro that one my weight should be eating. But I do think it’s the form that hinders me

    • Michael Matthews

      Hey man,

      Improper form can really get in the way of gains because it means your muscles simply aren’t doing as much work as they could/should be.

      If you’re stuck at certain weights with proper form, that’s another issue. Check this out:


      Once your newbie gains are behind you, continuing to make progress requires constant diligence and vigilance. You really have to be on point with your training and diet and rest, always pushing hard for the next reps in your workouts, keeping your cal/macro intake where they need to be, ensuring you’re sleeping enough, etc.

      And then there’s good old patience. The intermediate phase is a grind no matter how you look at it.

  • DK

    That is a awesome transformation – I can’t believe it only took 5 months. I am only 5 weeks into the BLS programme but struggling to even meet my calorie intake. No matter how much I eat or drink in shake form, I am still struggling to meet my targets.

    • Michael Matthews

      Yeah Delando killed it. What I like to do is focus on eating a bunch of calorie-dense foods. Here are my favorites:

      Red meat

      Grains like brown rice and quinoa

      Oils like coconut oil and olive oil


      Whole-fat dairy

      Multi-grain pasta and bread

      Almonds and almond butter


      White and sweet potatoes

      • DK

        Thanks for the reply Mike. I will take that on board and fingers crossed I will start seeing the scale go up with some muscle growth.

        • Michael Matthews

          YW. Keep me posted.

  • Allen

    I’d also like to echo Delando’s sentiments toward P90X. I got started by doing P90X as well, but it’s definitely a cardio program and NOT a muscle building program. Not to knock Tony Horton or Beach Body, but there are better long-term ways of getting in shape, and people are more likely to stick to a program that’s reasonable and effective for regular folks, rather than one that’s “insane” or “extreme” in the short-term.

    • Michael Matthews

      You’re right. P90X is fine for exercise but it’s NOT training. You’re not going to build a strong, muscular body doing it.

  • Cesar

    Hey Mike,
    I just finished reading your book. I am writing on this post because my body is exactly the same as Delando’s. Im currently at 19% bf and ready to start cutting. i understand the macros calculation when cutting described in your book a a general approach and cant not really apply to my case since aside from lifting i also play beach vball. Thats why i will be using my BMR (1786) for more accuracy. I play beach vball twice a week plus lift 5 times a week, i plan to add 2 sessions of HIIT as well to concentrate on fat burning. What should be my macros split when cutting?

  • Debbye S. Sparks

    Does BLS is just for men? The TLS book seems to be to easy for me now… so I was wondering if I should try BLS? Thnx

    • Michael Matthews

      Yeah BLS is mainly for men. Wait for the second edition of TLS, which is coming out very soon. I go over how to make the program tougher. 🙂

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