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Muscle for Life Success: Andriy Y.


"I got results much faster compared to everything else I tried out there!"

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What has happened so far on the program?

I was skeptical when I started the program, but everything went in align to what you described. Initially I allocated 3 months to try it out and I noticed changes much earlier.

I started program on March 27, but by May 27 I lost 20 lbs and got my body fat to 12-14% from 20%. It was a bit hard to change habits, but after about two or three weeks the routine become the way of life and things became much more easy.

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

Mike, as you know there are a lot of books on a market on a topic. For me it is more convenient to listen for the audiobooks during my commute to work instead of reading. That’s how I discover your book “12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making.”

I loved the content and the way you presented material, so I purchased Bigger Leaner Stronger (audio version) and, after listen to it, kindle version. I found the plan you presented in the book valuable and decided to give it a try

What do you like most about the program?

With help of the program I got results much faster compared to everything else I was tried out. So I would say, that’s a program that works and I love it for the fact it works. 🙂

What are three other benefits of the program?

Some other benefits I’d like to mention was that my mood became significantly better than before, I took only one sick day from work during last 3 month. I don’t know if it related, but my knees stops bothering me and I was able to run again. I want to continue the program further.

Thank you for answering my question on the forum, btw.

Would you recommend this program? If so, why?

No question, I’d recommend this program to anybody simply because it works. Maybe I slightly changing accents when I recommend the program by giving the diet even more credit.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

For me, food is the most crucial part of the program. I followed your recommendations very strictly and, maybe had only two or three cheat days for the whole period.

I tracked my calorie/macronutrients with an iPhone application and prepped all my food at home in advance. I didn’t take any supplements simply because I was able to reach my daily goal with real food.

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The program that made this transformation possible:

The meal plan that makes building muscle and losing fat easy and enjoyable:

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  • Debbye S. Sparks

    This is awesome Mike, as always thank you for give us so much motivation and real information!
    I have a couple question I’d hope you could help me with.

    In your books and articles you always recommend to keep the carb intake a little bit lower than the protein intake when you want to build muscle but lose fast at the same time, this seems to make sense, but: have you ever worked with someone that feels better, performs better at the gym and build muscle/lose fat while keeping the carb intake higher that the protein intake?

    I’m asking this because even though I feel I’m eating enough for my weight and height -175g of protein, 145g of carbs and 25g of fat- about 1,600 cal per day most of the time I still feel hungry, I’m 5’6″ 145 lb about 20%BF. May be this is my body trying to adapt, I know is normal to be a little bit uncomfortable the first week, I’m doing a reverse diet and working really hard at the gym, my other question is, how often would you recommend to increase the calorie intake during reverse diet?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Michael Matthews


      Good question and yes, we can adjust for you. Let’s try 150g pro, 170g carb, 25g fat.


      I explain reverse dieting here:


      • Debbye S. Sparks

        Cool, I’ll try it like that, thanks!

        • Michael Matthews


  • Glo

    Awesome transformation!

    Hi Mike,
    Ive recently started your program (your book was amazing and very informative for a newbie to weights like myself) and have a few question if you dont mind.
    How do you calculate how many calories burned per workout session in your program? Im trying to make sure im getting enough calories throughout the day. I used to do just cardio but now since ive started your program i cant help but notice how exhausted i am by the second half of the day. Ive cut my cardio down since starting your program so i dont burn myself out.

  • dave

    How old are you Andriy ? Well done mate.

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