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Motivation Monday: The Problem With “Finding Your Passion”

Motivation Monday: The Problem With “Finding Your Passion”

If you want a jolt of inspiration, energy, and encouragement to do all the things that you want to do this week, then you want to check out this episode.

This episode is part of a weekly series that I have dubbed “Motivation Monday.”

(Yes, I know, very creative of me. What can I say, I’m a genius…)

Seriously though, the idea here is simple:

Every Monday morning, I’m going to post a short and punchy episode that I hope gets you fired up to tackle the workouts, work, and everything else that you have planned for the week ahead.

As we all know, it’s one thing to know what you want to do, but it’s something else altogether to actually make yourself do it, and I hope that this series gives you a jolt of inspiration, energy, and encouragement to get at it.

So, if you like what you hear, then make sure to check back every Monday morning for the latest and greatest installment.

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What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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Bigger Leaner Stronger

Bigger Leaner Stronger

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Thinner Leaner Stronger

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  • Emer

    Hey Mike! Not sure if this is the place for comments regarding training plans. But you mention briefly in chapter 16 of TLS about dropping from 8 – 10 * 3 down to 4 – 6 * 3. but not specifically when to do it, When do you know if you should keep trying to power through or drop the reps? As “heavy” is relative right?

    I feel like I am stalling for the past 2 -3 weeks on specific weights especially squat, deadlift and chest. I just cannot get past the 8th rep on each, so I can’t do up. I’m just doing the same weight every week now. I’m eating too much ( but I have upped my protein ). Sleeping well. Following 5 days a week TLS. So far, over 7 weeks I have gone up by about 10kg on everything ( some higher some a lot lower ) What would you suggest? Keep going and stick with it until something clicks and I can go up? Or lower the reps and higher the weight?

    • Hey there! Once women have put in a good 6 months or so at the 8 to 10 rep range, they’ll have the strength and experience to comfortably (and safely) include some heavier work in their routines.

      The key is that you don’t start including the heavier work until you feel strong and stable in
      the 8- to 10-rep range on the squat, deadlift, bench press, and military press. These are the lifts
      that you will be “upgrading” to 4- to 6-rep training when the time comes.

      Progress does slow down as you get more experienced. However, if you’re at a true plateau, the tips in this article should help you out:


      I hope this helps!

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