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MFL Podcast 66: Live Q&A: Training alone, reverse dieting, mini-cuts, and more…

MFL Podcast 66:  Live Q&A: Training alone, reverse dieting, mini-cuts, and more…

A new episode of the podcast is up! This episode is a recording of my last live Q&A I did over at Legion and in I take questions on how we make new supplements, upcoming products, reverse dieting, finding gym partners, and more…

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00:54 – How about a training video with you and Brittany Perillee?

01:30 – How do you get back into lifting after few weeks of a break?

03:54 – What’s your research process when considering a new product for Legion?

10:53 – I love the mixability of Legion’s Whey but I find it has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Is that because of the stevia?

15:05 – How long does your ab circuit typically take?

16:09 – What is the Stacked beta release date?

19:30 – What do you think of intermittent fasting on weekends while eating at a moderate surplus the rest of the week to keep fat gain to a minimum, and be able to eat out once or twice a day with family/girlfriend and eat almost anything (as long as it has a good amount of protein)?

25:50 – Can I train fasted on a bulk diet? Is it a problem for muscle growth?

27:45 – Would you rather be shredded but 5 ft tall, or skinny fat and 6ft 5?

28:42 – Is reverse dieting completely necessary? I know Lyle McDonald simply suggests eating at maintenance for 2 weeks and then bumping up for a surplus. What do you think?

32:30 – As an entrepreneur, how did you develop so much self-discipline and efficiency?

37:22 – Would you substitute cardio with yoga once a week?

38:03 – Any advice on rehabilitation?

43:53 – I train for 5k races and run 5-6 miles a day. Should I increase protein intake to preserve muscle or carb intake to spare protein being used for fuel?

46:03 – How long can I be in a calorie deficit? Is 3-6 months to long?

50:45 – Everyone knows that the maximum NECESSARY protein intake is .82 grams per pound of bodyweight. And if we allocate more than that people say, “That’s TOO MUCH protein!” But what does this mean? What if I LIKE eating protein? What if I weigh 175 pounds but I ENJOY eating 350 grams of protein per day?

55:48 – What do you think of mini-cuts?

55:16 – Any tips for finding someone to train with?

59:24 – In order to make gains one must be in a caloric surplus. Can this caloric surplus be calculated on a weekly basis?

1:01:07 – Do you run into people that tell you how lifting is not healthy and that counting calories doesn’t work?

1:08:08 – What’s your opinion on continuing to taking Forge/Phoenix even while bulking? Wouldn’t the improved insulin sensitivity help with improving the ratio of muscle to fat gained during the bulk?

1:12:32 – Today I ate a protein bar that was horrible…not many are great, as we know. Will Legion be making anything like that?

1:15:53 – If you eat too much sodium, how long does it take to get rid of it?

1:17:39 – At what point does it make sense to start adding in HIIT?

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  • Zach

    Thank you Mike for including the questions from this Q and A with the times next to it below the video. That actually is very helpful. It would be awesome to see you put out more training videos! Even just little ones on instagram. It’s cool to see our motivator (you) in the gym pushing heavy weight! Keep up the great work man.

    • YW!

      I’ll be sure to put up some more vids of me training soon. 🙂

      Will do brother. Thanks for the support.

  • Edward Jose Rodriguez

    “ingredient alternatives” option in the shredder chef would be pretty useful

  • Bill

    “It wasn’t even heavy just 415lb”

    Very informative podcast

    • Everything is relative. 😛

      Keep hitting the heavy, compound lifts and building muscle, and it won’t be heavy for you either!


    what your opinion on George Leeman , he claim to be Natural as well , his approach on training is completely different then yours , still implementing overloading .
    but a lot of set and lot of reps
    have you ever heard of him ?

    he really advocate natural and even put down Mike O’Hearn ,
    I’m always looking at new way , but wanted your opinion on it , do you think it’s legit or pure joke

      • INOSSEP

        yes I see you point mike , and trust me i hate juicer , but I just wonder if sometime high reps is good to do ? I been heavy for a very long time , we talking about 10+ years , and that with my 2 years off due to injury
        sometime I feel that I don’t progress anymore and I can feel that my joint are killing me , that probably not only due to heavy weight but mostly to over use I’m assuming
        I’m doing 315 in incline for set 4 now and I’m not on juice
        but I’m far away to expose an athletic physic lol
        so maybe I should try that high reps thing and see what happen and keep doing overloading
        I love your website I think you the most logical person in training I have ever meet and that why I asked your opinion
        my ultimate goal is to go back to squatting that I miss a lot:( unfortunately my hip are killing me

        • Yeah sure high-rep is fine but it’s best done after your heavy lifting or on separate days (heavy days and lighter days).

          High rep isn’t necessarily better for your joints BTW. Repetitive use becomes an issue over time.

          Thanks for the kind words. Have you seen this for your hips?


          • INOSSEP

            and I agree 100% with your comment, but from where I stand now , what are my options ?
            I can incline press 315 , shoulder press 220 for 3 reps
            Dead lift and squat are my problem and weakness at the moment but I’m working on it due to pass injury
            I just feel I just hit the wall , maybe it’s only just a feeling and I need to suck it up and move forward ?
            but I was thinking to give a try on light and high reps and see what happen ? and still using an overload protocol
            right now I’m so open to any suggestions 🙂 , cause I just don’t see anymore progress
            maybe I should increase my set numbers ? cause we don’t have enough weight for dumbbells where I train
            maybe I should stick into incline barbells and do more heavy set ?

          • Wow you’re strong. Impressive.

            Have you thought about a lower volume strength program like 5/3/1?

          • INOSSEP

            lol don’t know about the impressive lol but thank you
            well right now I’m fallowing the same principal as your last book
            should I change ?
            I decide to give it another shot other then go for light high reps

          • It really depends on your ultimate goal. What are you going for?

          • INOSSEP

            get back in shape and not losing too much strength
            cause I like my upper body strength so far
            but legs are catastrophic, so I’m working on it 🙁
            getting back in shape the way I was 10 years ago
            mean body fat down to 15% possibly lower but would like that first , I’m at 26% at the moment and I’m 260 lbs
            then be able to squat again like at least getting back to the 315 , right now even 95 is pain full 🙁 but it will happen 🙂
            why ? do you have other suggestion ?
            I already did your first book principal for years
            my weakness , Food lol lol….who doesn’t hey ? but don’t get me wrong I don’t eat that bad
            anything would help , should I go back to more periodize training ?

          • Oh okay yeah let’s get you to 10 to 15% ASAP and not worry TOO much about strength. If we can maintain strength while getting you down to that range we should be good…

          • INOSSEP

            so do you think I should keep the training I’m doing now ? same as your last book

          • You can but if you feel stuck you might benefit from a couple months of strength training, like Texas Method for instance. It’s fun too.

          • INOSSEP

            possibly , I just find training 3 x week boring lol , but I will try to stick into your method first and see what happen , only time will , I give my self usually 4-6 weeks if I don’t see any progress I might change , that can be something as stupid like my diet

          • I hear you. How about a 4-day 5/3/1 layout?

          • INOSSEP

            why not ? …..any assistance exercises included ?
            what it look like ?
            can I play around and add , like biceps and triceps exercises ? lol sound stupid I know lol 🙂

          • INOSSEP

            and I’m assuming using the principal 5/3/1 I can still use incline bench press as primary movement instead of bench as a stater ?

          • Yeah sure.

          • Yeah add in extra work for the pretty muscles. 🙂

          • INOSSEP

            I looked at the program 5/3/1
            and look very interesting, little low volume but look good
            so that my plan
            using the 5/3/1 method for my chest , shoulder exercises and not focusing on Bench press but more into the incline
            and keep you training style for dead lift and squat , cause that where my weakness ( injury ) need to be work on and until I get better I wont be able to train much harder on those one

            what do you think ?

          • Check out Beyond 5/3/1 too as it’s higher volume. Or you could do 4-day 5/3/1 with some BLS style assistance.

          • INOSSEP

            I really like you BBLS , just though it was a good mix between both
            so yea like I said , I will do 5/3/1 with chest and shoulder but was thinking to keep your BBLS for the rest

          • INOSSEP

            yep that what I was thinking , I will try both method and see how that goes , the 5/3/1 look very similar to what you do already , except higher volume , i wonder if that not too much but I will try and see I guess ?
            but your BBLS is getting me excellent result
            from 255 incline I’m up to 315 as I told you
            for shoulder 195 up to 225
            big improvement in my opinion
            anyway I will try the 5/3/1 method and some of your BBLS in it and let you know


    just curious 🙂 wondering your opinion on high reps and still doing over loading principal’s . do you think there anything interesting behind it ? if you 2 set of 20 at 100lbs and then next workout you up 5-10 lbs , don’t you think that principal can work ?

    • Yeah definitely it’s just very hard to do in actual practice. As you become more advanced, you want to do both low- and high-rep training.

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