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Let’s Bring Change to the Workout Supplement Industry

Let’s Bring Change to the Workout Supplement Industry

The workout supplement industry has been a cesspool of fraud for too long. Let’s do something about it.


As an author, my mission is to help educate people on how to safely build muscle, lose fat, and get healthy as quickly and effectively as possible.

This includes raising people’s awareness on the dirty “secrets” of the supplement industry, and how to avoid wasting valuable time and money buying useless supplements and following ineffective training programs and nutrition plans.

You see, the reality is the workout supplement industry is plagued by pseudoscience, ridiculous hype, misleading advertising and endorsements, products full of junk ingredients, underdosing key ingredients, and many other shenanigans.

Most supplement companies produce cheap, junk products and try to dazzle you with ridiculous marketing claims, high-profile (and very expensive) endorsements, pseudo-scientific babble, fancy-sounding proprietary blends, and flashy packaging.

They do it all because they don’t want you to realize a simple truth of this industry:

Supplements don’t build great physiques. Dedication to proper training and nutrition does.

You see, the supplement companies are cashing in BIG on a little trick that your mind can play on you known as the placebo effect.

This is the scientifically proven fact that your simple belief in the effectiveness of a medicine or supplement can make it work. People have overcome every form of illness you can imagine, mental and physical, by taking substances which they believed to have therapeutic value, but which actually didn’t. I’m talking about things like treating cancer and diabetes, eliminating depression and anxiety, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels by taking medically worthless substances that the people believed were treatments for their problems.

Many guys believe that the shiny new bottle of “muscle-maximizing” pills will work, and then they sometimes actually do “feel them working.” This is despite the fact that the ingredients used have never been scientifically proven to do anything the company claims, or even worse, have been proven ineffective.

So, while workout supplements do not play a vital role in building muscle and losing fat, and many are a complete waste of money…the right ones can help.

The truth of the matter is there are safe, natural substances that have been scientifically proven to deliver benefits such as increased strength, muscle endurance and growth, fat loss, and more.

As a part of my work, it’s been my job to know what these substances are, and find products with them that I can use myself and recommend to others.

It’s been pretty hard to do, though.

The Wild Goose Chase for Worthwhile Workout Supplements

no proprietary blends


I’ve been living the “fitness lifestyle” for over a decade, have sold over 100,000 books, and have helped thousands of people lose weight, build muscle, and get healthy.

For years now, I’ve been researching, testing, and recommending to others the best workout supplements I could find, but it was a constant struggle to maintain a list that met my standards.

What I’ve wanted for not just myself but others is simple:

  • All ingredients backed by published scientific literature.

  • All dosages at clinically effective levels.

  • No artificial sweeteners, dyes, or unnecessary fillers.

  • Good taste.

  • Good value per serving.

Apparently that’s way too much to ask, because these products simply haven’t existed. Most don’t even begin to come close to those standards. The egregious offenders of the workout supplement industry (of which there are many, unfortunately) do everything wrong:

  • They use a ton of ingredients that have not been scientifically proven to do what is claimed.

  • They underdose ingredients that that actually work and use the proprietary blend to hide it.

  • They stuff their products full of cheap chemicals and additives.

  • They charge an arm and a leg.

So I did what I could. I found the best possible products for myself and my readers, but in the back of my mind, I knew things could be done better.

As my career as an author began to grow, and my “tribe” here at Muscle For Life began to form, I finally saw an opportunity to do something about the status quo that I hated so much.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and, I believe, add real value to the marketplace.

The Birth of LEGION



I created LEGION with a simple concept in mind:

A supplement company dedicated to creating healthy, high-quality sport supplements based on sound science, and dedicated to selling them honestly.

Furthermore, I want to create supplements that set the standard by which all others are judged, and Iwant to help educate consumers on the science of athletic performance so they can make better decisions in both their workout supplementation and training.

You see, I believe that you, as a consumer, are smarter than the industry elites give you credit for.

  • I think you know dubious, or even fraudulent, marketing claims when you see them.
  • I think you question how effective a product can really be if it contains tiny dosages of 67 different ingredients.
  • I think you don’t buy into A-list endorsements that are all about million-dollar paydays, not the products.
  • I think you actually do care what you’re putting into your body, and want to know that the ingredients used are scientifically proven to be healthy, safe, and effective.

And so I decided that LEGION had to take a unique stand. It had to do what nobody else seems to be willing to do.

No proprietary blends.

no proprietary blends supplements












There’s absolutely no reason to use them for anything other than deception and fraud.

All the science behind effective ingredients and dosages is publicly available. Everyone knows what works and doesn’t, and in what amounts. Claims of “trade secrets” are bogus.

If a company isn’t willing to tell you exactly what you’re buying, it’s because they don’t want you to know. Don’t support them. Force them to change their ways.

At LEGION, we are 100% transparent with what’s in our products, and in what dosages. Not only that, but we back each ingredient with scientific studies that you can review. When you buy a LEGION product, you know exactly what you’re getting and why.

No misleading use of science.

bad science supplements

Many workout supplement companies cite scientific studies to back up marketing claims because it works. An appeal to science is the easiest way to give your product an air of legitimacy.

But they’re counting on something: that you don’t go and review their citations.

You see, if you actually take the time review to the studies cited, you’ll often discover one or more of the following to be true:

  • The study findings are exaggerated or misconstrued to seem more significant than they actually are. Considering how much technical jargon is used in scientific literature, it’s very easy to do this convincingly.
  • The studies don’t demonstrate the benefits at all. In fact, some studies cited actually demonstrate ingredients to be ineffective, yet they’re cited as grounds for use.
  • The subjects of the studies are elderly or diseased, not healthy adults. Just because a substance improves a sick person’s condition in some way does not  mean it will have the same effects in your body.
  • The studies are animal research, not human research. While certain aspects of the human body share similarities with animals like pigs and rats, they are not similar enough to extrapolate animal research directly to humans. Animal research points the way for human research.

The marketing departments of the supplement companies that do these things know that the vast majority of consumers won’t ever check their claims, and don’t know how to even if it occurred to them.

At LEGION, we rely only on scientific research that actually applies to our consumers, healthy adults that engage in regular exercise, and we are very careful to not exaggerate findings or make unfounded marketing claims.

No “label filler” ingredients.


A common practice in this industry is using a bunch of cheap ingredients that have no scientific backing, but that simply pad the ingredients list. This is done to make it seem like you’re getting a lot for your money.

At LEGION, we use no “label fillers.” We have a simple standard that we live by: every ingredient we use must be backed by published scientific literature that demonstrates clear performance benefits.

No underdosing key ingredients.

clinically effective dosages

Most supplement companies have a simple problem:

If you want to stick to using ingredients that have scientifically proven performance benefits, and if you want to use the same dosages as the studies proving their benefits…it gets really expensive, really fast.

That means less profit per sale, and thus less money to spend on fancy marketing campaigns and endorsements.

So, what do the companies do instead?

They reduce manufacturing costs by using “label filler” ingredients, and by using tiny dosages of key ingredients (the ones backed by actual science).

When you compare other company’s dosages to the clinically effective dosages found in scientific studies, you quickly see the problem: they’re a mere fraction of what scientists used to produce performance benefits.

Most companies hide this fact by using the the proprietary blend, and rely on their marketers to oversell the formulation.

At LEGION, we only use ingredients that we can include at clinically effective dosages. That is, the exact dosages shown to be safe and effective in published scientific research.

It makes our job harder, and we won’t make nearly as much profit per sale as the “big boys,” but we believe our products will represent a standard by which all others can be judged. And that matters most to us.

No artificial sweeteners.

naturally sweetened supplements

While artificial sweeteners may not be as dangerous as some people claim, studies suggest that regular consumption of these chemicals may indeed be harmful to our health, and that more research is needed.

At LEGION, we’ve chosen to stay on the safe side and use the natural sweetener stevia, instead.

Stevia is a plant with sweet leaves, and research has shown that it increases insulin sensitivity, helps regulate blood glucose levels, has anti-carcinogenic properties, decreases oxidative stress associated with eating large amounts of carbohydrates, reduces blood pressure and inflammation in the body, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and protects the kidneys.

And in case you’re worried that naturally sweetened means “horrible tasting,” you can rest easy. We’ve taken special care to ensure that all of our products taste great, mix well, and go down easy.

No artificial food dyes.

no artifical food dyes

Many supplements contain artificial dyes, known as “azo dyes,” such as FD&C Yellow #5 (also known as tartrazine), FD&C Blue #1 (also known as Brilliant Blue), FD&C Red No. 40 (also known as Allura Red AC), and others.

Like artificial sweeteners, consumption of azo dyes might not be as harmful as some claim, but there is evidence that these chemicals can cause various negative effects in the body.

At LEGION, we never use artificial food dyes because they carry potential health risks and add nothing but color. Do you really care if your pre-workout drink is a natural shade of light red, or a deep, toxic-looking crimson?

We didn’t think so.

No exaggerated, deceptive advertising or endorsements.

honest supplements

Call us melodramatic, but feel like we’re getting slapped in the face every time we flip through a bodybuilding magazine.

Ad after ad feature hulking freaks hawking one pill or powder or the other as if it has anything to do with why they’re so big and lean.

How dumb do these marketers think we are?

At LEGION, we feel the facts alone should sell our products. Fitness models that truly believe in and endorse certain products are well and fine, but that’s of secondary importance.

No over-charging and under-delivering.

How annoying is it to buy a $50 bottle of product only to discover that it only lasts 10 days if you follow the usage directions?

Half-filled buckets…ridiculously large serving sizes…recommendations of several scoops per serving.

We understand, and we disagree.

Because of our commitment to using clinically effective dosages and safe, healthy ingredients, we could price our products at the top of th

At LEGION, we not only provide you with, in some cases, 4-5 times the effective ingredients per serving as our competitors, but we also ensure that you get enough in every bottle to last longer than a week or two.

The Heart of LEGION

heart of legion

We’re committed to delivering effective workout supplements with high-quality, healthy ingredients that have published scientific literature to back them up; and to providing a great value in terms of price and cost per serving.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another sport supplement company committed to good science, proper dosing, and healthy ingredients as we are. (I can save you the time and let you know that nobody else is doing it.)

I don’t see us as just a supplement company.We’re a research company.

We’re obsessed with the world of health and fitness science, and with educating ourselves and others on how we can safely and inexpensively optimize our athletic performance and thus get the most out of our training, sporting, and nutrition.

We’re not just looking to build a company. We’re looking to build a culture.

We believe in respecting our customers, telling things like it is, and delivering what we promise. We believe that honesty and integrity sell better than cutting corners and relying on ridiculous advertisements and lies.

We don’t just want to sell you pills and powders, we want to change the supplement industry for the better.

learn more legion athletics


What do you think about what we’re doing with LEGION? Have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Chris

    Love the look!

    • Michael Matthews


  • Flinzer

    I wonder how much shipping to Australia will be?
    Would love to say I could give your product a go!

    • Michael Matthews

      Not sure but we’re looking into international shipping options. If we can figure out something reasonable, we will!

  • Nicolas

    Amazing Mike , Congratulations for the new brand!

    i have a question about the recharge product , i’m used to have my muscles sored about 3-5 days after a heavy-lifting workout, this one is gonna help me ?
    there’s a lot off contradictive information about glutamine out there , i dont know if it really worth the try

    Thanks , and i hope that this brand make a real change

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Nick! Glutamine is not going to affect muscle soreness, no. But it will help fight off overtraining.

      Carnitine has been proven to improve muscle recovery, so it may affect soreness. Remember though that muscle can be fully recovered before soreness is gone, so that isn’t necessarily the best way to know if you’re recovered or not. Strength is a better indicator (if you’re at full strength again, you’re good to go).

  • Alexa White

    How will the fenugreek affect hormones for women?

    • Michael Matthews

      Good question. I haven’t seen any studies on this, but even if it had the same effect as it has in men, it wouldn’t be enough to cause any issues.

      • Alexa White

        Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely be trying these out when they are available.

        It struck me today that I’m actually looking forward to working out tonight. What a difference good info and a solid routine has made for me! Keep up the good work!

  • terry

    Fuck yes, about time !

    • Michael Matthews

      I know! 🙂

  • Sebastian

    Take my money!!!

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      Hahah 😉

  • Gus

    Congrats and I am waay stoked here about it all!!

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  • António Alves

    So what slogan did you end up choosing?
    I think it’s great you are starting your own business, and even though you might not have as many orders initially as other supplement companies, it really should be a matter of time. An idea to promote it could be to go to those bodybuilding conventions and have your own place there! Many people would try it, including bodybuilders I guess. Then your customers are just going to spread the word, and soon enough you’ll have a pretty strong customer base!
    Wish you the best for your business!

    • Michael Matthews

      The slogan is “Backed by science, proven by you.”

      Thanks for the kind words. I think the products will get great word of mouth.

      We’ll definitely be going to conventions.

      Thanks for your support! I hope you like the products!

  • Mario

    This is so rad dude….so proud of you. The products look amazing, the ingredients look incredible and I am sure you are going to dominate this shitty, over-hyped market. Proud to say you are my brother-in-law…now send me some fucking samples.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks man. 🙂 I’ll give you a 5% family discount? 😛

  • Gareth

    Well done Mike , youve done it again , given us honest products that work at a sensible price . Cant wait to try them . I really hope these products take off . Its about time we had a bit of honesty in the suppliment industry . Good to see you are also using Stevia as a sweetner, so many use Aspartane nowerdays

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Gareth! Really glad you like what we’re doing.

  • Sebastian

    Watch out when you say curing cancer, the FDA will sue you for saying that there is a cure lol

    • Michael Matthews

      Haha yeah I am just talking about the placebo effect though, not my products. 😉

  • sharon spain

    Web site looks great and works well, could use a lil spice.js:-)
    GRRR88888T JOB!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks so much!

  • Olly

    This looks slick as hell mike – your books take out the guess work as it is, this can only help – great work. The price seems reasonable too. When will you be looking at the international market? Supplements are getting pretty big out here in the UAE!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Really glad you like it. We’re looking into international stuff right now. Probably have to get in with distributors in various countries… Would love to visit the UAE. 🙂

  • kevin

    mike = god

    • Michael Matthews

      Hahah 😉

  • gary tracey

    Hey Mike, will legion products be available, in ireland

    • Michael Matthews

      Possibly! We’re looking into international shipping options…

  • Ivan Stipetić

    Your are leading a new way in fitness industry. Thank you Mike!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Ivan!

  • Marty

    Fantastic Mike !!
    Great look and you really know what you are getting for your money. This will really help the guess work and confusion for us when we are trying to find the right product, and working through all the marketing hype.
    Look forward to trying them out. Will they be available outside the US?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Marty! Really glad you like it.

      We will be taking orders within a few weeks. Just have to wrap up some final manufacturing and website related things.

  • Gabe

    This is the best development in the supplement industry. I’m super stoked for it!
    I’m being super nit-picky, especially for a post workout formula but I was wondering if your Whey+ is crossflow-microfiltered, ion-exchange or used an other processing method? Is the whey also hormone free?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Gabe! I’m glad you like what we’re doing.

      The whey is rBGH free but I’m not sure about the processing method–I’m going to find out.

      • Gabe

        Thanks, Mike! Appreciate that, again it’s certainly not a deal breaker one way or another as it’s not an all day whey where all the intact immunoglobulins etc might be a bonus point but the more info the better 🙂

        • Michael Matthews

          Yeah I totally agree. Going to get more info on it.

          • Gabe

            Any word on the processing method, Mike?

          • Michael Matthews

            Yup, cold- and ultra-filtration, low-acid. Updating page today or tomorrow. 🙂

          • Gabe

            Awesome! Thanks for checking in. Can’t wait for the day I can order 🙂

          • Michael Matthews

            Thanks Gabe! Soon! Had a couple website snags but things are rolling…

  • Tony Spinelli

    As always I stand behind what you say 100%. To the best of my knowledge you have never lied about anything.
    I will without a doubt use your supplements as soon as I finish up all of the ON stuff I have.
    Thanks Mike for always having our wellbeing in mind.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Tony! Really appreciate your support.

  • DScott

    This is a fantastic idea Mike and I really like every thing you have done to help people get fit . I had a couple questions , Will there be other flavors of the Whey+? and are you going to make the scoop easier to find then those other companies? Hehe I think we can all agree it sucks when we open up a new container of our favorite protein powder and have flashbacks of when we were kids looking for the junk toy they put in the bottom of cereal box.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks so much!

      Yes we will be releasing other flavors. We just decided to launch with chocolate because it’s the most commonly bought flavor.

      Yeah hate that. To be fair, powders DO settle, but it’s the serving size and number of servings that really sucks in some cases.

  • Ryan E Howard

    Hi Mike will you be shipping to the U.K?

    • Michael Matthews

      We’re looking into it!

  • Joe

    Very promising! Good luck with this company! By the way, do you design your websites? If not, who does if you can disclose? They are AAA work.

  • Shane

    This looks amazing im very exited to be able to try this stuff out

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Shane!

  • António Alves

    Don’t forget to put them in “Supplements” section as a recommendation, now that Legion is up we don’t need people buying whey from ON, but instead they should be trying whey+! When it comes out that is.

    • Michael Matthews

      Definitely! They’ll be going in there soon!

  • Sam Wood

    Great work mike! I know you’ve been working your ass off on this, and thanks as always for delivering products you can be proud of, and that (along with seriously hard work) help ppl reach their goals. Count me in!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Sam! Really appreciate your support!

  • Jorge

    Mike, will you be shipping to Brazil?

    • Michael Matthews

      We’re looking into international shipping. Not sure yet. I should know more in the next week or two…

  • Edison Nunez

    I really think you’re right Mike, it is revolutionary for the fitness community to have no bs supplements..and maybe it sounds crazy but I think it would of be awesome to take it to the media and take this to another level..I’m telling you!..next thing you know there will be ufc fighters walking out with a bad ads legend shirt Ann hat! …and once again Mike…the fitness community will thank you.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the encouraging words. And I definitely plan on hiring a PR company to help spread the word once Legion is launched.

  • Edison Nunez

    Legion will be a legend lol

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks man. 🙂

  • Shane Clark

    ive read this 3 times now and i get more exited every time this product is exactly what im looking for and i am sold on it.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

  • Shane Clark

    Oh my God mike your products mainly your protien and pre workout are some of the best stuff ive ever seen im pre ordering and cant wait for this awesome stuff to come out

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Shane! I really appreciate it! We will be ready to take orders within 2-3 weeks!

  • Mike

    Great, Its about time someone sets the bar higher. One question, How are you going to prove the efficacy of your products ?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Mike!

      I’ll be posting certificates of analysis on the website that prove they contain exactly what I say they do.

  • Joe

    Mike, do you have your own manufacturing facility or are you using capacity in one of those “other” supplement companies? If so, how do they feel about your campaign against what they’re doing as part of the industry?

    • Michael Matthews

      I’m using one of the largest manufacturers in the industry–GMP, Inc 500 company, has won several industry awards. They’re not the cheapest, but they actually give you what you pay for.

      Funny enough my account rep is really excited for me. He’s into working out and also hates all the BS.

  • John

    Hey Mike, really excited for the new supplement line. I was looking through all the products and I have a question about the best way to take Recharge. It says you may need several servings a day. Is there a particular time during the day that is the best time to take it? Immediately post workout? Evenly throughout the day? Right before bed? Will it be a problem to put a few servings in a big jug of water and drink it throughout the day?

    Thanks man. Looking forward to getting my hands on some of this stuff.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks John!

      You can take it anytime, with or without food. Simple. 🙂

      The jug idea would be great. Help you get in your daily gallon. 🙂

  • Mike D.

    Mike, I’m a big fan of your books and website, but I think you’re overstating the case more than a little. Yes, there is a lot of junk out there on the supplement market, but you can say that about pretty much any market. As consumers, we have to educate ourselves on the things we spend hard-earned money on, including supplements. Me personally, ON’s Gold Standard whey and creatine are staples of my supplement regimen, along with Carlson’s fish oil and a greens-based multi. As for a pre-workout, I make my own with a few base ingredients. If you want to sell supplements, Mike, go for it and God bless. But I think you’re being unfair to some good companies out there.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for the comment Mike!

      The honest truth is things are worse than you could imagine in this industry.

      I use and recommend ON because they’re one of the few legitimate companies in the game. The harsh statements I make about supplement companies don’t apply to them.

      But I know from the inside now (the manufacturing side) how bad some other companies truly are. Cutting protein with flour and/or malto, lying on supplement fact panels, filling pills with sawdust, using analogues of illegal drugs, and on and on.

      Trust me…it’s MUCH worse than you think…

      • Mike D.

        Thanks for your reply. Your stuff looks good; I’ll be giving it a try. I have tried many supplements, attempted to understand the science behind them, etc. There are some nice needles in the haystack, but you’re right: There’s a whole lot of haystack to go through. I saw a two-page spread in Muscle and Fitness for “The Jay Cutler Elite Series” supplements, with Cutler saying, “These are the products that I take.” Yeah, right. Can I get your steroids, too, Jay? What a joke.

        • Michael Matthews

          YW, and thanks for the support.

          Lol yeah same with Ronnie’s line. And if you took the amount of drugs Cutler is on, you’d have a heart attack day 1. 😉

      • Louis

        Sawdust! Did NOT expect that… how low can they go… :O

  • Patrick M. Fraher

    Back in March of 2010, I was taking EAS Myoplex Original as a protein drink; therefore, I was consuming it several times a day. During this time, I was submitted into the hosptial for kidney failure. I found out later that, in many cases, Consumer Reports found that many of these protein drinks contained low to moderate levels of heavy metals and other harmful contaminants like arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium. Consumer Reports sent 15 protein drinks to an independent lab to be tested for these contaminants in which 3 did contain them! They were EAS Myoplex Original Rich Dark Chocolate Shake, Muscle Milk chocolate powder, and Muscle Milk vanilla crème. Overexposure to cadmium can harm the kidneys. I have recovered through several types of medications and have had no issue training close to 2 years now using ON supplements. EAS you can go fuck yourself.

    ref: http://supplement-geek.com/eas-myoplex-and-muscle-milk-do-they-contain-toxins

    Count me in on LEGION, Mike. Let’s nail these deceiving bastards once in for all.

    • Michael Matthews

      Wow that’s ridiculous, but I’m not surprised at all.

      I’ve gotten quite a bit of info about what really goes down behind the scenes and it’s just downright despicable…

      Thanks for your support. I think you’ll really like the products.

  • Patrick M. Fraher

    Back in March of 2010, I was taking EAS Myoplex Original as a protein drink; therefore, I was consuming it several times a day. During this time, I was submitted into the hosptial for kidney failure. I found out later that, in many cases, Consumer Reports found that many of these protein drinks contained low to moderate levels of heavy metals and other harmful contaminants like arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium. Consumer Reports sent 15 protein drinks to an independent lab to be tested for these contaminants in which 3 did contain them! They were EAS Myoplex Original Rich Dark Chocolate Shake, Muscle Milk chocolate powder, and Muscle Milk vanilla crème. Overexposure to cadmium can harm the kidneys. I have recovered through several types of medications and have had no issue training close to 2 years now using ON supplements. EAS you can go fuck yourself.

    ref: http://supplement-geek.com/eas-myoplex-and-muscle-milk-do-they-contain-toxins

    Count me in on LEGION, Mike.

  • Chris

    Mike, will we able to get the products in the UK? I’m a big fan of your books and think your fans over here would like some supplements too.

    • Michael Matthews

      Yes definitely. We are working this out… Glad you like my work! 🙂

      • Bionicbloke

        I’m pleased to hear these are going to be available in the UK. I can see these supplements taking off…..

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks! Haha I hope so!

  • Jeromy Fairbanks

    Is the whey grass fed? It looks good I will be a guinea pig for sure man.

    • Michael Matthews

      Good question! I have an inquiry in with my supplier on this. Thanks for your interest!

      • Will

        Mike: Grass fed whey is important to me as well, have you found out the answer to this yet? If your whey is not grass fed, I’m happy to listen to any reasons you may have as to why non-grass fed whey is just as good. Thanks!

        • Michael Matthews

          Hey Will,

          Yeah I actually just heard back a couple days ago, and ironically, the grass-fed claim is shady.

          To make this claim, the cows only need to be fed grass for 90 days.

          My supplier said yes, the cows that provided the milk for WHEY+ ate grass, but I’m not going to even use the claim because it’s misleading. I can’t know for sure how long the cows were fed only grass…

          • Jayden

            Wow you really know your s###, not that I doubted that. But MOST if not all other manufacturers wouldn’t even think twice to advertise it as grass-fed not really knowing the actual facts. That’s very honest and big of you. Can’t wait to try these supps!

          • Michael Matthews

            Thanks Jayden. Yeah most companies do exactly that. I Hope you like my products! I appreciate the support!

          • Akash Handa

            wow Mike – my respect for you like doubled with that post :-/

            Btw – how do I obtain these in Asia (singapore) without paying an arm and a leg for shipping lol. Any plans to expand on local channels here?

          • Michael Matthews

            Thanks brother! Haha yeah international distribution is on the list just gotta get settled in here in the States first.

          • Rafael

            You’re an honest entrepreneur, we need that thanks

          • Thanks Rafael. 🙂

  • Jade

    Awesome! Pulse looks amazing.. I can’t wait for the UK launch 🙂 Will any of the products be suitable for vegans? Sorry if you’ve already answered this question..

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Jade! Really appreciate it.

      Good question–I’m going to check the sources of the aminos.

      • Tom

        Any word yet on the vegan friendliness of any of these products? Many sources of BCAAs come from human hair or bird feathers, so it’s discouraging to hear someone go on and on about clean supps but then not know the sources of their own products.

  • S Wall

    Mike can you also fit in supplying Ireland (Republic of Ireland) too?

    • Michael Matthews

      I believe Amazon can ship cheaply there too! (I am using Amazon to fulfill orders.)

  • John

    Hi Mike,
    Having recent bought your book “The shredded chef” and reading it thoroughly, I have decided to get my protein, carbs and fats from food sources only for the foreseeable future. And stop wasting my time with expensive, ineffective supplements.
    Although if your whey protein does become available in the UK I will look into purchasing it. Will it be stocked and dispatched to the consumer in the UK from a UK source, to save on P&P costs?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for the comment John! There’s definitely nothing wrong with sticking to whole food. That said, if you’re going to use any supplements, protein powder is definitely convenient, and I would recommend a multi for general health, and creatine if you want the boost in the gym.

      We are looking into the best way to fulfill UK orders. Amazon’s US fulfillment services actually ship quite inexpensively, so it might be that simple…

      • John

        Thanks for the reply. I have liked your Facebook page so I will keep up to date with the progress of your “Legion” supplement range.

        • Michael Matthews

          Awesome, thanks John!

  • Crash

    Hey Mike,
    I’ll definitly try this creatine of yours !!
    Are you going to have casein also in the future (I’m using the ON one at the moment)?
    Also as I train fasted, I always take some BCAA, the one from SciVation (Xtend), what do you think of this one? Are you going to sell BCAA?
    If you did I could buy everything I need from you !!
    Good luck with your project I’m sure it will be a success !

    • Michael Matthews


      Yup, we will definitely be doing a casein.

      That is a decent BCAA. Modern BCAAs is good too.

      I’m either going to do a naturally sweetened, naturally flavored BCAA, or a similar product that has better aminos than isoleucine and valine because quite frankly both are pretty worthless–leucine is all you really want out of the 3.

      • Crash

        Thanks a lot for your answer !
        Can’t wait to be able to have all those products from a reliable source !!
        Thanks again for your work !

        • Michael Matthews

          You’re welcome and thanks so much! I appreciate your support!

  • Joe


    Legion Whey + label says 102 calories per serving. By my calc, 26g protein, 1.4g carbs, 0.41g fat = 113 calories.

    Not a big deal, just wondering how that is possible! Doesn’t seem like rounding is an issue since the quantities are given in decimal places! 🙂

    • Michael Matthews

      Good question!

      The 4x4x9 rule of thumb isn’t 100% accurate, that’s all. It’s close enough for our purposes, but when you measure the calories of food using bomb calorimetry, it’s always a little different than the 4x4x9 method.

  • Paulo PaulaCarvalho

    Hi Michael
    will you be delivering overseas? Like Portugal ?

    • Michael Matthews


  • Robert M

    The pre-ordering still hasn’t commenced, correct? I am super pumped for it.
    I actually quit buying supplements quite a long time ago now as I figured out their scam about 2-3 years ago or so when I started researching the stuff and figuring out all the BS… and because it was too expensive to buy everything I wanted individually. I stumbled upon your site about a month ago and have been pleased with the stuff you post. I could go on, but I’m not here to just flatter, I actually had some questions too, ha! Like I said before, I don’t really use supplements anymore; however, I want to try yours as they seem like the first legitimate supplements on the market with all the stuff that I would want in my supplements. My question is, will you offer a recommended use guide for the supplements? For example I would probably use the whey protein post-workout, but then you have the recovery supplement, so would I combine them? Or would you combine the creatine with your other supplements for pre/post-workout? I guess I rely on my nutrition for a lot of my needs rather than supplements, so I am confused as to when/how to incorporate all of yours in to my routine.

    • Michael Matthews

      Nope, it starts Monday. And thanks a lot for the kind words–I really appreciate your support.

      Yeah, a guide would be smart. I’m going to make a note of that. 🙂 To answer your questions though:

      I would do the whey and recovery after training, but not mixed together (will taste funky). Creatine post-workout as well.

      Hope this helps! Lemme know!

  • Debbie

    Mike: Please look at our product Play Again. We have clinical data from our double blind randomized trial conducted for safety and efficacy.

    Thank you! Debbie Ecksten, President, Viscos, LLC
    [email protected]

  • Larry

    Mike, Pulse says 82 calories and only 4 carbs. Where are the extra calories coming from? Thanks bro.

    • Michael Matthews

      The amino acids, believe it or not. I too was surprised and had it bomb caliometry tested and that’s the result.

      The reason why I was surprised is that means that either a) other companies blatantly lie about the calories per serving in their pres, or b) they put basically nothing in them but stimulants and 0-calorie powder fillers. Probably a combination of both, lol.

      • Larry

        Ok, thanks. I am counting my macronutrients, so should I count 4g carbs and 16.5g protein?

        • Michael Matthews

          No, I wouldn’t count protein as the protein we want is a collection of essential amino acids that our body uses to repair tissue. The amino acids in Pulse are not these.

          I would just count the carbs and factor in the calories.

      • Jamie yates

        That’s good news, thanks for your time.

        • Michael Matthews

          My pleasure. 🙂

  • Jamie yates

    Has there been any development on the sale of these supplements in the UK yet?

    • Michael Matthews

      Yeah I’ve started the process but it will take a few months. Lawyers have to review all formulations and labels first, which will start soon.

  • NicciSmith13

    I am new to the world of fitness and taking care of myself. The more I read of your books and articles, the more lucky I feel to have literally stumbled upon your work and information. It is encouraging to see that someone out there actually cares about truth and honesty, as well as showing those of us who are pretty well uninformed about how to best take care of ourselves.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words. 🙂 Let me know how everything goes!

  • Brad

    Hey mike I just started listening to your podcast and heard you mention that you might be doing a multivitamin or maybe BCAA’s. Granted, it was a podcast from 2 or 3 months ago, but I wasn’t sure if you were still thinking about launching more stuff for Legion. Thoughts?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Brad! Yes absolutely, lots more to come. 🙂

  • Brian

    Do you provide or sell samples of your Legion pre-workout? I have pre-jym right now and I like that it doesn’t use proprietary blends but the taste is so horrid it gives me a headache just smelling it. I want to try your pre-workout but don’t want to spend $40 before tasting it. Thanks!

    • Michael Matthews

      Not yet because samples are REALLY expensive, but it’s on the list!

      I hear you on the PreJYM. If you don’t like Pulse you can always send it back for a full refund. No big deal.

      • Brian

        Cool, thanks! I’ll give it a shot soon.

        • Michael Matthews

          Great, lemme know how you like it!

  • Robyn

    Love this website, sadly I’ve only come across it now 🙁 are Legion products available in Ireland? 🙂

    • Michael Matthews

      Haha thanks Robyn. Yes we can ship to you!

  • Serge

    Michael, I have a question. Do you think that Shakeology “healthiest meal of the day” (product by BeachBody) really worth its price tag or it is just another good marketing product? They claim that it contains ton of healthy superfoods. I’m interested in your opinion. Thanks!

  • elias

    MIke im loving the WHEY+ and the recovery, but i was just wondering if you are gonna make a BCAA product

  • Serge

    Michael, I have a question. Do you think that a Shakeology (which is called by “healthiest
    meal of the day” -product by BeachBody) really worth its price tag or it
    is just another marketing move? According to the nutrition guide, it contains lots of superfoods. I’m interested in your opinion. Thanks!

    • Michael Matthews

      It’s overhyped and overpriced. Save your money and eat food instead.

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  • Mark

    You are killing me with this sold out status. Entered my E-mail for notification. Guess I shouldn’t wait so long to re-order. Might you consider instituting an auto-renewal/auto-ship feature for your new legion products? Congrats on the success. May many more batches be sold out in the future!

    • Michael Matthews

      I’m really sorry! What happened is I wasn’t able to predict how quickly the sales would pick up and production is slooooow (5 weeks is FAST–8 weeks is normal).

      That said, I have some sales projects and financial planning in place that should prevent it from happening again.

      Yup a subscription service will be coming in the next couple of months.

      Thanks for your support and patience. I really appreciate it.

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  • Katharine

    What should the daily supplement list be for a healthy 60 year old woman Mike?

    • Michael Matthews

      Good question! I would say a good multivitamin, vitamin D, fish oil, and spirulina.

  • Adam

    What are your thoughts on D.A.V.?

    • Michael Matthews

      What’s that?

      • Adam

        Deer Antler Velvet spray. A guy I know swears by it. But he’s a body builder. Go figure.

        • Michael Matthews

          Oh. Yeah that shit is worthless.

  • Susie Coutts

    You have a wealth of knowledge & im so glad your sharing it, after reading many of your articles, I genuinely trust your advice & hope to purchase some of the products when they are available in the UK! Thanks again Mike!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thank you! I really appreciate it!

  • peter butterworth

    Hi Mike, recently started to read your articles and have bought a couple of your books. All very informative and inspiring, so keep up the good work! I wanted to ask about the supplements you sell. I’m interested in the whey protein and pulse products but unable to order them on Amazon since I am based in the UK. Are there any good quality supplements that you could recommend of a similar vein for me to purchase until the Legion brand becomes available in the UK?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Peter!

      Ah yeah I’ll be getting UK distribution set up later this year.

      Optimum Nutrition’s stuff is generally good. Try their natural whey protein and PRE.

      • peter butterworth

        Thanks Mike, that’s really helpful. I’ll watch out for the Legion products and in the meantime, will check out Optimum Nutrition.

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks man! 🙂

  • momof3

    Are Legion products sold in any retail stores in Ohio?

    • Michael Matthews

      No, we’re not in retail stores yet–online only.

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  • Suresh Shukla

    Hi Mike,

    I just wanted to start taking Creatine but have a query. Do I need to take it only on those days when I am working out and not on my off days? Also, after around 3 weeks from now, I will be travelling for a week and wont be able to work-out. So should I start the creatine now or after that week off?


    • Michael Matthews

      Take it every day. You can start now and just resume after you’re back.

      • Suresh Shukla

        Thanks Mike, you are always very helpful.

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks 🙂

  • Yarsh

    Hi Mike, I am 35, 220lbs, and have never really worked out. I have committed to getting in shape, and my first step was Weight Watchers – with which I lost 22 pounds since Jan 1. I decided to move on from WW and get active in the Gym to continue the weight loss, but start muscle building. I have since read through Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, I also have the gym membership and have been working out 4 or 5 days a week for 2 weeks now. (Although I have yet to see any weight loss since being at the gym, I am not concerned just yet…)

    My question is about pre-workout routines. I have purchased the Whey+ and Pulse products. I noticed in BLS, when you describe a typical daily routine, you mention a whey drink pre-workout, but don’t mention other pre-workout supplements. What would you recommend for a pre/post workout routine, as I have both Whey+ and Pulse?… Thanks in advance.

    • Michael Matthews

      Hey! Cool on everything you’ve done so far and aweseome let’s get you going on BLS!

      Yeah you could have some Whey+ with carbs pre with a scoop or two of Pulse (depends on how you do with caffeine later in the day) and then eat dinner after.

      What do you think?

  • Nathan Bennett

    Do you have those clinically proven scientific results you cite regarding the ingredients so people can see and objectively verify if it’s correct? It would be pretty hypocritical to write a massive advertisement explaining how “your” supplements are proven compared to “theirs” and not give any evidence as to why.

    • Michael Matthews

      Yes all studies are referenced for your review.

  • jjw

    I take Isopure protein powder and a BCAA before I workout. if I was to do the fasting workout should I not take the Isopure protein powder before?

    • Michael Matthews

      Exactly as that will break the fasted state. Just the BCAAs.

  • Khalid Al-Ani

    Hey Mike. Great website! I signed up for email notifications to be informed when Legion Whey+ would be available again, but do you have a rough estimate of when it’ll be back in stock?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Yeah 4-6 weeks and then it won’t run out anymore!

      • Khalid Al-Ani


        I was also wondering if you knew anything about BioTrust. They basically charge 50 dollars for a two weeks’ supply of supposedly really tasty protein powder that has 4 grams of fiber.

        • Michael Matthews

          Yeah I don’t like that company. Their marketing is so hype-ridden and their products are meh.

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  • lolo

    Hey Mike, I’ve been dying to try your legion protein powder but for the past month every time I go to purchase, it is out of stock. When can I expect that the supply will be refilled so I can place an order?

    • Michael Matthews

      Sorry about the stocking issues at Legion. Demand has just been WAY higher than I had anticipated and I’m also moving over to a larger manufacturer that will be able to give me better turnaround times…BUT I’m catching up. I’ve placed a very large order that should handle it and keep everything in stock going forward.

      Everything will be back in stock by the end of this month and we won’t be running out of stock anymore!

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  • Abraham Cader

    I’ve started at the gym 2 months ago. I am 44 weigh 72.5kg and 1.72m tall. I want to gain a six pack. My current diet is a bowl of Kellogs corn flakes with full cream milk (100ml) no sugar in the morning. I have 2 large carrots cut in strips (compensating for the crisps I use to eat) at about 10h00. A bowl of mixed fruit usually banana orange strawberries paw paw at 12h00 and a 150ml low fat yoghurt at 13h00. A fruit at 15h00. In between the day I have about 3 to 4 cups of tea no sugar with full cream milk. I don’t eat anything thereafter till I hit the gym at 18h30 and I have a 200ml USN protein whey before training and 200ml after. Thereafter i have supper. Training is 15 min cardiovascular and 30 min weightlifting. I can’t see the gut being defined. What am I doing wrong? Or what should I do differently.

  • OlderMom

    I have been trying to order from Legion for about a half hour now and everytime I click add to cart is says added and when I go to my cart, it says cart is empty…Something is wrong with the site :o(

    • Michael Matthews

      Arg sorry about that. We’ve been upgrading the cart and it’s been acting up. Are you still having this issue?

      • OlderMom

        I just left the site, I got tired of trying.

        • Michael Matthews

          Sorry about that. It should be fixed.

  • TPC2300

    Any plans on coming to Australia? We need some good quality proteins here that I trust.

    • Michael Matthews

      Definitely. EU first but Oz is on the list.

    • Hi TPC2300, Active Supplements opened about a month ago selling Legion supplements in Australia. Check it out here http://active-supplements.com….

      If you click on the “get discount” button and “like” our page you get 10% off your first order.

      As I write; Recharge should be in stock within a week and Whey+ in a couple of weeks or so. Triumph will be a little bit longer but Legion are working on it.

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  • Sheldon

    Hey,Mike..I’ve been working out for years now,without supplements,steroids and stuff…just pure food.
    I’m an engineering student and I’ve started working just to aid myself financially to fuel my passion for being healthy..I am considering buying your supplements.
    Will they be available in India? :/

  • wes

    Mike what the deal with kre alkalyn creatine vs. Your regular monohydrate ? Is there really a big difference ?

  • Michael Matthews

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article! I hope you enjoyed it.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I do my best to check and reply to every comment left on my blog, so don’t be shy!

    Oh and if you like what I have to say, you should sign up for my free weekly newsletter! You’ll get awesome, science-based health and fitness tips, delicious “guilt-free” recipes, articles to keep you motivated, and much more!

    You can sign up here:


    Your information is safe with me too. I don’t share, sell, or rent my lists. Pinky swear!

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  • Jesse

    You’re an animal man. True inspiration to what I want to do and be in life. I’m currently enrolling to double major in nutrition and exercise science at Georgia State. If you can spare time to give me any advice or pointers going forth in my future career, I’m all ears.

    Thank you for truly standing up and standing out in the industry.

    (Currently reading the second book I got from you)

  • carmen gianpetro

    Years ago i believed a similar marketing tactic by a man called Bill Phillips and I bought it hook,line,and sinker and that included every supplement.i was a true believer.Muscle Media 2000 was my Bible,but i think we all knew how that turned out.I really want to believe in you and your products, but am very leery.I currently use Beverly products and for the most part am satisfied ,but am in a rut,As a 64 yr old man with knee replacements in my near future,im looking for the utmost advantage.Thank you’

    • I totally understand! I think BP started with the right idea but went in a direction that I wouldn’t personally take.

      Beverly is a good company. Just limited in their product offerings.

      Let me know if I can answer any questions.

  • carmen gianpetro

    when is your book 2 on leaner,stronger coming out?i will buy it now. the thing is i have to take care of my heart also and you seem to recognize protein sources without animal fats.Any chance for seniors on fixed incomes who still want to live a little longer,look good and still have a sex life,senior discounts? Remember,im still have to be nimble enough on the south side of chi-town to dodge stray bullets!

    • Do you mean the sequel to Thinner Leaner Stronger? Later this year, I think.

      You can do great at just about any age. Even people in their 70s can build muscle and lose fat!

  • Kim Jenkins

    Mike I have been working out for years without much change. I eat mostly quality foods but have only paid attention to keeping sugars and chemicals low. I am 46 and ran a marathon last year and got too skinny. Then continued on the many carbs and did not watch my food and gained 15#. I honestly am not so much worried about the weight but want to cut and finally see change in my body composition. I have tons of energy and sleep well. I have been lifting 5 days a week but honestly have been afraid of heavy weights and always do cardio bursts between sets. I am excited to do your program. Here is my question and I tried scrolling through all of the comments but may have missed it – I am vegan, 100% and need a good quality vegan protein powder. I have to be vegan as I am in kidney failure (early stages and my kidney does not process animal proteins well) so I have to stay strict. Casein is particularly bad for me. My specialist is okay with the amount of protein you have recommended I just have to keep animal protein out of my diet. Do you have a vegan recommendation? I truly need to change the way I eat but work as an occupational therapist working with kids with disabilities and my days are busy so eating full meal is difficult. I found your book and articles refreshing, information and very helpful and have shared your ideas with many people. Also I am training for a mini tri in a few months so I have to do more cardio then you recommend so how should I tweak diet to account for more exercise? I don’t want to give up weight lifting. Thanks and I apologize for this wordiness.

  • Billy

    Hey Mike, I am male 19, 140 lbs 5’8″ . I get to the gym 5-6 times a week and have been going for 8 months with very little success and haven’t gained much weight or anything. As of right now here is my Exercise Routine: 4 days at the gym I do 45 mins of heavy lifting followed by 15 mins of cardio, 1 day 30 mins of just cardio, and the last day if i haven’t missed any is half lifting/ half cardio. I try to eat a lot of food with proteins in it. As for supplements here is my regular: I have EAS Chocolate 100% Whey protein I take always after workout and then occasionally another at a different point in the day, 6 star Elite Series Creatine after Workout, and 6 star Testosterone Booster once in the morning and once after workout. What can I do so I can loose the little bit of fat over my stomach so that my abs can show through, and then also gain muscle overall because I’m very small. Im nervous diving into all these supplements and things because I don’t know what I can trust.

  • Beverley

    Hi Mike ,Big fan, my question is (and I have not seen your pills yet)
    most supplements look like horse pills! I have a problem taking them,
    what are yours like? would you consider making more girly friendly supplements?
    smaller . I understand that I would probably have to take more of them , this isn’t a problem . thank you

    • Thanks! Haha mine are not large pills. I hate horse pills. 🙂

  • John

    Hi Mike,

    I just started reading about your goals and accomplishments and you honestly have awed me. I started working out at a very young age and always have been a huge health enthusiast/weight trainer. I am not a senior at California State University, Chico studying biochemistry. I will be graduating next semester and originally wanted to go into pharmaceutical sales. This was a very money driven career outlook. I’ve always known that my true interest lies in physical fitness, nutrition, and the awareness of the lifestyle. Reading your posts I feel the enthusiasm and excitement you hold in your developing work. You have inspired me to follow a path that is not money driven, but what I truly believe in. Thank you for that mike. I’m glad there are people out there that don’t live in this “dog eat dog world” and actually follow what they believe is right and assess the big question, “what can I do to make a difference?” Hope to hear from you soon Mike!

    -John Miller

    • Thanks a lot John. I’m flattered and honored. This industry needs more people like you. Badly. Heh.

  • troy sereduk

    If only the protein was vegan. i hate being allergic to whey. makes it hard to know what powder to use for building muscle!

  • Marian Boricean

    Reading through the comments… I couldn’t find a single negative one. And that says a lot about your work Mike. I’m also a huge fan since I discovered Bigger Leaner Stronger. I got into the fitness world thanks to another well known Mike (Chang) and ironically enough, because of him I discovered you. He advertised Audible.com and recommended some fitness audio books and that’s how I found Bigger Leaner Stronger. I’m happy that I did and I’m lucky to have http://www.muscleforlife.com in my browser’s bookmarks.
    I am not from US, but I work for an American Company and for now I will be able to purchase your amazing supplements. Not sure what’s going to happen in the future but who knows… maybe you’ll expand in Eastern Europe as well 🙂


    • Thanks so much man! I really appreciate it.

      LOL did Change promote my book? If so that’s greate.

      Definitely keep me posted on how it goes. And yes I will be getting Legion into Europe later this year or early next! 🙂

      • saveourskills

        probably not. Like me he probably read some other book and this came up as being “related” That’s how I found BLS on audible

  • Sam

    Hey Mike, is your product available in Singapore? if not, any suggestion how can i get it here?

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  • Chris Robbins

    Is there anywhere to order these products other than ordering from the website?

  • I agree. I too have spent hundreds of dollars a month on supplements. I study and research every single ingredient in them and usually end up just going out and buying my own individual components which as you know can add up dollarwise. I just got some of your Phoenix which will arrive today and ordered the AutoShip every month. I’m going to give it a try. I will also check out your whey because that’s something I take quite a lot of as well.

    I really like your philosophy and your attitude.

    • That’s smart and thanks a lot for your support. Let me know how you like Phoenix.

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  • Steve

    Hey Mike, Hope you’re well. Have also purchased BLS 2 weeks ago, read it cover to cover about 3 times. I’m definittely a big ‘numbers’ guy. So the calorie counting advice etc is right down my alley. So yeah thanks for all your hard and genuine work.

    I wanted your opinion on an Australian based supplements company that originated in New Zealand. They have a great rep and in my opinion based on their own product reviews and details, they seem to be quite genuine. Ie. They will tell you on a certain product, ‘because of the purity of this product it is more prone to clumping, so we recommend stirring as opposed to excessive shaking.’
    This seems quite honest to me, like why would a company practically talk badly about their own products. Their labeling and claims are also not outrageous like most other brands(maxius etc). No cartoon body builders on the front, just plain packaging with all the necessary details. I would recommend this site to any australia buyers. They also do $12 flat rate posting anywhere in AUS regardless of how big your order is!
    Mike if you can take the time can you please have a quick scan of their website and give me your opinion on their products/business ethic? Especially in regards to their WPI protein and creatine monohydrate.

    Leading on to a previously asked question. Are legion products available to australia yet? I noticed the products are even sold on Amazon, so perhaps they would ship internationally? The reason i asked the previous question is because I want to use the best supplements I can until Legion becomes available here.

    I’m also filling out an application for your custom meal plan today 😀

    Look forward to hearing back from you. Steve

    • Steve

      I also wanted to point how REALLY modestly priced they are. I’ve never bought supplements at better prices!
      Lol just realized I hadn’t posted the link:


      AND this is there ‘6 reasons why to buy from us list’:


    • Thanks Steve! I’m really glad you liked BLS. 🙂

      From what I know BN is a great company. I would trust them and would order from there if I lived in your neck of the woods.

      Nope we can ship to you but don’t have distribution set up over there yet. We will be working on this next year.

      We’ll take good care of you man. Let’s get you rolling!

      • Steve

        Thanks for the prompt Reply mike.
        On the Legion store when you are ‘out of stock’ on a product it actually doesn’t allow us to see the prices. Lol so I literally have no idea how much Whey+ even costs. I’d like to get an idea so I can plan ahead and workout my orders/shopping costs etc.

        Thanks bro

        • YW!

          Doh! Sorry about that. I’ll get the prices added right away! Whey+ is $39.99. 🙂

    • Hi Steve, Active Supplements opened about a month ago selling Legion supplements in Australia. Check it out here http://active-supplements.com.au/

      If you click on the “get discount” button and “like” our page you get 10% off your first order.

      As I write; Recharge should be in stock within a week and Whey+ in a couple of weeks or so. Triumph will be a little bit longer but Legion are working on it.

  • mehdi

    Dear Mr michael

    I Mehdi sayyadi marketing manager of Rastin Tejarat Company want
    to explain about our company’s plan.

    As regards our company is decided to
    set up a factory to produce and manufacture sports supplements in Iran while we
    have sufficient knowledge of Iranian market. With the expert review we have
    concluded instead of importing these kinds of supplements we go through
    producing and now we have come to the conclusion to principle build up this factory
    and we should be a business partner with a great brand manufacturing company
    and produce under license and terms of that company.

    However according to the standards of
    each factory is important for them to know what are the necessary machinery and
    needs and even for the initial design of the factory also can give some
    conclusions and guidelines.

    It should be noted that your company
    will be a partner in profit of our factory which is under control and
    supervised of your company without investing any money.

    Now I am requesting you if you are
    interested to cooperate with our company please let’s get into more important

    Finally I should remind that we are
    interested to get into contract with a company as soon as possible and in this
    issue we have negotiated with some companies that after the final evaluation we
    will be business partner of one of these companies.


    Mehdi sayyadi

    Marketing manager of Rastin Tejarat

    [email protected]

  • Mshengu Tshabalala

    Hi Mike , do I still stand a chance to build up good muscled body at the age of 45 ? my other question is – is it possible for one to just get on to supplements without following a good diet ? Mshengu – SouthAfrica

    • Absolutely! I’ve had plenty of people in their 40s, 50s and older get great results on my program.

      The right supplements will help, but proper dieting is key. The supplements are meant to be taken in conjunction with a good diet–not instead of a good diet. 🙂

  • Allison

    Do you have a BCAA in your line of products?

  • jerry palacios

    Hi Mike, I’ve tried most of your products.. Pulse, Recharge, Forge and I’m taking Fortify right now. I haven’t encountered any issues with your products that I can think of. Just questioning the effectiveness of them for me. Not that I’m a skeptic but just curious if while I was using them did they benefit me positively. I did have a problem with Forge though, that at my weight I would have to take 12 pills a day and that seemed too expensive and I wasn’t willing to spend the money to see if they worked. After one bottle I couldn’t invest any more. So if it would have worked great but I never found that out so I stopped at one bottle. I’m still on the fence with the Fortify right now. Your info sounds great and it makes sense. Thank you

    • Thanks Jerry! I really appreciate the support.

      Ah yeah you wouldn’t want to take that much Forge anyway. I would start at 10 mg of yohimbine before training. But to be fair, Forge and fasted training are best suited to people relatively lean looking to get really lean.

      So you could save that for later.

      Fortify would definitely help if you’re struggling with any joint issues.

  • jerry palacios

    Hi Mike I was looking at your Whey+ and I was wondering you state that your isolate has 90%+ protein per serving volume but I figured it out as 66% did I do that wrong?

    • Yeah your math is off there and also keep in mind that each serving has 4 grams of additional leucine (that aren’t counted toward protein of course) as well as a few grams of sweetener, flavor, excipients, and such.

  • Hector Hernandez

    Hi Mike I stumbled on your site and have been reading as many of your articles I can. I just recently watched Bigger, Stronger, Faster by Chris Bell about the use of steroids in America. If you ever watched it you know it also talks about the supplement industry and how much of what we see and read is not true. I am a 55 male in fairly good shape. My current goal is to have and maintain a lean but muscular body. I am 5 ft 10in and weigh 190 lbs. This is down from 220 plus pounds I weighed just over 3 yrs ago when I made a commitment to eat healthier and exercise at least 3-4 times a week. It’s been slow process but I see this as something I will continue to do for the rest of my life. I do regret not starting this earlier when I was younger though. The current supplements that I take are a preworkout before I workout, creatine and whey protein. I have tried a number different brands but have mainly been sticking with ON whey protein, Creature Beast creatine and also take Vita-Stack by AllMax. For preworkouts I’ve tried a lot different brands. My routines are very similar to the ones you recommend and I do increase the weight progressively. Do you have any comments on my current supplements and/or recommendations for someone my age? Sorry for the length of this message…Thanks

  • Rhonda

    Hi Mike….what supplements would you suggest me. I am a 44 year old woman, 220 lbs and can’t seem to start losing weight again. Lost before but I think I basically lost muscle because we had started a jogging program. I lost my mom and stopped jogging and have piled on the weight. I have started trying to do the strenght training that you have in Fit is the New Skinny and was wondering which supplements I may need to help me.
    Thanks Rhonda

  • Roberta O’Neill

    Hey Mike!
    My name is Roberta, I am 38 years old. I have been a Fittness enthusiast for most of my life. A few years ago, while in the best shape of my life, I had to have lumbar surgery. Over the course of the next 5 years I ended up having 2 more surgeries. I am now feeling much better but have 6 rods in my back. I still workout, but no longer run. Do you have any suggestions to lean out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hey Roberta! Thanks for all the info. Glad you’re feeling better and are able to workout. 🙂

      For help getting lean, check this out:


      LMK what you think!

      • Roberta O’Neill

        Loved all the info…takes me back! I just ordered Forge and Triumph. My husband is going to switch up his workouts with me. I will keep you posted on our results!!! Thank you again for all the information.

        • Glad to hear it. Cool you ordered the supps! LMK how you like them!

          Great your husband will be joining you. Yes, please do! I look forward to seeing your results!

          Happy to help. 🙂

  • amir

    Hey Mike

    I am a 14 year old boy who is looking to lose fat and become lean. i wanted to know that is alright for me at this age to take proteins and other supplements?

    • Hey Amir!

      Two things:

      1. Don’t focus on getting too lean at your age because remaining in a calorie deficit for a long period of time can interfere with your body’s development.

      Instead, you should just focus on eating a high-protein, well-balanced diet and exercising regularly so your body can develop.

      2. Given the above, I don’t think you need supplements.

  • Burçin Bozkır

    Hi Mike, i like your supplement ingredients. But i found a new supplement company, which have good ingredients like legion athletics. What do you think about this new company ? http://www.transparentlabs.com/


  • Mikcle

    Do you think Damian Patrick juices doesn’t he?

    Just look at his physique compared to yours

  • Mikcle

    Damian Patrick juices right?

  • paul howard

    I have purchased your books for myself and family. Tremendous! I recently also purchased Legion Phoenix as I am at 15.1 % (226 lbs on 5’8″ frame at age 60) and want to go to 10% and start a bulking phase.

    Anyway,my question is with the fantastic de-bunkning you do on popular supplements wondering if you have done any of the same good work for mental focus supplements? I earn a portion of my income from playing poker and would appreciate your thoughts…Paul

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. 🙂

      I haven’t written about nootropics but IMO they’re very underwhelming in general. I myself gave up on trying to make one because the only ingredient I really liked was bacopa, and that’s in my multivitamin…

  • Britt

    What would you suggest for a woman, 30 years old, 5’4 and 100 pounds (SKINNY) and 25% body fat who wants to get down to 15% BF but not lose weight. I read your book! Just want some personal advice. My body looks lean, I can’t even believe I’m that high in BF. Thank you !!!

  • Nicolas

    Hey mike I am a 17 year old boy of 180cm that had been training with Weights on a gym for 11 months (training force on legs and hypertrophy for the rest). On the last 3 months I did a calorie-deficit diet and started to do HIIT and normal running (both on a treadmill) and got from 93kg to 80kg. I have now been stucked with no mayor gains in muscle or fat-loss so I am thinking of supplements. Which type do you recommend?

    • Nicolas

      The Weights training is 3 times per week and the cardio on the rest

    • Hmmm. At your age you don’t want to worry about getting “shredded.” It can interfere with your body’s development. Instead let’s just focus on being healthy and active… You can worry about getting leaner when you’re older.

      Cool you’re lifting 3 times a week. To help with the weightlifting plateau, check this out:



      • Nicolas

        Now I understand that I am not on a complete plateau as maybe I improve in at least some of the excersises, but I was talking more about phisical changes with regards how my muscles and body fat looks or develops, and that is what I feel stucked. Which is even more frustrating is that according to every body-fat percentage calculator I have 14% of body fat but still have noticeable amounts of fat, specially over my abs. Any advice over this?
        And with regards supplements… I am about to travel to the united states and because of differences in prices I was considering buying them there. You recommend me to use something? Protein? Fat burners? Creatine?

        • I see.

          To get an accurate idea of your BF%, check this out:


          Regarding the ab area, take a look at these:



          No need to pick up supps at this point. Let’s just stick to proper training and dieting.

          Hope this helps! Talk soon!

          • Nicolas

            Sorry for the delay, just read it all. Useful but still have some more questions if it is not a problem to ask you, as you are the best answering online questions quickly and with clear and believable backup. I dont know if you prefer answering and talking here or if you prefer emails or another way, please let me know
            1) I have lunch at school at 12AM and get back home at around 5PM, would I be on a fasted state by then? You recommend doing all in a fasted state or only the cardio (if my aim is to lose body fat and gain muscle)? Even if the cardio is HIIT? And can you please give me a good example of a HIIT session on a treadmill?
            2) on one of these links it talks about HMB, considering my age, body specifications and goals I mentioned on the original post, do you recommend me to use it? If so, can you please explain me about how, when, how much and which are good brands?
            3) when I asked you about supplements, in reality I had already bought them but wanted to know a bit more before starting to take them, but as you said I dont actually NEED them I am having second thoughts and maybe you can help me out (I bought them because, and correct me if I am wrong, because of my weight and age I should have 180g of protein daily which is about 50g more than my intake and wanted to reach it). I bought a
            “Carnivor beef protein” from musclemeds and ” HEALTHY ‘N FIT 100% EGG PROTEIN”
            -as I am prone to acne (I did several treatments to be almost “cured ” from it) I didnt wanted to take whey or casein as I read that milk protein powders can cause it. What is your opinion about that? And what about other types of proteins and supplements (like creatine) and acne?
            -to have a fast digesting protein for a post workout Shake to remplace the whey one (only because of the acne idea) I thought about beef, is it a proper remplacement? Do you recommend this “carnivor”? I have doubts about it containing 2,5g of creatine per serving because, as I wasnt planning on consuming it yet, I didnt research about it so I dont know much about. which are the effects of this ammount? Is it ok for someone of my age and with my goals? I can still take it daily as planned? Can I take it continuosly for ever or do I need to do it on cycles (as creatine supplementation is done like as far as I know)? What would happen if I then switch to one without it and stop getting creatine supplementation?
            -do you recommend taking a slow digesting protein like the egg one with the breakfast or before going to bed? And if I take it before bedtime is there a problem if I had dinner no more than two hours ago?

            Thanks for all, I wait your answer. When I get back from my trip I will create and account to stop posting as a guest.

          • I’m happy to help!

            Can you shoot me an email at [email protected]?

            I’ll answer your questions there. 🙂

          • Nicolas

            Already sent it, Thanks

          • Great. NP!

  • Matt

    Hi Mike,

    I used to believe that since supplements are “artificial chemical soups”, that they must have some adverse affects on health in the long run, or at least getting protein (and other nutrients) from whole foods would somehow be superior to “synthetic foods”. Your article made me start to doubt myself, yet have you ever stumbled onto a study comparing the effects of both? For example, one person was to consume their 200g of protein from powder, and another from whole foods, then see their overall health? (not just muscle gains)


    • Hey Matt,

      Good question and you can find plenty of studies where whey protein is used and health parameters are tracked. There’s no evidence whatsoever that it’s detrimental to health.

      That said, you probably wouldn’t want to replace all protein intake with whey protein because food provides other nutrients…

  • Justin

    Hey Mike,

    Im thinking of going getting a nutrition and diet degree to be able to create a supplement company along the lines of your belief. Do you need schooling to pursue this dream? I’ve been working out for the past 10 years, been through tons of supplements to know whats what, what works, and what’s bogus. Let me know what you think about the schooling. I read enough books day-to-day on nutrition because of my strong interest. I want to give people real nutrition.

    • Great!

      Honestly if you want to create your own formulations you have a long, long road ahead of you. I work with a couple of guys that not only have relevant degrees but have done a TON of additional research in the area. It’s hard to keep up sometimes, haha.

      I also wouldn’t recommend getting into the supplement game unless you really know what you’re doing online. It’s NOT easy and I know of quite a few savvy marketers that thought they could come in and make a killing and they’re struggling to gain traction. You need more than fancy packaging and even good products…

  • Kate

    I just read the article at my table across from my son’s shelf (yes,an entire shelf in my kitchen) of supplements. I started looking at some of the bottles and cannot believe the crap they put in what is touted as healthy. My Legion order arrived and I started comparing the bottles. I have never used a pre workout but am excited to try it. Thanks Mike for doing the right thing and making a difference in this industry.

    • Nice haha.

      Yep, that’s the way the supplement industry is, unfortunately…

      Cool you ordered some Legion supps! LMK how you like everything.

      Happy to do it. 🙂

      Talk soon!

  • Tracy Morgan

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  • Rajith

    Sad that its not shipping to Austria 🙁 or make it available on Amazon.de :(((

    • We actually ship to Australia. 🙂 You can order here:


      • Rajith

        Its “Austria” Mike :p I asked your team and too and they said its its almost impossible to make it work due to strict import regulations in both Germany and Austria :((

        • Doh! Yep, we do have issues shipping to Austria, unfortunately. 🙁

  • Raymond king

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  • BC

    I weigh 324 lbs. Down from 375 and I am reading your book! I’m very excited about your blog’s on YouTube now as well as the way you keep it real in your book. Thank you for what you’re doing. I was wondering what you may be able to do or say or offer for me or to me to help me best continue my journey.

    Thanks ,

  • Scott Reid

    I do a morning fast and don’t eat my first meal until noon. However, I have coffee when I get up in the morning around 6am. Would it be better to tak
    e my first dose of Phoenix when I have coffee, or before my first meal?

    • Cool. Hmm. Phoenix can be tough for some on an empty stomach, but it is synergistic with caffeine. So, I recommend trying a half serving with coffee and seeing how it goes.

      If you feel fine, go ahead and take a serving of Phoenix with your morning coffee on a regular basis.

  • Tami

    Where are your products manufactured and what about the ingredients in them, where are they manufactured, I just don’t want to be taking anything from China or Japan for obvious reasons.

    • They are manufactured in TN and ingredients come from around the world. Many are from the US, some are from South America, and some come from China.

      The key here isn’t the country of origin but the vetting of the suppliers and testing of the raws, and that’s on the manufacturer. That’s why I’m with one of the largest and most respected manufactures in the industry (Captsone). I pay a premium to be with them but know, for a fact, that I’m getting what I order (I get regular testing done through Eurofins).

      I’ll be putting up COAs on Legion soon so you can see for yourself.

  • Karen

    I just finished the book, and started a good eating plan on Tuesday…down 6lbs (I’m 379)..,trying to figure out what supplements I should take….I currently take vit d.. But need to add, multi vitamin ( was going to get the diabetic health pack from nature made), omega 3, creatin, was also going to add coq10, cinnamon and turmeric.spirulina, Am I overdoing it? Do,you have anything that would be all inclusive?

  • paula

    Hey Michael have you considered allowing distributors to sell your line of supplements? I would be interested.

    • For right now, that’s not something we’re offering. We do offer wholesale prices for people that wish to sell the products retail, though.

      If that’s something you’re interested in, shoot an email to [email protected], and I’ll get you talking to the right guy. 🙂

  • hov1

    Hey Mike I’m 5’6 weigh about 136 trying to get to 150-155 and be lean and muscular what’s a good food diet and work out regiment for me in particular

  • Micheal Brown

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  • Brian Giffin

    Mike, love to train fasted and saw progress with yohimbine in regards to fat loss however I have anxiety issue and have to stop taking it. Can you recommend something else that will cut the fat as well as yohimbine? Would your Phenix be good for this?


  • Marian

    Hi Mike, I want to ask you if beta-alanine helps those who follow your program and do the workouts in the range of 4-6 or 5-7 reps, because I know that beta-alanine increasing carnosine and delays muscular fatique, but that applies in this case? Are the muscles that full of lactic acid when we do a small number of reps like if we did a 10-12 reps? Thanks alot.

    • Yeah it will help to some degree although its benefits are mainly seen in higher rep work that relies more on muscle endurance.

  • Bruce

    Hi Mike,

    Have been a loyal fan of your site and articles,
    I want to ask you more about the Legion supplement, related to business, may I get your contact email for a better communication?
    Have shot an email to the Legion site, still no reply

    Hope to get your reply soon.
    Best regards and thanks!

  • Ed

    Hey Mike,

    What are your thoughts on Creatine in general? I know that some feel it creates “fake” muscle, but I know that it also has some muscle healing qualities. Would you recommend it for somebody on your 1 year challenge workout routine?

  • exadeci

    You might wanna fix the label then

  • prit

    Hey Mike! just purchased Phoenix for the first time. I weigh 180 lbs now. (lost 5 lbs since starting BLS challenge a month before). What should be realistic expectations from Phoenix? Should I expect to see more muscle definition in a month or will it just suppress my appetite for a while. I exercise regularly, eat clean and do crossfits twice a week.

  • Desmond Wong

    hi Mike,

    what do you think of a plant based approach towards bodybuilding? does legion have products that cater to a vegan bodybuilder?

  • James Christensen

    Hey Mike,

    I was looking at your recommended supplements and one of those recommended for me had a lot of caffeine. 300+ mg. Another supplement you have recommended is much less effective without adding caffeine. I have restless leg disorder along with periodic limb movement of sleep. These conditions are related and both are worsened by caffeine. When they are bad I can’t sleep well and then am fatigued.

    Do yo have any recommendations for supplements while avoiding caffeine?

    • Sure! If fat loss is your goal, you can try training fasted with Forge, BCAAs, or Leucine. Phoenix will still be helpful, even without the caffeine.

  • Curran

    Hi Mike what are your thoughts on the blackstone products ?. Would they assist in muscle growth ?


  • Austin

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