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World War Z

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World War Z

Having heard that the movie completely deviates from the book, which I enjoyed, I came into World War Z with relatively low expectations. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Although the screenwriters did ditch the episodic narratives of the book for a more familiar “Hero’s Journey” type of tale, it was well executed.

Sure, it had its handful of plot holes and WTF moments where everyone should have died, but on the whole, I found it a tightly written, visceral ride with solid acting, tense pacing and build-up, and a climactic ending that, while feeling a bit hollow, delivered the payoff set up in the first scene of the movie.

In the end, this was the type of movie you feel like you’ve seen many times before, but it hits every note with enough skill that you want to keep watching to see how it all turns out.

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