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Undisputed Truth

Written by:
Undisputed Truth

Here is the brave, honest memoir of one of the most controversial men in sports, and what a tale it is.

It takes you from Mike’s ferocious childhood in the underbelly of Brooklyn to his ferocious domination in the ring , where he became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time.

We all know where things went from there, though. This is no fairy tale.

No matter how much money he earned, he spent it faster, and wound up bankrupt.  He abused drugs, and even fought professionally while high on marijuana and cocaine. His illegal antics landed him in prison, humiliated before the entire world.

Despite crashing into as hard as a rock bottom as anyone can imagine, Tyson, the man who said he was once addicted “to everything,” has fought his way back to prominence, regaining success, his self-respect, and the love of his family. This is his story.

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