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The young adult genre really isn’t my thing, but there’s a reason Timebound won Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award–it’s really good.

The story introduces you to Kate Pierce-Heller, a 16-year old girl attending a private high school in D.C. Before long, she discovers that her grandma is a time-traveling historian from the future, and that Kate too has the ability to time travel using a medallion gifted to her by her grandma. That’s when the fun begins.

Kate’s charged with the task of traveling back to the late 1800s to stop her grandfather, who’s also from the future, from altering history with the creation of a new religion. This book has a bit of everything–mystery, drama, history, romance, politics, and religion. There’s a lot going on, so sometimes you have to slow down and think back on details, but I prefer these types of stories.

Kate’s adventures bring her into contact with past and future versions of people in her life, which can be a bit confusing at points, but it’s not hard to keep the “suspension of disbelief” because, well, it’s just fun. For the requisite romance subplot, Kate falls in love with a boy from the past and fears he will be gone after all her time meddling.

Like many other readers have noted, Kate does act a bit beyond her age and adapts to her adventure a bit too quickly (a la Hunger Games)

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