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The Warrior Ethos

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The Warrior Ethos

I’m a fan of Steven Pressfield’s work.

In Warrior Ethos, Pressfield relates the virtues of warriors to everyday life and how we can use these ancient codes to inspire purpose and integrity, and act more honorably and decisively.

Pressfield draws wisdom from renowned armies like the ancient Spartans, Alexander’s Macedonians, and Cyrus the Great’s Persians, and examines their codes of honor and mental toughness that immortalized them as the greatest in history.

I agree with Pressfield in that there is much to be gained when you start viewing life as a war–not with others, but mainly with ourselves and Resistance–and that we must learn to fight and win its many battles if we are to succeed.

All in all, this is a short, inspirational read, and one I highly recommend.

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