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The Raid: Redemption


The Raid: Redemption isn’t just another John Woo wannabe–it’s an awesome spectacle of non-stop brutality and thrills.

First, this movie doesn’t try to be anything it’s not in the way of plot or character development, which is refreshing. A little bit of exposition and dialogue sets the stage and then IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!

And oh, the clobbering… The Raid takes it to the level of elegant mastery. The fight choreography is some of the most creative and aggressive I’ve ever seen (think Ong Bak on all the steroids) and the stunting is just reckless. This cast has balls of steel and your jaw is going to hang more than once.

The sequence of fight scenes just gets better and better too, reminiscent of a good video game that forces you to push your limits facing bigger and badder bosses, and you’ll creep closer and closer to the edge of your seat as the good guys are splattered one by one.

If you’re in the mood for some ultra-violent, no-frills escapism, check this movie out. It delivers the goods.

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