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The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding


This is a book we should all just own on principle. Arnold truly was a bodybuilding phenomenon.

In all seriousness, this book has several plusses:

  • Arnold’s story is truly inspiring and his take on the history and profession of bodybuilding is good reading.
  • It has a ton of exercises for training various body parts.
  • It’s huge and glossy. Just a nice product.

It has a couple downsides though:

  • It doesn’t go into diet in enough detail to really figure out how to properly create meal plans that will maximize muscle growth or fat loss.
  • The workout programs are absolutely insane. Even the beginner training would be tough for a seasoned lifter. The advanced-level training requires a truly superhuman drive (drugs alone won’t do it–many contemporary bodybuilders have tried Arnold’s toughest workouts and weren’t able to finish them).

That said, if you have any interest in the sport of bodybuilding and Arnold’s take on it, you’ll like the book. I did.

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