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The Incredibles


I like just about everything Pixar has done, but The Incredibles is probably my favorite of their work.

This tells the story of ex-superheroes Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and their family, who are just trying to live “normal” lives and blend in with the rest of society. That all changes when the villain, a sociopathic maniac that calls himself Syndrome, comes cannonballing into the world with plans of death and domination that only the Incredibles can hope to stop.

Don’t be fooled by its childish appeal and PG rating–The Incredibles is so much more than the formulaic dreck that has basically usurped the genre of animated storytelling.

There’s a reason why it won two Oscars: it’s not a haphazard collection of cliched jokes and pop-culture references; it’s an incredibly well-written, fully developed story that kids will love and  adults will appreciate.

The Incredibles has glitz, heart, and style, and I’ve actually yet to meet someone that didn’t like it. Give it a go and you’ll see why.

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