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Secrets of Mental Math

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Secrets of Mental Math

Want to impress your friends and family by solving seemingly complex math problems in seconds? Things like…

  • Multiplying and dividing triple digits.
  • Computing with fractions.
  • Figuring out squares, cubes, and roots.
  • Remembering long strings of numbers.
  • And more.

Well, these things aren’t nearly as hard as people think–they only require that you learn and practice various simple number tricks.

For example, let’s say you want to multiply a two-digit number by 11, such as 72 x 11. To quickly solve this, simply add 7 + 2, and place that number in between 7 and 2, for 792. (And if the sum of these numbers is 10 or larger, there’s another little trick for handling that.)

Secrets of Mental Math is fun and easy to work through, and the number skills you learn actually have some practical applications in everyday life.

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