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Say Anything

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Say Anything

If you’re looking to laugh your butt off with friends and family and have a jolly good time, then buy this game.

The game is simple:

Each player gets a marker, a board to write on, and two chips that are the color of their board. One player is the judge and picks a card, which lists 5 different questions. The judge chooses whichever he or she wants to read. The questions are very diverse.

Once the question is read, the players write their answers on their boards and place them face-up on the table. The judge secretly chooses the winner and locks it in with a little gadget provided, and the players wager their chips on what they think the judge will choose.

The winner is then revealed and the players that wagered chips on the winning answer win points–one for each chip wagered. The judge also wins points for each chip wagered on the right answer, and can win no more than three points.

The next player then becomes the judge and on it goes.

The real fun is in the answers, of course, and this depends on the group you’re playing with. G-rated people can have laughs as can R-rated people (but don’t mix them together!). If you have particularly creative, funny, or twisted friends, you’ll want to invite them to play this game.

This is a good ice breaker game at parties because it gets people to open up and laugh.

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